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Logo for State Committee on Archives of Ukraine Archives of Ukraine

Central State Scientific and Technical Archives of Ukraine
(CSSTA of Ukraine)

Address: 4, Universitetska st., Kharkiv 61003
Director - Olena Mashchenko
Vice Director - Nataliia Myrhorod
Tel.: (057) 731-25-67
Fax: (057) 731-34-34


11 photo files, 1015 files;
507204 collection items of scientific and technical documentation, 1891-1991;
847 complexes of scientific and technical documentation;
968 projects of scientific and technical documentation.


The archives keep documentation on capital construction and industrial products, technological processes, scientific elaboration of organisations and enterprises of Ukrainian leading economic branches: power engineering, metallurgy, coal mining, natural gas, chemical industry, machine and tractor building, agricultural, heavy and transport engineering, architecture. They are as follows: the Dnieper hydroelectric power stations (Dniprovska, Kakhovska, Kremenchutska HPS), thermoelectric power stations (Myronivska, Prydniprovska, Zaporizka); projects of "Zaporizhstal", Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Zhdaniv, Novo-Kramatorsk and other metallurgic plants, Rachynsky mining and smelting plant, Lysychansk chemical plant, Kyiv underground, Donbas mines, the ports in Odesa and Kyiv, the reconstruction projects in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) after 1966 earthquake, the project of blast open-hearth furnaces construction, power lines, gas pipelines etc.

The significant part of the documents contain the technological documentation such as the projects of Luhansk steam and diesel locomotives, the tractors of Kharkiv tractor building plant, Kremenchuk and Lviv cars and buses, grain-harvesting combines and coal-plough machines, roadbuilding machinery, machine-tools etc.

The archives keep 6 personal fonds of: academician in architecture O. Beketov, engineer V. Tykhomyrov, the Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences, People's Architect of Ukraine A. Zavarov, astrometrist and cartographer, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics B. Ostashchenko-Kudriavtsev, constructor and inventor in power enginering construction Ya. Krantsfeld, professor and scientist in the sphere of rolling production I. Tryshevsky.

Thr sources are represented by the scientific and technical archives of 340 institutions. The documents to be kept have been received from 203 fondmakers.

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