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State Archives Research Library in Kiev

Address: 24 Solomianska Str.
Kyiv, 03110
Tel.: +380(44) 275-12-24

Director: Porokhniuk Galyna

Historical Background

Historical Background Since 1852 as a part of the Kiev Central Archives of Ancient Documents, from 1932 - the Kiev Regional Historic Archives. The Central State Historical Archives (CSHA) in the Kiev city from 1943. Department of scientific and reference literature of CSHA USSR in Kiev city till 1963. Research and Reference Library of the Central State Archives of Ukraine from January 1972 (on the basis of library collections CSAOR USSR, CSHA USSR in Kiev city). The State Archives Research Library of Kyiv city from June 2006. Total Volume of Funds 195790 collection items of books and pamphlets 78266 collection items of magazines 30113 collection items of newspapers 30752 collection items of special publications (maps, postcards etc.) 27765 collection items of exchanging fund Description of Archives Holdings In the repositories of the library there are preserved more then 362 thousand of books, sets of magazines, newspapers, postcards, posters, cartographic materials. These are socio-political, historical, archival, reference books and literature of ministries and departments of the former Soviet Union and tsarist Russia, statistical publications. The library preserves a collection of laws of the Russian Empire, laws approved by the Central Rada, Ukrainian People's Republic, laws of the USSR and the Soviet Union, military history archives in Ukraine, normative and methodical materials of archival institutions. There is a unique publication of famous figures and historians of Ukraine: V.K. Vinnichenko, M.S. Hrushevskyi, D.V. Doroshenko, M.P. Drahomanov, M.O. Maksimovych and others. It is also stored a great selection of Ukrainian literature of the interwar period in emigration origin, including Prague collections. Ukrainian University in Prague has a collection of several hundred volumes. Funds of the collection of Reichscommisariat of Ukraine contain more than 1.5 thousand volumes. Foreign fund has about 10 thousand volumes of books and more than 4.5 thousand magazines (XVIII - XX centuries). The magazine`s library fund consists of the political, historical, archival scientific publications: "The son of homeland", "Reading of Russian ancient history in the Imperial society", "Ancient Kiev", "Ukraine", "Ancient Russia", "Servitude and deportation", "Bulletin of Europe", "News of the University of St. Vladimir", "Notes of scientific society named by Shevchenko", "Chernigov Diocesan News", as well as new specialized periodicals including foreign ones. Among the rare chronicles are "Grain-growing Ukraine" (1922-1925), "Student's bulletin" (Prague, 1927), "Life" (Prague, 1924), "Freedom" (Vienna, 1919), "Land and Freedom" (1936), "Good Shepherd" (Stanislaviv, 1936-1937). The newspaper's library fund includes a unique publication of the beginning of XIX century ("Moscow News", "St. Petersburg Senate News"), sets of rare newspapers of ХІХ - beginning of ХХ centuries ("Kievlyanin", "Kiev newspaper", "Kiev`s mind", "Kiev provincial news", "News of Ukrainian Central Rada", "Bulletin of the General Secretariat of the UPR"). The cartographic library fund contains sets of military topographic maps of the Russian Empire, Austro-Hungary, Germany (including period of World War II). There are unique maps of dislocations during the Russian-Japanese War, First and Second World Wars, maps of fronts UPR. There are unique collections of Soviet and White Guard post cards and posters, propaganda publications of the Ukrainian revolution period, publications of UPA and Nazi occupation authorities. The information library fund consists of encyclopedic dictionaries, memories books, lists of settlements, address books and calendars: "All Russia", "All Moscow", "All Kiev", "All Ukraine", "All Odessa", other directories.
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