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Central State Archives of Foreign Ucrainica

Address: 3 Solomianska st., Kyiv 03110
Tel./Fax: +380(44) 520-05-17

Director: Irina Maga

Deputy Director: Yryna Synchenko

Deputy Director: Irina Kazimirova


The question about organization of preservation of documents, which are historical and cultural heritage of foreign Ukrainians arose after declaration of Independence of Ukraine, when owing to deideologization of social and political life, open foreign policy of the state appeared more options for direct contacts with representatives of Diaspora. Decree of the President of Ukraine from October 13, 2006 No. 875/2006 'On national concept of cooperation with foreign Ukrainians' and resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from July 26, 2006 No. 1034 'On ratification of the state programme for cooperation with foreign Ukrainians for the period up to 2010' was the background for solution of the problem. According to resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from May 12, 2007 No. 279-r. 'On creation of the Central State Electronic Archives of Ukraine and the Central State Archives of Foreign Ucrainica' the Central State Archives of Foreign Ucrainica (CDAZU) was created. Nowadays this is one of the main archival depositories of the state that contains documents about different aspects of life and activity of foreign Ukrainians, enables a modern investigator and an average citizen to get information and to learn more about the achievements of Ukrainian Diaspora, which is one of the most numerous national diasporas in different countries of the world. A considerable part of archival documents is almost unknown among domestic scientific circles. CDAZU is not only a specific central state archival institution, but also a leading scientific centre, which carries out work aimed at creation of a register 'Foreign institutions, which contain foreign Ucrainica', publishes 'The Central State Archives of Foreign Ucrainica Herald' dedicated to history of Ukrainian Diaspora and problems of archival Ucrainica. The photo-documentary permanent exhibitions and exhibitions on-line are carried out on the basis of the archives. The Central State Archives of Foreign Ucrainica actively collaborates with state, scientific and public organizations. Partners of the archives: the Directorate General for Matters of Ukrainians Living Abroad and Cultural-Humanitarian Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Oleh Olzhych Foundation (Ukraine), the Shevchenko Library and Archives of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, the Ukrainian Museum-Archives in Cleveland (USA), the Society for Culture and Enlightenment 'Ukrainian Family' (Russian Federation) etc..

Total Volume of Funds

33 funds, 2464 storage units for the time period from 1554 up to 2010

4 librarian funds for the time period from 1870 up to 2011 (5604 storage units of the book fund, 29942 storage units of magazines and newspapers)

205 storage units of museum objects

Description of Archives Holdings

Documents of the archives reflect history of economic, political and cultural development of foreign Ukrainians; give us an opportunity to study the phenomenon of Ukrainian Diaspora as a unique peculiarity of culture and history of Ukraine.

Documents of so-called Presov collection (18 funds) occupy a significant place among the archives funds. Documents of the collection ascertain life and activity of such representatives of Ukrainian emigration in Czechoslovakia as: linguist Agenor Artymovych, scientist Ivan Gorbachevskyi, poet and writer Vasyl Grendzha-Donskyi, bibliographer Petro Zlenko, stage director Mykola Milenko etc. Collections of documents of such Ukrainian emigrant organizations as the Ukrainian High Pedagogical Institute of M. Dragomanov in Prague, the Ukrainian Free University, the Ukrainian Economic Academy, the Ukrainian People’s Theatre, the Ukrainian Reformatted Real Gymnasium in CSR and others deserve attention. It also should be mentioned that the archives collection contains valuable cartographic and deltiology documents of XIXth - XXth centuries, registers of births of Greek-Catholic parishes of the Presov Region from 1779 to 1885. Collection of old-printings, rare books and manuscripts of XVIth – beginning of XXth centuries, gathered by Ukrainian Diaspora in Slovakia, is the most precious pearl of the archives. The collection includes such significant editions as: theological work of Johann Eck 'Homiliarum doctissimi viri D. Iohannis Eckii…' (1554), treatise of Rodolphus Agricola 'Phrisii de inventione dialectica libri omnes' (1570), Octoechos (liturgy) and Triod Tsvitna (Flowery Triodion) (1640-1667, Mykhailo Slyozka printing house) and others. Documents which reflect activity of Ukrainian deputies at the parliament of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (interpellations and journals) are of particular interest for researchers. Archival documents of the Ukrainian Orthodox Brotherhood of Metropolitan Vasyl Lypkivskyi in exile (USA) are highly informational. This fund contains documents of personal origin of such emigrant religious figures as protodeacon Vasyl Potiyenko, Bishop Stepan Bilyak and also documents of the Ukrainian Orthodox Brotherhood of Metropolitan Vasyl Lypkivskyi in exile itself. CDAZU is actively replenished with documents of literature and art workers of Ukrainian Diaspora from different countries of the world: Hanna Cherin (USA), Natalia Zamoulko-Dubouchet (France), Oleksandra Shchur (Hungary), Oleksandr Deko (Israel), Ihor Bir and Mariya Voloshyna (Russia), and also documents of scientists, social and political figures: Polykarp Herasymenko (USA), Oleg Lashchenko (USA), Natalia Pazunyak (USA), Ilko Borshchak (France), Arcadii Zhukovskyi (France), Sophia and Andrii Melnyk (Luxemburg), the wife of Yevhen Konovalets Olha (Germany) etc. The archives possesses funds of modern Ukrainian organizations created with the assistance of foreign Ukrainians: the League of Ukrainian Patrons, the Ukrainian division of the International Cultural and Educational Association. A significant amount of documents refers to such leading organizations in exile as the State Centre of Ukrainian People’s Republic in exile, the Organization for the Rebirth of Ukraine, the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, the Provid (leadership council) of Ukrainian Nationalists, the World Congress of Free Ukrainians, the Ukrainian National Union in Canada, the Central Representation of the Ukrainian emigration in Germany, the Central Union of Ukrainian Students etc. The archives distinguishing feature is that it has both librarian and museum funds. The museum fund contains personal things of religious figures, decorations, originals of signets and stamps of different emigrant institutions including the League of Nations in Eastern Europe, the Ukrainian Academic Committee in Prague, the Ukrainian Drama School in Prague etc. The uniqueness of printing cliches consists in the fact that most of them were used as illustrations for the book 'Ukrainian emigration. Cultural work of Ukrainian emigration 1919-1939' by S. Narizhnyi. Archival librarian fund contains valuable editions which were published abroad in such publishing houses as 'Hoverla' (New York), 'Molode Zhytya' (Augsburg), 'Ukrainske Slovo' (Regensburg), the Ukrainian Free Academy of Sciences in Canada etc. The archives library has fiction with autographs of such authors as: Rostyslav Bratunya, Oles Honchar, Ivan Drach, Pavlo Zagrebelnyi etc. CDAZU preserves printed editions from personal libraries of famous representatives of Ukrainian Diaspora: historian, public and political figure Arcadiy Zhukovskyi, writer and editor Lesya Khraplyva-Shchur. An enormous amount of information about life and activity of foreign Ukrainians are contained in periodical and non-periodical editions which were published in Ukraine and behind its boundaries: Austria, Canada, Germany, Poland, USA, France and Czechoslovakia, in particular magazines 'Vyzvolnyi Shlyakh', 'Rozbudova derzhavy', 'Samostiyna Ukrayina', newspapers 'Holos taboru', 'Krakivski visti', 'Ukrayinskyi sokil' and many others. Archives is constantly replenished with new incomings which enrich the National Archival Fund and give us a complete notion of Ukrainians’ contribution to international historical and cultural process.


July 1, 2010

Cooperation Agreement between the Central State Archives of Foreign Archival Ucrainica and the Taras Shevchenko Library and Archives of the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain was signed in Kyiv. Such cooperation aims to exchange the Archival Ucrainica information, inform the Ukrainian community of Great Britain about TSDAZU activities, organize the exhibitions and conferences, help to transfer private archives collections of Ukrainian Diaspora in Great Britain to TSDAZU.

June 23-25, 2010

The III International Congress "Diaspora as an establishing factor of Ukrainian state in the international community: modern mensuration, projection into future" was held in Lviv on 22-25 June. The Congress was organized by the International Institute of Education, Culture and Relations with Diaspora of the National "Lviv Polytechnic" University. More than 400 delegates from 28 countries and all regions of Ukraine took part in the Congress. The Central State Archives of Foreign Archival Ucrainica was represented by the Director V. Berkovskyy, Deputy Director N. Lykholob, Head of the NAF formation Department V. Tykhenko.

The round tables, presentations and thematic sessions of the Congress were devoted to the achievements of the Diaspora in humanitarian, educational, technical and natural areas. Director of TsDAZU Vladislav Berkovskyy informed the Ukrainian community on the status of the return of cultural heritage and archival documents to Ukraine.

During the Congress the representatives of TsDAZU met Marika Szkambara – the President of the World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organization (Canada), Yaroslava Hortyani – the Head of the European Congress of Ukrainians and 2nd Vice-President of Ukrainian World Congress, and representatives of the Ukrainian Diaspora in Brazil, Kazakhstan, Canada, Russia, USA and Europe for future cooperation and informing about TsDAZU activities.

June 22, 2010

The meeting of the representatives of the Central State Archives of Foreign Archival Ucrainica (V. Berkovskyy, N. Lykholob and V. Tykhenko) with Archpriest Yaroslav Oshchudliak (rector of Lviv Orthodox Theological Academy) was held in Lviv on 22 July. The goal of the meeting was a question of transmission of a part of Archives of Ukrainian Orthodox Vasyl Lypkivskyi Brotherhood to TSDAZU. These archives were given to the Academy by the head of the Brotherhood Valentine Kochno.

May 25, 2010

In the Memory of Valentine Kochno – the Friend of the Central State Archives of Foreign Archival Ucrainica

TsDAZU staff is deeply sadden to hear about the death of a sincere person with kind heart and beautiful soul – Valentine Kochno, the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Vasyl’ Lypkivskyi Brotherhood. His life was full with love to his mother country. We deeply regret we didn’t manage to meet Mr. Kochno who intended to visit Kyiv in June 2010.

At this difficult time we express our sincere condolences to the family of Mr. Kochno. We believe that his anxious work will stay in the memory of Ukrainian nation.

Wishing God’s peace to Valentine Kochno

The staff of TsDAZU

May 18, 2010

The Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain launched the book of Ivanna Maszczak's memoirs and the opened an exhibition of her watercolours and sketches. The publication of Ivanna Maszczak’s book, "Roads Past" ("Дорогами минулого"), is an important contribution to the countless works published in the past about persecutions and personal human sufferings behind the Iron Curtain. Her book is available from the Taras Shevchenko Library & Archive. The art exhibition of her works, "Spring Mosaic", will continue to run in the Gallery of the AUGB in London until 17 June 2010.

The event was organized by the AUGB’s Shevchenko Library & Archive and was supported by the Embassy of Ukraine in London and the Central State Archive of Foreign Archival Ucrainica in Kyiv



April 27, 2010

The conference "Ukraine in the Second World War: Sources and Interpretations" was opened in the Memorial Complex the National Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945 in Kyiv on April 27, 2010. The Conference was organized by the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the State Committee on Archives of Ukraine, the Memorial Complex the National Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War of 1941–1945 etc. In the Conference took part representatives of archival institutions, scientific and educational institutions, students, scientists from Ukraine, Belarus, Belgium and Russia. The representatives of veterans’ organizations also visited the Conference. The Director of the Central State Archives of Foreign Archival Ucrainica V. Berkovskyy and the head of department of documentary information A. Papakin made speeches in the conference.

The participants of the Conference had a possibility to attend the opening of the exhibition "War and victory in the historical memory of the Ukrainian nation" organized by the State Committee on Archives and the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. The exhibition included the documents of the Second World War era kept in TsDAVO of Ukraine, TsDAGO of Ukraine, and regional State Archives of Ukraine. The exhibition "Unread letters of 1941" which showed documents returned from Austria, also had a great interest of visitors

January 30, 2010

The staff of TsDAZU visited the exhibition of photographic documents devoted to the 20th anniversary of the Ukrainian Greek-Orthodox Church legalization. The exhibition shows the life of Ukrainian Greek-Orthodox clergy in the times of Soviet repressions, forced liquidation of Church and its underground life in 1939–1989. The exhibition is based on the Institute of Church History documents

November 27, 2009

Central State Archive of Foreign Archival Ucrainica received from the USA for storage a part of the family archives of VALENTINE KOKHNO - well-known community and religious leader of the Ukrainian Diaspora, head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Brotherhood named after Vasyl’ Lypkivskyi.

The transmitted part of the archives consists of the official documents, correspondence, memoirs, photos, books, etc. that reveal the spiritual life of the Ukrainian Diaspora, the history of the formation of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (UAOC) and teachings of the first head of UAOC Metropolitan Vasyl’ Lypkivskyi, the activity of Ukrainian Vasyl’ Lypkivskyi Orthodox Brotherhood and such famous religious figures as Stepan Bilyak (archbishop of Borispil managing the Ukrainian Orthodox Vikariat UOC of Kyiv Patriarchate in the USA and Canada), well-known figure of UAOC Vasyl’ Potiienko and his son Yurii Potiienko and others.

October 15, 2009

The head of department of documentary information of TsDAZU A. H. Papakin participated in a meeting at the Embassy of Poland in Kyiv on the occasion of the Third Jerzy Giedroyc competition awards. There was a conversation with Alexandra Hnatiuk the First Counsellor of Ambassador, head of department of science and education of the Embassy.

October 14, 2009

The Director of TsDAZU Y. Y. Kulinich participated in the parliamentary hearings "Ucrainica Abroad: current status and prospects of cooperation", held in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

In the hearings participated people's deputies, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Economics, the Presidential Secretariat of Ukraine, the Security Council, the Ukrainian World Congress, the Ukrainian World Coordinating Council, the "Ukraine-World" association, public organizations representing the interests of Foreign Ukrainians, and Ambassadors of Ukraine to the countries where most of the Ukrainian communities live - Russia, USA, Canada, Poland and others. Totally over 80 Foreign Ukrainians from 26 countries took part in the hearings.

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