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State Archives of Lviv Oblast

Address: 13 Pidvalna St., Lviv, 79008
Tel./Fax: +380(32) 272-78-70
Tel: +380(32) 235-47-75, 235-55-49, 235-47-22, 235-53-50

Director: Iryna Martens

Deputy Director: Galyna Kordiyaka

Deputy Director: Liubov Bilas

Historical Background

State Archives of Lviv Region were established in December 1939 on the basis of former Polish State Archives in Lviv where a small number of records of local Austrian-Hungarian and Polish administrative bodies were preserved and till 1941 was called Lviv State Regional Historical Archives of Lviv Regional Department of People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs of the Ukrainian SSR. Subsequently its name and subordination were changed several times: Lviv Regional State Archives of Lviv Regional Department of People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs (from 1946 – Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ukrainian SSR (1944-1956), State Archives of Lviv Region of Archives Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ukrainian SSR (1956-1959), Lviv Regional State Archives of Archives Department of Lviv Regional Executive Committee (1960-1982), State Archives of Lviv Region of Archives Department of Lviv Regional Executive Committee (1982-1988), State Archives of Lviv Region of Archives Department of Lviv Regional Council (1988-1996), and from 1996 –Lviv Region State Archives of Lviv Regional State Administration.

A branch of Lviv State Regional Archives in Sambir was established in 1959 on the basis of liquidated Drohobych Regional State Archives, that was located in Sambir. This branch functioned till 1977, and after its liquidation all archive records were transferred and stored in the depositories of Lviv Region State Archives. In 1991 all archives’ records of Lviv Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine together with the building of former Regional party archive were turned over to Lviv Region State Archives.

A greater part of records of Lviv RegionState Archive are kept on the premises of former Dominican Monastery – a monument of architecture of the 17th – 18th centuries.

of audio documents for 1960-1995.

Total Volume of Funds

Description of Archives Holdings

The Archives’ documents reflect history of economic, political and cultural development of Lviv and former Drohobych regions.

The Archives preserves documents of state and public-political organizations, establishments, enterprises and unions that functioned in Lviv region in the periods of Austrian-Hungarian monarchy (1772-1918), Polish Republic in the period between WW I and WW II (1918-1939), Ukrainian SSR (1939-1941, 1944-1991), Nazi occupation of 1941-1944 in World War II. In recent year the Archive is supplied with documents of organizations, establishments and enterprises of independent Ukraine.

Funds of institutions of the Austrian-Hungarian period contain data on the work of local self-government bodies, courts, prosecutor’s office, police. Of special value are the funds of Lviv magistrate, higher education establishments.

Among the unique archive sources preserved in the State Archives are copies of the decrees of Austrian emperors; rules and decisions of the court of appeals of Galicia and Lodomeria (present day Volyn) (1787); copies of the decreesof the Austrian emperor, orders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Austrian-Hungarian Empire, instructions of the governornate of Galician province, other documents on the abolishment ofserfdom in Galicia and Lodomeria, abrogation of feudal duties and reimbursement to the landowners of losses connected therewith (1848-1851); documents on organization in Lviv of the National guard (1848); on introduction and subsequent cancellation of martial law in Galicia in connection with the Polish uprising (1863-1864); documents connected with privileges of the city of Lviv in various years; magistrate’s land ownership registration records (1788-1799); register of privileges granted by the Polish kings to the town of Sambir (1629-1669); decisions of the courts on administrative-economic matters; minutes of the meetings and correspondence of Lviv magistrate (1787-1798), Lviv city council (1849-1862); real estate sale and lease contracts; household records of Lviv city properties (1854); testamentary documents pertaining to immovable property (1849-1918).

Of special value are the funds of provincial and county authorities, district courts and prosecutors’ offices, police authorities of pre-war Poland.

Extensive data are contained in documents of the funds of Central command of gendarmerie in Lviv, Lviv district command of gendarmerie, Lviv district court, Society for the study of history of defence of Lviv and south-eastern provinces in 1918-1920 (copies of the decrees of Galician revolutionary committee, protocols of the revolutionary committees, leaflets, appeals of political departments of the Red Army, declarations of S. Petlyura. Decrees of the Western Ukrainian People’s Republic, documents and reports on combat actions of the Polish and Ukrainian armies, plans, maps of military operations, diaries, manuscripts of combat veterans, photographs, personal files, list of the participants of the Polish-Ukrainian war).

Of unique character is the fund of Rudky county commissariat of the Ukrainian People’s Republic (1918-1919).

A separategroup of valuable documents consists of confiscated periodical and other publications of 1918-1939, documents of mass media and law enforcement bodies of Poland connected with Famine in the Ukrainian SSR in 1932-1933, documents reflecting the process of formation and activities of the Organization of Ukrainian Natioalists – Ukrainian Insurgents’ Army (OUN-UPA) on the territory of Lviv and Drohobych regions.

Funds of the establishments and organizations of the period of Nazi occupationhave been preserved partially: among other documents they contain the funds of District Galicia governorate, Lviv and Drohobych district authorities, Lviv city authority, Ukrainian police command in Lviv, Labor exchange, Bureau for recruitment of population for work in Germany, etc.

Funds of the Soviet period contain documents of the state power bodies and their structural units, regional courts and prosecutors’ offices, enterprises, organizations, establishments, educational and research-and-development establishments, artistic unions, documents of Lviv Regional Department of Security Service of Ukraine (clearance files of citizens of Lviv and Drohobych regions deported for compulsory labour to Germany in 1941-1944, classified archive criminal proceedings files of citizens subjected to repressions), documents onreciprocal evacuation of the Ukrainian and Polish population under the agreement between the Government of the Ukrainian SSR and the Polish Committee for National Liberation dated September 9, 1944 and resettlement of citizens under other international agreements (1944-1948, 1951, etc.).

The Archive preserves documents of the regional Communist party committees and the party organizations of Lviv and Drohobych regions, Young communist league organizations and trade unions for 1939-1941, 1944-1991.

Funds of the period of independent Ukraine contain, predominantly, documents of liquidated enterprises, establishments and organizations of various forms of ownership.

Among the personal funds preserved in the Archive are the funds of bibliographer I. Kalynovych, writer V. Gzhytskyy, composer A. Kos-Anatolskyy, electrical engineering scientist H. Sokolnytskyy, philologist M. Rudnytskyy, professors of Lviv University L. Finkel, V. Brukhnalskyy, composer V. Ivasyuk, writer M. Dalekyy, historian M. Korduba, Polish politician, writer and publicist Karol Foster, senior research fellow of the Institute of Social Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR A. Hensyorskyy, composer Ya. Yaroslavenko-Vintskovskyi, writer V. Belyayev, writer V. Lozovyy, Ukrainian public and political figure D. Stachura, librarian of Jan Kazimierz University library in Lviv, Polish writer Justyn Goszowski, some documents and autographsof F. List, M. Hrushevskyy, I. Trush, G. Sienkiewicz, J. Paderewski, W. Grimm, Ye. Chykalenko, V. Leontovych,F. Kolessa, O. Makovey, M. Sklodowska-Curie, Les. Martovych, S. Bandera, R. Shukhevych, other outstanding public and political figures, coryphaei ofscience, culture, art. Of special significance are documents pertaining to life and work of I. Franko – they include reports of the police surveillance of I. Franko and his wife, the writer’s work in Latin he wrote as a student “About Lukian and his time” (1877).


Under photographs from State Archive of Lviv Region collections for the English language edition of State Archive of Lviv Region guide-book.

Left: Building of State Archive of Lviv Region (bottom right) in the environment of monuments of architecture of downtown Lviv

Left: I. Franko’s work in Latin he wrote as a student “About Lukian and his time”. (1877).

Autographs preserved in State Archive of Lviv Region

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