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State Archives of Kharkiv Oblast

Address: 41 Myronosytzka Str., Kharkiv, 61002 (building 1)
Phone: +380 (057) 715-73-80
Phone/fax: +380 (057) 700-53-42

7 Moskovska avenue, Kharkiv, 61003 (building 2)
Phone/fax: +380 (057) 731-26-62

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Deputy Director: Vacancy

Deputy Director: Kusch Evgen

Historical Background

The history of the State Archives of Kharkiv Region began from 1880, the date of foundation of the Kharkiv Historical Archives by the members of the Historical and Philological Association of Kharkiv University. In 1920 it was changed into the Central Historical Archives attached to Kharkiv province national educational committee; for the first time the Archives has legalized its legal status and it has obtained monetary funds and staff. In November, 1926 was created the Kharkiv Territorial Historical Archives on the basis of funds of the Central Historical Archives, and in 1932 was renamed into the Kharkiv Regional Historical Archives, and in 1941 it obtained the name of the State Archives of Kharkiv Region.

In 1958 the State Archives of Kharkiv Region was renamed into the Kharkiv Regional State Archives, and since the 7th of August 1980 it bears the name of the State Archives of Kharkiv Region. With the liquidation of archival departments in 1988, the State Archives of Kharkiv Region submits to the Executive Committee of the Kharkiv Regional Council of People's Deputies of workers and becomes the authority of the Archives science on the territory of the Region.

Today it is a structural subunit of the Kharkiv State Regional Administration, and it is the unit that is accountable to and is controlled by the head of the State Regional Administration and the State Archival Service of Ukraine.

Total Volume of Funds

Description of Archives Holdings


Documents on the history of the Region by 1917 were collected in the funds of Chancery of Kharkiv Governor, the Province Administrative Board, the Kharkiv Municipal Council, province, district and zemstvo boards etc. These are the data about the population, industry, agriculture, education systems of the Region etc.

The documents about the Patriotic War of 1812 and the Crimean War 1853-1856, creation and activity of military settlements in the Province in 1817, about improvement of Kharkiv and district places, development of culture and science, opening of Kharkiv University (1805) and its founder V. Karazin, opening of veterinary college (1850) (since 1873 it has become the institute), technological institute (1885), feminine medical institute (1910), the first gymnasium (1805) and other educational establishments, about first flights of S. Grisodubov, I. Zaikin, S. Utochkin in Kharkiv are kept in the fund of the Chancellery of Kharkiv Governor.

The Chancery of the Province Prosecutor, police, senior manufactory inspector, documents on factory and mining matters reflect public-political and revolutionary movement in the provinces, relationships between landlords and villagers, and their land litigation.

The funds contain the information about village reform of 1861, Stolypin's land reform of 1906 and villagers' attitude to the reforms. The documents, which provide the information about revolutionary actions in 1905-1907, the development of strike movement in 1902-1916, the activity of the Kharkiv Organization of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party, are preserved.

Archival documents reflect the condition of industry and agriculture of the Province, legal and economic condition of the workers etc.

The documents about census of population of the City of Kharkiv and the Province of 1782-1856, lists of inhabitants of separate centers of population, other documents about quantity and content of population have been preserved in the fund of : the Public Chamber.

Economic condition of the City of Kharkiv and the province are reflected in the funds of the Public Chamber, especially in the zemstvo conscription offices, excises, chancery of tax inspectors and others, where there are information about revenue and taxes of organizations of different departments and enterprises, about quantity and property condition of different sections of population, land ownership, crops and crop capacity, matters about acquisition of land lots for building of distillery, sugar factories, tobacco processing plants, information about their work, about activities of the banks etc.

The state of culture and health protection in the Province is reflected in the funds of cultural-educational establishments, educational institutions, medical, public and charity organizations, supervisory bodies, which execute control over them.

The fund of the Kharkiv Ecclesiastical Consistory gives information about the condition of eparchy, separate charitable organizations and churches, gives data about construction of church buildings in Kharkiv and in other cities and villages of Kharkiv Region, about condition of cloisters, about creation and activity of Kharkiv collective organization (1800-1841), church-parochial schools.

The period of history of the XX century is reflected in the documents of the epoch of the Ukrainian Revolution (1917-1921), the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), documents, that characterize the development of leading sectors of economy; that reveal the condition of agriculture (the nationalization of the land, coercive collectivization, consolidation of collective farms, development of cattle breeding, horticulture etc.)

The moments of the Great Patriotic War have wide representation in the documents of the archive. The documents describe the participation of citizens of Kharkiv in the War, their help to the front, the holding of evacuation and mobilization of population to the army, formation of the Party and Komsomol underground.

The period of German occupation of the territory of Kharkiv Region (1941-1943) is represented of administrative organizations: military-economic command Wik-Do, oblast and region land councils, region and village councils, labour exchange, where documents about arrangement of local control, collection of taxes from the population by occupation power, have been preserved. The documents about organization and activity of industrial and trade enterprises, theatres, educational establishments are concentrated in the fund of the Kharkiv Municipal Council. There are the data about lists of census of population, prisoners of the War.

The fund of labour exchange in Kharkiv and Kharkiv Region has the information about organization of enumeration of specialists and population on the whole for coercive move to Germany.

The considerable part of the documents of the Archives constitutes the documents of the former Party Archives of the Kharkiv Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine (1919-1991).

The Archives keeps criminal cases on repressed citizens of Kharkiv Region, which were given by the Administration of the Security Service of Ukraine in the 1990s. Also there are filtration cases of citizens of the Region, which stayed in Germany during 1941-1945.

The funds of special origin are represented in the archive by documents of Ukrainian poetess and pedagogue H. Alchevska (1895-1911); of literary man K. Bich-Lubenskyi, the Kharkiv Governor M. Gribovskyi (1816-1828); of historian, professor of Kharkiv University M. Klochkov (1899-1919), of historian, Doctor of Science, Professor of Kharkiv University O. Roslavslyi-Petrovskyi (1834-1870),of the Hero of theSoviet Union, academician of Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, Professor, Doctor of Sciences, honoured worker of sciences of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, the Hero of Socialist labour M. Barabashov; of academician of Academy of Science of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, honoured worker of science of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, Ukrainian and Soviet physiologist V. Danilevskyi and others.

Cine and photo documents of the Archives reflect public-political, economic and cultural life of Kharkiv Region. The Archives keeps the following: photos of buildings of railway station, squares, streets, cathedrals, educational establishments, exchange, municipal hotels, and hospitals of pre-Soviet period; the photos of participants of the revolution of 1905 and 1917, the participants of the march of 1900, 1905, 1917, memorable places in Kharkiv City and Kharkiv Region, which are connected with revolutionary events.

The main part of cinema and photo documents consists of photos about: public-politic life, development of the industry, agriculture in Kharkiv Region, railway, car, air, municipal transport, opening of the second Saltov line and putting into operation of new stations of the underground; about condition, development and organization of postal telegraph, telephone, radio and TV connection; organization and condition and development of culture and education: opening of new general secondary schools, activity of boarding schools, evening schools and schools of working youth; activity of institutes of higher education; individual and group photos of teachers and students of institutes of higher education; development of science and technique; conferences of biologists, sociologists, philolo­gists, astrophysicists of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, symposia of the heads of the institutes, All-Union seminars of economists etc. The library of the archive enumerates 37 910 books and brochures, 8 900 magazines, 4 932 filings of newspapers, 4 546 special editions (posters, placards, leaflets etc.)

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