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State Archives of Khmelnytsky Oblast

Address: 99 Grushevskogo Str.,
Khmelnytskyi, 29000 (building 1, 2) 4, Theatrical Str.,
Tel.: +380(382) 76-47-39, 79-75-59
Tel./Fax: +380(382) 76-47-39

Director: Baydych Volodymyr

Deputy Director: Burduvalis Kateryna
Deputy Director: Vojtovych Oleksandr

Historical Background

The formation of the archives in Podillya began in April, 1922 with thе creation of Kamyanets-Podilsky District Archives Administration.

Since 1925 it was called the Kamyanets District Archival Administration, in 1930 after the liquidation of districts it was called the Kamyanets-Podilskyi Local Archival Administration. In 1932 at the Vinnytsya Regional Executive Committee the Regional Archival Administration was founded and the Vinnytsya Regional Historical Archives, the Kamyanets-Podilskyi, Proskuriv, Berdychiv, Uman Historical Archives were subordinated to it.

In September, 1937 was founded Kamyanets-Podilsky Region and the Archives was renamed into the State Historical Archives of Kamyanets-Podilsky Region. In 1938 it was subordinated to the Archives Administration of the National Commisariat of Internal Affairs of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

During World War II the Archives was evacuated, but only the documents of the Communist Party and the soviet authorities. During the transportation all the funds of the Proskuriv Historical Archives were destroyed.

In 1947 the Regional Archives was transfered in submission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Ukrinian Soviet Socialist Rebublic in Kamyanets-Podilsky Region.

In 1954 with the renaming of the Region into Khmelnytsky, accordingly the Archives was renamed into Khmelnytsky Regional State Archives in Kamyanets-Podilsky Town and since 1980 it has been the state Archives of Khmelnytsky Region. In 1990 the Archives was transferred from Kamyanets-Podilsky to Khmelnytskyi into a new specialized typical building.

On April, 9, 2003 the work of the Kamyanets-Podilsky Municipal Archives was stopped and on April. 10, 2003 the fire broke out in the premises of the archives, having destroyed and damaged 101225 files of five the most valuable funds of the history of Kamyanets-Podilsky Province since the end of the XVIII - the beginning of the XX century. In accordance with the order of the State Comittee of Archives of Ukraine on April, 14, 2003 all the documents of the National Archival Funds, of liquidated the Kamyanets-Podilsky Municipal Archives was transported to the Khmelnytskyi Region State Archives.

Total Volume of Funds

Description of Archives Holdings

The archives preserves the funds of the local state authorities and the government of the pre-Soviet period, which contain the decrees of the Senate, the circulars of the ministries, the circulars of Kyiv, Podillya, Volyn governor generals; the information about the quantity and the state of the industrial enterprises of the province, agricultural land tenure, the state of the construction, the development of the medicine, education, library science; the information about political exiles; teh documents and letters about the construction of bridges, dams, roads, mills, prisons, churches; lists of bourgeois Jews who were subject to military duty.

The institutions of the class, county and town self-government include: the decrees of the emperor and the Senate, the circulars of the ministries, the circulars of Kyiv, Podillya, Volyn governor generals; the decrees of the Podillya Province Government about the holding elections to the authorities of the town self-government (1872-1875); the files about the preparation of the holding noble elections; the lists of the merchants of the province according to guilds (1832), resolutions and plans of the construction of the railway Proskuriv - Kamyanets-Podilskyi (1883-1908); the files about the opening of Vinnytsya land surveyors college, the construction of the station in Kamyanets-Podilskyi (1912), the reorganization of Proskuriv real college into Olexiivska real gymnasium (1912); the main books of Kamyanets-Podilskyi Town administration, the originals of the letters of Olexandr I, M. Kutuzov, P. Bagration.

In the funds of court authorities, procurator´s office, police such documents are kept: the decrees of the Senate, the circulars of the ministry of justice and of Podillya chamber of criminal and civic court; the files about the arguments, etc.

In the funds of education and health care institutions such documents are kept: the circulars of the ministry of public education, the decrees of M. Pyrogov, the trustee of Kyiv education dictrict (1859-1861), the correspondence about the opening of women´s boarding shools, handicraft colleges and public schools (1830-1919).

The funds of religius institutions include: the decree of the Senate and the Synode; the registers of the sessions of the diocese administration; the information about the state of the diocese, churches, church lands, the quantity of religious workers and parishioners in the districts of the dio cese; the documents of the churches: metrical books, confessional notes, marriage descriptions etc. (1799- 1916); the registers of the sessions of Podillya clerical Roman-Catholic dio cese administration, metrical books of Roman-Catholic churches (1798-1920).

The documents of the funds of the local state authorities and the government of the soviet period reflect the formation of the soviet power on the territory of the region, the political state of the districts (1923-1925), the Ukrainization of the soviet apparatus (1926-1927), the state of sugar industry (1928), the records and resolutions of the sessions and meetings of the Regional Executive Committee of the Council of Peoples Deputies, the working prospects of the regional executive committee (1945-1994), the documents about the migration of the citizens of the region to the other regions of the UkSSR (1944, 1949-1957), the elections of the deputies of all levels.

In the funds of court and national security authorities such documents are kept: the orders of the regional court department, the documents of Kamyanets-Podilskyi and Shepetivka district courts; the criminal and civic cases, the reports on the activity of the court department and the board of lawyers; non-judicial cases of the rehabilitated citizens (1925-1975,1998).

The funds of the government of national economy contain the documents about the development of the local industry; the condition of the housing fund of the towns of the region; the tests of the economic activity of the plants. The funds of the organizations of agricultural, wood and water economy elucidate the state of collectivization in the village.

In the funds of the institutions of health care, physical culture and sport the documents about the state and development of the medical affair in the region are preserved.

The funds of the institutions of education, culture and art contain the documents about the state and development of these branches, about the work of professional and techical shools, institutes.

The fund of the Khmelnytskyi Regional Committee of the CPU include the documents about the industrial, agricultural and transport construction in the region, the mobilization of labour force for the building in the Urals, for the building of Donetsk mines, the selection and migration of specialists and collective farmers to the Crimean Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (1944), the repatriation of Polish, German and Czech national minorities (1938).

57 funds of personal origin of famous people and descendants from Khmelnytskyi Region are kept in the archives. In 1993 the funds of the institutions and organizations of the Soviet epoch before 1941 and the period of the Nazi occupation, the funds of the institutions up to 1965 were declassified.

The scientific and technical documentation consists of the schemes of land arrangement of collective farms, the drafts of some products of Polonne porcelain plant, the schemes of construction of the building of the State Archives of the region, etc.

In the archives 8 film documents are preserved. Among them there are mute documentaries "Tracking the Retreating Enemy" which reproduce the retreat of the Nazi army to the south of Proskuriv, there are also a sound documentary "To the Memory of the Hero" (1958) and a sound coloured documentary "Proskuriv-Khmelnytskyi".

The photo-documents reproduce the public-political and social-economical life of the region, the war actions (1941-1944), the underground and partisan movement. A part of the photos shows the main points of the reconstruction of the national economy of Khmelnytskyi Region.

The phono-documents have preserved a live voice of I. Shestydesyatyi who was a participant of the revolt on the battleship "Potyomkin"; the voices of comrades-in-arms of M. Ostrovskyi; the memories of the eyewitnesses of starvation in 1933; the voices of witnesses of repressions in 1937-1938; the events of World War II.

The video films tell about the activities from the life of the Archives and about the presentations of the funds of personal origin.

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