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Important Publications:

Ivan Mazepa's Decrees. 1687–1709 /
Compiled by Ivan Butych. M. Hrushevsky Institute of Ukrainian Archeography and Source Studies, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Shevchenko Scientific Society; Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine, Kyiv. – Kyiv; Lviv: Shevchenko Scientific Society, 2002. – 670 pp.

[Universaly Ivana Mazepy. 1687–1709 /
Uporiadnyk Ivan Butych. Instytut ukrainskoi arkheohrafii ta dzhereloznavstva im. M. Hrushevskoho NAN Ukrainy; Naukove tovarystvo imeni Shevchenka; Tsentralnyi derzhavnyi istorychnyi arkhiv Ukrainy, m. Kyiv. – Kyiv; Lviv, 2002. – 670 s.]

Ivan Mazepa's Decrees. 1687–1709
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