Registers of Polish Crown Chancery Documents Addressed to Ukrainian Lands (Palatinates of Volhynia, Kyiv, Bratslav, and Chernihiv) 1569-1673 /

State Committee on Archives of Ukraine. Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine in Kyiv; M. Hrushevs 'kyi Institute of Ukrainian Archeography and Source Study of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Head Office of State Archives. Main Archive of Early Acts Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences; Federal Archival Service of Russia. Russian State Archive of Early Acts. Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.

Compilers: Hennadii Boriak, Liudmyla Demchenko, Natalia Jakovenko, Patricia Kennedy Grimsted, Volodymyr Kravchenko, Viktor Strashko, Kyrylo Vyslobokov, Hubert Wajs. - Kyiv, 2002. - 984 s.

Press Release: Students of Ukraine Get Treasure Trove of New Sources

Грамота Форуму видавців у Львові

Lviv Forum of Book Publishers The "Ruthenian Metrica" book won the Honorable Diploma (State Committee on Archives of Ukraine)
September 11-14, 2003

The official copies of outgoing Polish Crown chancery documents addressed to Ukrainian lands (Palatinates of Volhynia, Kyiv, Bratslav, Chernihiv) recorded in Ruthenian or Polish in the twenty-nine extant books of the so-called Ruthenian (or Volhynian) Metrica (i.e., the Ruthenian Series of the Polish Crown Metrica) provide unique sources for the history of the Ukrainian lands during the years 1569 to 1673. A register of the over 3,500 documents in this Ruthenian series is here presented in three parallel versions published for the first time. The original titles of the documents themselves are transcribed from the Metrica books, all but one of which are now held in the Russian State Archive of Early Acts in Moscow (RGADA). These are in each case with the complete entries found in two original manuscript document-by-document registers prepared in Polish in the Crown chancery - one compiled by Stefan Kazimierz Hankiewicz (1673) and the other by Jan Franciszek Cywinski (ca. 1765-1775).
A scholarly introduction discusses the Crown chancery recordkeeping practices of the period, together with an historical, archeographic, and codicological analysis of the scries and the original registers. Personal name and geographic indexes provide further reference data for historians and genealogists.
This publication results from an ambitious international editorial project aimed at promoting research, description, and publication of documents relating to Ukrainian lands from other books of the Crown Metrica.

Table of Contents


Patricia Kennedy Grimsted
The Ruthenian Series of the Crown Metrica


  1. Crown Chancery Practices, Ruthenian Chancery Officials, and the Preparation of Ruthenian Books
  2. Bindings, Inventories, and the Archival Fate of the Ruthenian Series
The Ruthenian Series of the Crown Metrica

Abstract of Introduction

Seria ruska Metryki Koronnej

Streszczenie Wstępu

Register of Documents in the Ruthenian Series

Archeographic Preface


I. Register of Documents in the Book of Protocols MK 354 (RMx 32) in Book RM 26

II. Register of MK Copies, Previous Inscriptions, and Protocols of Documents in Book RM 29

III. Correlation Table of Archival Code Numbers for the Books of the Ruthenian Series

IV. Polish Crown Chancellors and Vice-Chancellors for the Period of the Ruthenian Metrica, 1569-1673

V. Facsimile of the List of Ruthenian Books from the Hankiewicz "Synopsis"

Indices and Abbreviations

Index of Personal Names

Index of Geographic Names


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