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  1. Bibliography of the Contents of "Archives of Ukraine" (1947-1970) (Kyiv, 1999)
  2. Classification Index of Publications of "Archives of Ukraine"(1971-1987) (Kyiv, 1988)
  3. Annotated Index of Publications of "Archives of Ukraine" (1988-1995) (Kyiv, 1997)
  4. Index of Publications of "Archives of Ukraine" (1996-2002)
  5. Bibliography of Publications on Record Keeping (1975-1995)
  6. Bibliography: Preservation of Documntary Fonds (Archives, Libraries, Museums)
  7. Chronological Index: Publications of Archival Institutions of Ukraine. 1925-2005
  8. Archival Collections of Ukraine
  9. Archival Ucrainica Abroad
  10. Issues of Lost and Displaced Archives, Libraries, Museums of Ukraine
  11. Archival Judaica in Ukraine: Materials on Reference Books Bibliography (St.Petersburg, 2001)

Archival Collections of Ukraine

The chapter contains various reference and information publications of 1988-2000, that is historical essays and surveys of fonds and collections (foreing collections included), publications on displaced and lost archives; monographic research, thesis digests covering general and reference information on the content and composition of archival fonds as well as surveys of museum documentary collections.

The reference book of Patricia Kennedi Grimstead contains the complete bibliography of similar reference publications before 1988. (Archives and Manuscript Repositories in the USSR. Ukraine and Moldavia. - Princeton, 1988. - B.1. - LIII, 1107 p.).

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