Documentary Sources Relating to Ukraine in Repositories in the United Kingdom:
A Preliminary Check-list / Compiled by Janet M. Hartley. - Kyiv; London, 1993. - 94 pp.
ISBN 5-7702-0439-7

Arkhivna Ukrainika u Velykobrytanii
/ Uklala Dzhanet M. Khartli. - Kyiv; London, 1993. - 94 s.

Archival Ukrainica in the United Kingdom

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The survey of documents and manuscripts in the United Kingdom relating to Russia and the former Soviet Union

A three-year research project at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of London, resulted in the publication in 1987 of the volume Guide to Documents and Manuscripts in the United Kingdom Relating to Russia and the Soviet Union (Mansell Publishing Ltd, London) by Janet M. Hartley. The material recorded was collected between 1982 and 1985. Included in the volume are entries from the major national archives, libraries and museums, county and municipal record offices, university and public libraries, museums of the armed forces, banks, firms with trading connections with Russia and the Soviet Union, and archives of political parties, trade unions, scientific, artistic and learned associations, missionary and religious organizations and cultural and charitable societies. Over eight hundred enquiries were sent to these repositories in England, Wales, Scotland, Nothern Ireland and the Channel Islands and 331 positive replies were received. Material was recorded in person in over one hundred repositories, including all the major national collections - in the other cases the material was supplied by post by archivists and librarians. There was no systematic attempt to record papers in private ownership but the collections of eighteen private individuals are listed in an appendix, as are the private holdings which are described in the printed reports of the Royal Commission on Historic Manuscripts or listed in the National Register of Archives in London and the National Register of Archives (Scotland) in Edinburgh. The largest holding of archival material in the United Kingdom is the Public Record Office. No attempt was made to itemize records relating to Russia and the Soviet Union in this repository, although main classes of records, which hold relevant material, were described. The Public Record Office is well served by guides and finding aids and these have been listed in the Guide.

The survey covered Muscovy, the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union without date limitations. Contacts between England and Russia were formally established in 1553 when the ship the Edward Bonaventure reached the White Sea during an attempt to discover a northern passage to the Indies and China. The captain, Richard Chancellor, was invited to Moscow where he presented a letter from King Edward VI to Tsar Ivan IV and in return received permission from Ivan IV for English ships to enter Russian waters. Although a small number of earlier documents have found their way into British repositories, comprehensive documentary material relating to Muscovy dates from the middle of the sixteenth century. The holdings in the United Kingdom are particularly rich for the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth century. More recent material is also recorded in the Guide but restrictions on access (British public records are normally closed for thirty years) and the extent of private holdings, which have not yet been, deposited means that later coverage is more patchy. The largest collections relating to Russian Empire and the Soviet Union proved to be, not surprisingly, diplomatic, military and naval records (especially concerning the Crimean War) but substantial holdings relating to trading, business, religious, missionary, scientific and cultural contacts between the United Kingdom and Russia were also recorded. In general, the survey illustrated the great extent and wide range of contacts between the United Kingdom and the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union over five centuries and, it is hoped, the publication of the Guide will facilitate research in many fields.

Material relating to Ukraine in repositories in the United Kingdom

Material relating to Ukraine and Ukrainians has, on the whole, only been included when it relates to the land and people within the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union. The distinction between different parts of the Russian Empire and separate Soviet Republics is frequently not made in the titles of collections in British archives or in the finding aids prepared by archivists and librarians on which this survey heavily depended. Thus, descriptions such as "travels in Russia", "trade with Russia", "papers relating to the USSR", "correspondence with Soviet scientists", for example, might contain information relating to non-Russian lands and individuals. The only way to be certain of the precise coverage of each collection listed in the Guide would be to examine each record individually. Pressure of time meant that this was beyond the scope of the survey. It should be noted, however, that the list below of documentary material relating to Ukraine only includes material, which specifically refers to Ukraine or Ukrainians, and there will be further material relating to Ukraine in general Russian and Soviet collections. In particular, the Public Record Office, as noted above, has not been systematically described in this survey and without doubt contains much material on Ukraine in the classes of documents relating to Russia and the Soviet Union. In addition, there will be material relating to Ukrainians in the classes of records in the Public Record Office and elsewhere relating to Poland and Austria and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which have not been included in this survey. Futhermore, no systematic attempt was made to include private collections and there are no specifically Ukrainian materials noted in the small number of private holdings included in an appendix to the volume. Some non-Russian associations and scholarly institutions were approached in the United Kingdom. Negative replies were received from the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (but see the entry for Westminster Diocesan Archives in the list below) and the Shevchenko Library and Museum in London.

Despite the limitations mentioned above, it is possible to make some generalizations about the strength of collections relating to Ukraine in the United Kingdom. The largest number of documents relate to the participation of Great Britain in the Allied intervention in South Russia at the end of the First World War (these documents probably also refer to the Crimea and possibly to the Caucasus; there are several hundred documents in the Guide relating to the Crimean War which have not been listed here unless they specifically relate to Odessa). These documents are held mainly in special museums and archives of the British navy, air force and army as well as in the museums of individual regiments which participated in this campaign, and include tape recordings of reminiscences as well as memoirs, letters and photographs. There is a substantial collection of material relating to British firms which traded in Ukraine or which used Odessa as their means of access to the Russian market. Most of these records have now been deposited in county record offices as very few British firms keep their own archives. Religious and missionary records are extensive in the United Kingdom. Many of these records relate to missionary activities in the more inaccessible parts of the Russian Empire, in particular in Siberia, but there are a smaller number of records concerning agents, chaplaincies and relief operations (by the Quakers in the 1920s and 1930s) in Ukraine. There are also substantial Jewish records in this country all of which hold considerable material relating to Ukraine. Many British organizations systematically collect information relating to the Soviet Union (for example, the Labour Party, the Trades Union Congress, the British Broadcasting Company), which includes material on Ukraine. In addition, there are miscellaneous letters, diaries and photographs by consuls, travellers and visitors relating to Ukraine and Ukrainians deposited by chance in many large and small repositories throughout the United Kingdom. It is hoped that the following list will give some indication of the richness of British holdings concerning many aspects of contacts between Britain and Ukraine in particular and Britain and the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union in general.

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Documents recorded in the Guide to Documents and Manuscripts in the United Kingdom Relating to Russia and the Soviet Union relating to Ukraine

Access to the repositories, and collections within repositories, listed below is normally by written application to the Archivist or Librarian. Published finding aids have been noted; most repositories have card indexes or manuscript lists of collections, which are made available to readers in the reading rooms. Class marks of collections and items within collections have been given where they exist. Public documents are normally closed for thirty years.


Department of Manuscripts and Records
Dyfed SY23 3BU

Handlist of Manuscripts in the National Library of Wales, 4 vols (1943-); Annual Reports (1909- ).

Herbert Lloyd-Jones papers (NLW MS 10779D). Typescript copy of article by Herbert Lloyd-Jones "The Ukrainian Minority in Poland", c. 1935.

Lleufer Thomas MSS (NLW MSS 3601-3640). Two lists of Welsh families in "Hughesofka" (Donetsk) and correspondence, 1896 (NLW MS 3617E).


Special Collections Department Main Library
University of Birmingham
PO Box 363
Birmingham В 15 2TT

Shishkin Papers. Papers of Nikolai Pavlovich Shishkin include letters and writings of N. V. Gogol' (SP 53-6).


Blandford Camp
Dorset DT11 8 RH

Report of signals with the British Military Mission to South Russia, c. 1919 (331. 21/23).

Memorandum of signal service, diary and stores account for South Russia and Constantinople, 1919 (331. 21/25).

Miscellaneous papers regarding communications in South Russia, 1919 - 20 (331. 21/27).

Official reports on the signal service in South Russia, May 1919 - March 1920 (331. 21/28).

Rules and notes for guidance for the British Military Mission, South Russia (331. 21/29).


University of Bristol
Tyndall Avenue
Bristol BS8 1TJ

Teichman Family Papers. Typescript draft of life of Ivan Mazeppa, 1928, and description of the Cossacks of the Ukraine, 1931 (DM 518).


West Road
Cambridge CB3 9DR

A Catalogue of the Manuscripts Preserved in the Library of the University of Cambridge, 5 vols (1856-67; photographic reprint 1980); A. E. B. Owen, Summary Guide to Western Manuscripts (other than Medieval) since 1867 (1966).

Rutherford Papers (Add. MS 7653). Correspondence of Ernest Rutherford, Baron Rutherford of Nelson, with the Lenin Electro-Technical School in Kiev (K 27).

Military journal and account book of the garrison at Kinburn, 1853, Russian (Add. MS 7952).

Archives of the British and Foreigh Bible Society. Correspondence from BFBS agents including from John Melville (Odessa, 1839-67), James Watt (Odessa, 1867-82), Michael Morrison (Odessa, 1882-95). Committee and Sub-Committee minutes and Editorial Subject Files include records on translations of the Bible into Ukrainian. Papers relating to translation work by émigrés are closed for fifty years.


Churchill College
Cambridge CB3 ODS

Aubrey Leo Kennedy papers (LKEN). Journals as diplomatic correspondent of The Times include sketch of Hitler's plan to overrun Turkey and seize Baku and the Ukraine, 1941 (24).

Philip John Noel-Baker papers ( NBKR). Correspondence on minority groups in Poland and the Ukraine, 1931-3 (4/560-1).


Cambridge CB2 1TQ

M. R. James, Catalogue of the Western Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College Cambridge, 3 vols (1900-04).

Eight letters by G. Mathew, consular official in Odessa, 1858 and n. d.


Glamorgan Record Office
County Hall
Cathays Park
Cardiff CF1 3NE

Dillwyn & Jones papers (D/D DJ). Mining engineers. Notebook regarding collieries and coke works on property in Nikolaevka in southern Russia.

Copies of eight photographs of the family and friends of the Hughes family who founded the iron town of Iuzovka (Donetsk) (D/DX 409/1-8).

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Archives Department
University of Dundee
Dundee DD1 4HN

Low and Bonar Lid papers (MS 24). Jute and flax manufacturers of Dundee. Letter-book containing correspondence with Jules Gay and Messrs Segesser and Ericks in Odessa and Nikolai Novikov in Kiev, 19l0-l5( /4).

James F. Low (Engineers) Ltd papers (MS 89). Textile engineers of Monifieth, near Dundee. Machine description and order books include references to firms in Khar'kov, mainly early twentieth century.

Julius Salomon & Co. (MS 12). Linen manufacturers of Dundee. Reports by B. Steinitz and A.Schapiro from Odessa, 1876-84 ( /6).


University of Durham
5 The College
Durham DH13EQ

Ponsonby Papers. Three letters to John William Ponsonby from James Yeames, Consul-General in Odessa, 1834-41. Access to collection is restricted as it is in the process of being listed.


Department of Manuscripts
George IV Bridge
Edinburgh EH1 1EW

Catalogue of Manuscripts acquired since 1925, vols 1-4, 6 (1938-84); Accessions of Manuscripts 1959-64 (1965); Accessions of Manuscripts 1965-70 (1971); Annual Reports.

Blackwood Papers (MSS 4001-940). Papers of the publishing house of William Blackwood and Sons include "A Correct Account of the Escape of James Henry Attwood and his Family from Odessa in the South of Russia" (MS 4762) and corrected proofs of "The Attaman: a Tale of the Kosaks" by J. E. de Laskowska, 1885 (MS 4816 f.25).

MS volume entitled "The Journey Rout[e] of Her Imperial Majesty from Charkoff thro' the Government of Kursk to Moscow. By the Governments Geometrician & Land Measurer Basshiloff 1787", covering Catherine ll's journey to southern Russia (MS 19419).


Rare Books and Manuscripts Department
201 North Street
Glasgow G3 7DN

Archibald Smith of Jordanhill papers (TD 1). Letters and postcards from Margaret Smith to her mother describing her visit to Odessa, Oct.-Dec. 1903 (/970).


Heathfleld Road
Kent BR2 6BA

Religious Samizdat. Collection and Press Archive may include material on the Ukraine


University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT

Leeds Russian Archive:

R. Davies, The Leeds Russian Archive 1982-1984: A Progress Report (1984); R. Davies. The Leeds Russian Archive 1984-1985: Second Progress Report (1985).

Copies of family history, official documents and photographs of the Knox and Spearing families of St Petersburg and Odessa, 1890s-1910s (Acc.No. 2.4.64).

TS of monograph on Gogol' by Janko Lavrin (Acc.No.2.4.22).

Peter Liddle's 1914-18 Personal Experience Archives

(Location in the Guide given as Sunderland Polytechnic; these records have now been moved to the Brotherton Library)

Memoirs, diaries, photographs and tape recordings of experiences in the Allied intervention in South Russia of the following: Gen. Sir Evelyn Barker (photographs and tape recording); Col. Sir Hugh Boustead (letters, recollections, tape recording); Pte G. W. Brown (tape recording); Capt. R. Bruce (letters); Brig. H. V. Collingridge (tape recording); Dr L. Duncan Porteous (correspondence); William Gibson, 2nd Baron Ashbourne (tape recording); Dr J. G. Gilruth (tape recording); Lt-Col. J. Haigh (filed messages, maps, diary, papers, tape recording); Maj.-Gen. Sir Edmund Hakewill-Smith (letters, tape recording); W. T. Henson, RN (recollections and photographs); 2nd Lt A. Hooper (letters); Wg/Cdr M. Jenks (papers and recollections); L. H. Kemp (tape recording); J. Lawson (photographs, tape recording); Cdr C. H. Longden Griffiths, RN (recollections); Maj. M. K. Mackay (recollections); 2nd Lt. L. R. Missen (papers, tape recording); Maj.-Gen. R. C. Money (photographs, tape recording); Sir Alfred Norris (papers); Capt. H. de L. Penfold (recollections); Maj.-Gen. F. C. Poole (report); Cdr R. H. S. Rodger, RN (recollections); Capt. C. Swinley (tape recording); Lt-Col. J. Symons (official papers); F. Theodore (papers and diary); Rear-Adm. A. D. Torlesse (letters, log, photographs, tape recording); Maj.-Gen. D. A. L. Wade (recollections, photographs, tape recording); Prof. G. R. Wilson Knight (tape recording); Maj.-Gen. G. N. Wood (tape recording).

Letter from Sister E. G. Evans from a British Red Cross Unit in Odessa, 23 July 1917.

Typescript extracts from letters of P. Helyar as Consul in Petrograd and Odessa, 1916-17.

Recollections by Dr C. Nicory of his service with a British Medical Unit in Romania and South Russia from 1916.


The Maltings
Castle Precincts
Lewes BN7 1YT

Records of the Shiffher family of Coombe Place, Hamsey (SHR). Map and chart of the coasts between Ochakov, Nikolaev, Kherson and southern Russia by James Wyld, 1855 (3681).


The Castle
Lincoln LN1 ЗАВ

Deposit from John H. Rundle Ltd (Rundle). Records of William Foster and Co. of Lincoln, agricultural engineers, include specification book with notes of foreign orders and requirements for Odessa, c.1900, with extracts from agents' letters (1/18).

Ruston and Hornsby Ltd of Lincoln, Engineers, papers (Ruston). Presentation album to Mr Jahn of Odessa, 1914.

Records of Taylor, Glover and Hill of Epworth, Solicitors (TGH). Correspondence between Morris, Little & Son of Doncaster, sheep-dip manufacturers, and H. Lassen, their agent in Odessa, 1896-7 (2/L Box 2.).

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William Brown Street
Liverpool L3 8EW

Derby Family Papers (920 DER). Letters from Eustace Clare Grenville Murray, Consul-General in Odessa, to Lord Stanley, 1866-8.

Typewritten message of greeting from the Mayor of Odessa to the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, 26 Jan. 1972, Russian (352 MD 32). (Liverpul is the twin town of Odessa.).

Material presented to the Liverpool Civic Delegation to Odessa, June 1975, including pamphlets in Russian and copies of wartime photographs (Ace. 2876).


Woburn House
Upper Woburn Place
London EC1H OEP

Emanuel Papers (B2). Papers of C. H. Emanuel include papers relating to the Beilis trial in Kiev, 1912-13 ( /9/16-16 a).

Coded Series (B4) Correspondence relating to Ukrainian Jews, 1935-8 (/U9).

Grey Series (B6). Papers on Jews in the Ukraine, 1959-60 ( /3/23).

Foreign Affairs Committees and Joint Foreign Committee (C11). Correspondence relating to Jews in Russia, the Ukraine and Poland, 1917-19 (/3/13/3), the Federation of Ukrainian Jews, 1920-4 (/6/3), the Ukraine, Bessarabia and Russia, 1920-3 (/12/ 122), Cossack pogroms c. 1916 (/12/119).


Royal Institute of British Architects
66 Portland Place
London WIN 4AD

Drawing of the town theatre in Odessa by Ferdinand Fellmer and Herman Helmer, n.d.

Three drawings by Evgenii Rosenberg for a town planning competition in the Ukraine, 1932.


Department of Manuscripts
Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3DG

Manuscript and published catalogues and card indexes are listed in M. A. E. Nickson, The British Library: Guide to the Catalogues and Indexes of the Department of Manuscripts (1982). See also: Catalogues of Additions to the Manuscripts, 1836-1955 (1843- ); Catalogue of Manuscripts in the British Museum: The Burney Manuscripts (1840); A Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Cottonian Library Deposited in the British Museum, 4 vols (1808-12); A Catalogue of the Harleian Manuscripts (1-7630) in the British Museum, 3 vols (1808-12); Catalogue of Western Manuscripts in the Old Royal and King's Collections 3 vols (1921); A Catalogue of the Lansdowne Manuscripts in the British Museum (1819); S. Ayscough, A Catalogue of Manuscripts Preserved in the British Museum (1782); E. J. L. Scott, Index to the Sloane Manuscripts in the British Museum (1904); Catalogue of the Stowe Manuscripts in the British Museum, 2 vols (1895-6); Register of Microfilms and Other Photocopies in the Department of Manuscripts (1976); Catalogue of the Manuscript Maps, Charts and Plans, and of the Topographical Drawings in the British Museum, 3 vols (1844-59; reprinted 1962); Catalogue of Maps, Prints, Drawings etc. forming the Geographical and Topographical Collection attached to the Library of His Late Majesty King George the Third.

Map of the course of the Dniestr to the Black Sea (Add. 15329).

Music of Maksim Berexovskii, composer to Catherine II, including Psalm 51 and "Konsert sochineniia Berezovskaia" (Add. 24288 ff.1, 97).

Plan of the Russian siege of Ochakov, 1788 (Add. 27392 I)

Four official letters to Gen. Kokhanovich, Commandant of the fort of Kinburn, during the Crimean War, 1854-5, Russian (Add. 44085 ff. 57-64).

Documents relating to the Russian garrison at Kherson, 1786, Russian (Add. 60753 U).

Facsimile of "Mala Knizka" by T. G. Shevchenko, Kiev 1963 (Facs. 623).

Three views near Kiev (K. top. 112. 92 a-c).

Plan of the town of Ochakov and a Turkish Arsenal (K. top. 112. 113).

Plan of Kinburn showing the place as surrendered to Russia in June 1736 (K. top.112. 114).


Manuscript Department
The London School of Economics and Political Science
10 Portugal Street
London WC2A 2AD

J. Perceval ed., A Guide to Archives and Manuscripts in the University of London vol.1 (1984), pp. 1-35.

George Lansbury papers (LANSBURY). Correspondence with Kliskko in Odessa (8.171).


Public Relations Department
Cable and Wireless plc
Mercury House
Theobalds Road
London WC1X 8RX

Black Sea Telegraph Company Limited. Photographs and plans of Odessa; log-books and charts of cable laying in the Black Sea.


London EC2P 2EJ

Baring Brothers and Co. Ltd (MSS 18, 321-50). Correspondence relating to Russia concerning loans, accounts, purchases, interest rates, rail ways and finance with representatives and firms in St Petersburg, Odessa and the Baltic States, 1825 - c. 1870 (MS 18, 321/HC.10).

Hambros Bank Ltd (MSS 19,031-223). Correspondence relating to the Kursk-Khar'kov-Azov railway, 1872 (MS 19,159) and Odessa harbour improvements; 1910-11 (MS 19,162).

Chaplaincy of the British Factory (Russia Company) in Moscow, Archangel, Kronstadt, Odessa and St Petersburg (MS 11,192-7, 11,224 A, 11,751, 19,230, 19,891). Registers of baptism, marriages and burials in Odessa, 1883-1918 (MS, 11,197), correspondence relating to the transfer of the Odessa registers from London to Gibraltar, 1942 (MS 11,224 A).

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House of Lords
London SW1A OPW

M. F. Bond, Guide to the Records of Parliament (1917); M. F. Bond, A Short Guide to the Records of Parliament 3rd edit. (1980); P. Ford and G. Ford, A Guide to Parliamentary Papers (1972); General Indexes to the House of Lords Journals, 18 vols. (1509-1649, 1660-1973); Catalogue of Papers Printed by Order of the House of Commons. 1731-1800; Collected Indices of the Journal of the House of Commons (1547-); S. Lambert ed., List of House of Commons Sessional Papers, 1701-1750 (1968); House of Commons Sessional Papers of the Eighteenth Century, 2 vols (1965-6).

Law (Bonar Law) Papers (Hist. Coll. 191). Comments by the British Vice-Consul at Kiev on the situation in Russia, early twentieth century.

Stansgate Papers (Hist. Coll. 141). Papers of William Wedgwood Benn, 1st Viscount Stansgate, regarding the Ukraine and Soviet relations with Poland, 1941-3 (ST/241/3-4, /242/1-4, /281/9).

There are additional material relating to the Ukraine in the House of Lords Papers (Acts of Parliament, Committee Minute Books, Journals, Main Papers of Sessional Papers) and the House of Commons Papers (Bills, Journals, Sessional Papers).


Room 455
Sherfield Building
Imperial College
London SW7 2AZ

J. Perceval ed., A Guide to Archives and Manuscripts in the University of London vol.1 (1984), pp. 36-47.

Thomas Huxley papers. Letters to Huxley from V. V. Zalenskii in Odessa, 1883 (29.273) W. R. Dawson, The Huxley Papers (1946).


Department of Documents
Lambeth Road
London SE1 6HZ

Group Capt. J. L. Airey. Pilot's flying log-book, two MS diaries and a few other papers covering his flying duties with No. 221 Squadron RAF in South Russia, Dec. 1918 - Dec. 1919.

Cdr. J. Bostock. Microfilm copy of letters whilst serving as a Lt in HMS Ajax on the Mediterranean Station, describing the intervention in South Russia, 1920-1. Handlist available.

W. Daly. Copy of MS autobiography including service in HMS Barryfield in the Black Sea during the Allied intervention.

Vice-Adm. J. W. Dumford. Typescript autobiography "A Shellback Remembers" describing service as naval adviser to the White Armies in South Russia.

D. Glover. Typescript memoirs as an escaped Prisoner-of-War which involved being aided by the Soviet Army and transported to the British Military Mission in Odessa, 1945.

Capt. R. Gotto, RN. Journal as Midshipman in the battleship HMS Marlborough which assisted in the evacuation of White Russian refugees from ports in the Black Sea, May 1920.

Lt-Col. L. A. Gundry-White. Diary describing services as Liaison Officer with the British Military Mission to South Russia, Nov.-Dec. 1919.

Maj.-Gen. Patrick Hagert Henderson. Papers and diaries covering service in South Russia and the Trans-Caspian, 1917-19.

Air Vice Marshal Hesketh. Records of "Kuban Group" RAF in South Russia, 1920.

Maj. B. E. Howes. Diary of his service with the 9th Battalion, the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, in South Russia, Dec. 1918-Mar.l9l9.

Wing Cdr M. H. Jenks. Memoir of service career including with the Army of the Black Sea in 1919 and describing the evacuation of the South Russia force.

Col. M. Mac Ewan. Miscellaneous documents including letters, orders, photographs, notices, citation, some in Russian, relating to his service with No. 47 Squadron RAF in South Russia. Handlist available.

Lt H. Mercer. Observer's flying log-book covering service with No. 47 Squadron RAF in South Russia, July-Oct. 1919.

A. S. Page. Miscellaneous documents relating to service in Macedonia and South Russia in 1919.

E. Randolph. Memoir including a description of his liberation as a Prisoner of War by the Red Army and subsequent interrogation in Odessa, 1945.

W. G. Roberts. Memoirs including account of service as able seaman in the battleship HMS Marlborough in South Russia, 1919, which helped with the evacuation of the Dowager Empress and the Grand Duke Nicholas; Typescript of article "Experiences in South Russia and Turkey".

Lt H. W. Sedgwick. Photocopy of diary covering his services as an RAOC officer attached to the British Military Mission in South Russia, Sept. 1918- July 1919.

Crd R. K. Silcock, RN. Midshipman's journal including references to the Allied evacuation of South Russia.

Capt. C. S. B. Swinley, RN. Papers relating to his service in the light cruiser HMS Ceres, used for evacuation of the British Military Mission to the White Russian forces from Odessa in Feb. 1920.

Lt-Col. H. S. Thuiller. Account of his service with the Royal Artillery in South Russia, 19.19-20.

Brig. H. N. H. Williamson. Diary, letters, reports and notes as artillery adviser with the British Military Mission to South Russia, 1919-20; report on the Lienz affair when former White Russians were returned to the Red Army, 1945.

Maj.-Gen. G. N. Wood. Account of his service as a subaltern on attachment to the British Military Mission to the Russian forces fighting under Denikin, 1919-20.

Capt. H. W. Wyld, RN. Volume of letters covering his command of HMS Nereide in the Black Sea supporting the White Russian forces, 1918-19.

Joint War Committee notes on the British Red Cross Society and Order of St John in Corfu, Serbia, Montenegro, Salonika, South Russia and Romania during the First World War (Misc. 476).

Sound recording of Air Vice-Marshal Bilney concerning his experiences in South Russia, 1919 (000002/08/01-04).

Sound recording of interview with Miss F. Farnborough, governess to Russian families in Kiev and Moscow, 1908-17 (000312/17/01-O9).


197 Blackfriars Road
London SE1 8NG

W. Forster, Guide to the India Office Records, 1600-1858 (1919; reprinted 1961,1966); J. C. Lancaster, A Guide to Lists and Catalogues of the India Office Records (1966); J. Lancaster, "The India Office Records" Archives IX, No. 43 (April 1970).

Departmental Papers: Political and Secret Subject Files, 1901-31 (L/P & S/10). Class of records includes papers relating to the movements of White and Red troops in the Civil War and to the Allied intervention in South Russia.

Political and Secret Department Library (L/p & S/20). Class of records includes reports on the British Military Mission to South Russia, 1919 (/A. 123(4)).

Keyes Collection (MSS. Eur.F.131). Papers, letters and photographs of Brig.-Gen. Sir Terence Humphrey Keyes relating to his service in South Russia, 1917-20.


144-152 Walworth Road
London SE17 1JT

Advisory Committee on International Questions (LP/IAC). Correspondence, appeals, memoranda, pamphlets, statements and resolutions concerning the USSR including on the famine, the Allied intervention and the Ukraine, 1918-22. Card index available.

William Gillies Correspondence (LP/WG). Papers on Poland include correspondence concerning the Ukrainian minority in Poland, 1930-3 (/Pol/17-20); correspondence relating to the Ukraine 1932-5 (UKR/1-11). Handlist available.

Russian Files (LP/ID/RUS). Reports from the Kuban', the Don, the Ukraine, the Crimea, Siberia and north-west Russia during the Russian Civil War, on Denikin's system of government and treatment of the Jews and statements by Russian Social Democrats ( / RCW/1-29). Handlist available.

Ukraine, 1954-6. One file of material relating to the Ukraine.

Labour and Socialist Internationals (LSI). Papers relating to Ukrainian Social Democratic Parties and the Allied intervention. Handlist available.


Lambeth Palace Road
London SE1 7JU

H. J. Todd, A Catalogue of the Archiepiscopal Manuscripts in the Library at Lambeth Palace (1812) E. G. W. Bill, A Catalogue of Manuscripts in Lambeth Palace Library MSS 1222-1860. 1907-2340. 2341-3119. 3 vols (1972-83).

Davidson Papers. Correspondence of Randall Thomas Davidson, Archbishop of Canterbury 1903-28, concerning Jews in Kiev accused of ritual murder, 1912 (176 ff.199-235) and assistance for Ukrainian members of the Russian Orthodox Church, 1924-8 (204 ff.366-404; 217 ff.162-80).

Tait Papers. Papers of Archibald Campbell Tait, Bishop of London 1856-68 and then Archbishop of Canterbury 1868-82, include papers concerning chaplaincies in Moscow, 1865-8, and Odessa, 1864-7 (418 ff).

William Temple Papers. Papers of William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury 1942-4, include memorandum from the Russian Orthodox Church on Nazi subversion in the Ukraine, 1942 (38 ff.263-9).


King's College London
London WC1B 5DS

Consolidated List of Accessions (1981); J. Perceval ed., A Guide to Archives and Manuscripts in the University of London, vol.1 (1984), pp. 64-85.

Air Chief Marshal Sir William Elliot papers. Photographs from South Russia, 1919 (8/4/За).

Capt. George Harold Lever papers. Diary of service with the British Military Mission in South Russia, 1919-20(IV/1) and box of photographs, postcards and lantern slides (IV/2).

The Liddell Hart Collection. Papers of Sir Basil Liddell Hart include memorandum concerning the Khar'kov trial, 25 Dec. 1943 (11/1943/81).

Lt-Col. Frederick Hamilton Lister papers. "Russian Journal" covering his service in South Russia, 1919-20.

FM Erich von Manstein papers. Papers concerning his trial for war crimes, 1949, include synopsis of the retreat of the German army from southern Russia (9). Non-British readers must seek the approval of the Judge Advocate before being allowed access to the papers.

Maj.-Gen. Sir Frederick Cuthbert Poole papers. Box of papers concerning the British Military Mission to Denikin's army.

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Burlington House
London W1V OLQ

Catalogue, of the Manuscripts of the Library of the Linnean Society of London 4 vols (1934-40). See also G. D. R.Bridson et. al., Natural History Manuscript Resources in the British Isles (1980).

Paper by James Smirnove (I. Smirnov) "On the Locusts (species Gryllus migratorius of Linnaeus) which devastated the Crimea and the southern provinces of Russia in 1824", read 2 May 1826.


Mariner House
Pepys Street
London EC3N 4DA

Correspondence concerning Odessa municipal loan, July-Oct. 1909 (30/225). Estimates and correspondence concerning proposed loans for the Moscow-Reval railway and the Donetsk railway, 1909-10 (30/229).


Manuscripts Section
London SE10 9NF

R. B. Knight, Guide to the Manuscripts in the National Maritime Museum, 1 vols (1977, 1980).

Albyn Line Ltd papers (ALB). Carried South Wales or Tyne coal to the Continent and returned with grain from Odessa. Papers include: directors' and shareholders' minute books, cash books, ledgers, 1901-66; ships' voyage books, 1953-66; chief officers' logbooks, 1960-66; two out-letter books, 1966.

Vice-Adm. Thomas Abel Brimage Spratt papers (SPR). Report concerning the Bug and the approach to Nikolaev during the Crimean War (/2/5).

Log of the barque Arundel on a voyage from Liverpool to Odessa and back, 1836-7 (/36). Album of photographs concerning the evacuation of Odessa, Feb. 1920 (in the Historic Photographs Section).


20 Princes Gate
London SVV7 1PT

W. Milewski, A. Sucheitz, A. Gorczycki comp., Guide to the Archives of the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum (1985).

Ministry of Internal Affairs, 1940-9 (A.9). Papers on national, minorities in Poland.

Józef Lipski papers (KOL.2). Treatises on the USSR, communism and Ukrainian issues, 1941-9.

Li-Col. Józef Moszezenski papers (KOL.125). Papers concerning his studies in Kiev.

Stanislaw Paprocki papers (KOL.30). Papers concerning the Ukraine and Polish-Ukrainian affairs, 1943-50.


283-246 King Street
London W6 ORF

Typescript paper on heavy industry in the Ukraine and its importance in the economy of the USSR by M. Bida, Polish (351/Rps).

Papers of Jan Wilczynski concerning the activities of the Polish community in Kiev, 1917-18, Polish (403/Rps).


Chancery Lane
London WC2A 1LR and Ruskin Avenue
Kew, Richmond
Surrey TW9 4DU.

Guide to the Contents of the Public Record Office, 3 vols (1963-9).

Public Record Office (PRO). The class Gifts and Deposits (PRO 30) includes an account of the origin and costumes of the Cossacks, 1656 (/25/111).

Cabinet Office Papers (CAB). There are papers relating to the Ukraine in this series of papers. See the Public Record Office Handbooks no. 4 List of Cabinet Papers, 1880-1914, no. 6 List of Papers of the Committee of Imperial Defence to 1914, no. 9 List of Cabinet Papers, 1915 and 1916, no. 11 The Records of the Cabinet Office to 1922, no. 17 The Cabinet Office to 1945.

Foreign Office: General Correspondence, 1782-1906. There are material on the Ukraine in the main class of records relating to Russia: FO 65: Russia (1, 739 vols). There will also be material in the correspondence of other countries such as Austria, Poland and Turkey. See also entries relating to Russia listed in the series: Public Record Office Lists and Indexes no LІІ, List of Foreign Office Records to 1878; Public Record Office Supplementary Lists and Indexes no. ХІІІ, List of Foreign Office Records, arranged in volumes as follows: General Correspondence, 1879-1905, Japan-Saxony (vol.3); Various Classes (vol. 5.1879-1913, vol. 12.1914-38, vol. 26,1939-46); General Correspondence (vol. 9, 1914-38, vol. 25, 1939-46); General Correspondence, Political (vol. 10, 1914-29. vol. 11, 1930-8. vols 18-22, 1939-45. vol. 24, 1946, vol. 28. 1947).

Foreign Office: General Correspondence, 1906-. There will be material relating to the Ukraine in the following clases: Commercial (FO 368), Consular (FO 369), Political (FO 371), Treaty (FO 372). Prisoners, from 1915 (FO 383), News, from 1916 (FO 395). See indexes licted above.

Confidential Print. The class FO 418 deals specifically with Russia and the USSR, 1821- 1956. See index Confidential Print: Numerical Series, 1829-1915 (vol. 23).

Embassy and Consular Archives. The records of Odessa legations can be found in classes F0 257-8.359.

War Office (WO). The following classes of records include material on the Allied intervention in Russia: WO 33, WO 95, WO 153, WO 154, WO 158, WO 161. See also the Public Record Office Information Leaflet no. 40, Operational Records of the British Army in the Great War, 1914-19.

Sir Halford John Mackinder paers (FO 800/251). Papers concerning the British military mission to South Russia, 1919-20.


Aviation Records Department
London NW9 5LL

Photograph album of the RAF in South Russia, 1919 (B896).


41 Queen's Gate
London SW7 5HU

MS of a paper by Jacob Hübner on the Lepidoptera of the Ukraine, c. 1787-8.


Senate House
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU

Typescript "A Handbook of Ukrainian" by George Luckyj and Jaroslav Rudnyckyj, n.d.

Robert William Seton-Watson papers. One box of memoranda, correspondence and reports chiefly on the Carpatho-Ruthenians and Ukrainians in Poland, 1919-39 (box 39). Handlist available.


Friends House
Euston Road
London NW1 2BJ

Richard Reynolds Ball MSS (Temp MSS 486). Friends War Relief Committee report of visit of investigation to East Galicia and the West Ukraine, n.d., visit of Cuthbert Clayton to East Galicia and West Ukraine, Jan. 1920 (/8).

Catherine L. Braithwaite Collection (Temp MSS 10A, 11-16,57). Letters to William Allen from Odessa, 1825 (Temp MSS 11/9).

There will probably also be material relating to the Ukraine among the famine relief papers in the following classes of records: Council for International Service (1919-27); Emergency and War Victims Relief Committee (1914-24); Russia Famine Fund Committee (1910).


Times Newspapers Ltd
1 Pennington Street
London E1

C. E. Balmforth papers. Correspondent in Odessa, 1895-1902. Letters from Odessa.

James David Bourchier papers. Balkans Correspondent. Letters from Odessa, 1917-18.

Dr Constantine Brown (Braun) papers. Correspondent in Russia. Letter from Bourchier in Odessa concerning Brown, 1917.

V. de Korostovitz papers. Worked at the Berlin Office of The Times. Paper by de Korostovitz concerning Ukrainian refugees.


Congress House
Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3LS

History, Ukraine (DK 508). Typescript petition from the Political Committee of the Bukovina, 1924; reports from prisoners of Perm' concentration camp, 1975. Papers are closed for thirty years.


Freemasons' Hall
Great Queen Street
London WC2B 5AZ

Grand Lodge of the Ukraine. Two blank, engraved certificates, c. 1917-20.


USPG House
15 Tufton Street
London SW1P 3QQ

Continental Chaplaincies Committee. Volumes of minutes and MS correspondence, 1862 to early twentieth century, with foreign chaplaincies including chaplaincies at Memel and Odessa. Each volume is indexed.


Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT

The Library, Manuscripts Room

D. K. Coveney, Descriptive Catalogue of Manuscripts in the Library of University College London (1935); Manuscript Collections in the Library, a Handlist (1978); J. Perceval ed., A Guide to Archives and Manuscripts in the University of London (1984) pp. 100-38.

Frederick Huth and Huth Company papers (L. A. B. A.). London merchant bankers. Four boxes of files, 1914-32, relating to British banks in Russia and Russian banks in Moskow and St Petersburg and firms in Moscow, St Petersburg, Odessa and Narva. Handlist available.

Mocatta Library

Selig Brodetsky papers (AJ/3). Letter from H. Kobold of Kiev to Brodetsky, 29 Apr. 1910 (/16b) to organize relief work after the pogroms including photographs of the Kiev pogrom (Portfolio A), reports, newspaper cuttings, correspondence, tracts, petitions, eye-wit-ness accounts etc relating to pogroms in Briansk, Kiev, Sedlets, Bogopol', Rostov, Viaz'ma and elsewhere and concerning the Jewish question and Jewish way of life (Portfolios В & C).


The Library
183 Euston Road
London NW1 2BP

S. A. J. Moorat, Catalogue of Western Manuscripts on Medicine and Science in the Wellcome Historical Medical Library, 3 vols (1962, 1973).

Robert Barnes papers (MS 5188). Diploma of honorary membership of the University of Khar'kov, 30 Jan. 1867.

Hilarion Grigorovich papers (MS 2633). "Philosophia Christiano-Aristotelica Roxolanae juventutis proposita... In Collegio Tychorsciano Charkowiensi... 1729..." An unnamed student's notes of lectures on philosophy given by Grigorovich at a Jesuit college in Khar'kov, 1729-30.

Stepan Kalinowski papers (MS 3100). "Naturalis scientia videlicet Physica una cum scientia Metaphysica. Tradita est a Reverendo... Patre et Ordinario Philosophiae Professore Stephano Kalinowski. In Collegio Mohyleano Kyowiensi, finita... 1731". An unnamed student's notes of lectures given by Kalinowski at Kiev, 1731.

Diploma from the Imperial University of St Vladimir, Kiev, for Joseph, 1st Baron Lister, 2 Oct. 1884.


Archbishops' House
Ambrosden Avenue
London SWIP 1QJ

Papers are closed for thirty years.

Anglo-Ukrainian Committee, 1949-50 (G. 1/43 f). Pamphlets, press cuttings and MS material.

Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain, 1948-64 (G. 4/22). Pamphlets, press cut- tings and MS material.

Ukraine, 1922 (Bo. 5/56b). Printed pamphlet "The Case for the Independence of Eastern Galicia", 1922, and letters concerning the same, mostly French.

Ukraine, 1946-55 (G. 2/30) Pamphlets, press cuttings and MS material.

Ukrainian Exarchate, 1957-63 (G. 2/131). Pamphlets, press cuttings and MS material.

Ukrainian Students, 1945-47 (G 3/10). Pamphlets, press cuttings and MS material.


County Hall
Kent ME14 1XQ

F. Hull, Guide to the Kent Archives Office (1958) and Supplements (1971, 1981).

Chapman MSS (U619). Letters from E. F. Chapman concerning his mission to Odessa, 1804 (C6).


Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9PP

Guardian Archives. Documents concerning Poland especially relating to alleged persecution of Ukrainians, 1930-32 (223/37/1-70). Handlist available.


Central Library
St Peter's Square
Manchester M2 5PD

Passport in Ukrainian, 28 Oct. 1898, for Hyman Ordman, born 1880 (MISC/857/1).


Delapre Abbey
Northampton NN4 9AW

Alderman Walter Lewis papers (ZB.49). Letters from R. T. Paget to Lewis concerning Father Galvin's need to find a centre for Ukrainians to meet at, Nov. 1925, and reply (/19).


Manuscript Department
University Park
Nottingham NG7 2RD

Lavrin Papers. Papers of Janko Lavrin include typescripts of some of his published work on Gogol'.


Department of Western Manuscripts
Broad Street
Oxford 0Х1 3BG

W. H. Black comp., A Descriptive, Analytical and Critical Catalogue of the Manuscripts Bequeathed unto the University of Oxford by Elias Ashmole (1845); Catalogi Codicum Manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Bodleianae, 5 parts (1853-98); A Summary Catalogue of the Western Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford, 7 vols (1895-1953).

"Kaminiec Podolski. Plan de la ville de Kaminiec dressé sur Ie lieu par Cyprien Tommaszevicz", 1672 (Sutherland 144 (196)).

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Slavonic and Modern Greek Department
47 Wellington Square
Oxford 0Х1 2JF

Catalogue of Autograph Material Acquired by the Library During the Years 1950-1970.

Morfill Collection (Morf.). Papers of W. R. Morfill include MS of four lines of verse, presumed a translation of a Ukrainian poem (PG 3972.V6. Ed. 1).


Library and Archives
HM Naval Base
Hampshire P01 3LR

Correspondence of Vice-Adm. D. Dundas concerning the Russians firing on a Flag of Truce, the blockade of the Sea of Azov and the bombardment of Odessa, 1855 (RNM 170/82; 1021/81).

Journal of Midshipman A. M. Pilling while serving in HMS Benbow and HMS Montrose in the Black Sea, 1919-20 (RNM JD33 1283/83).


Caversham Park
Berkshire RG4 8TZ

Government papers are closed for thirty years; staff papers are closed for seventy years; other papers are open until 1962.

Foreign General (E2). Reports and correspondence concerning Ukrainian broadcasts, 1949-54 (/560).

There will probably also be material on the Ukraine in material on broadcasting in the USSR, monitoring reports, the BBC Russian service, transmissions to the USSR in the classes of records Countries (Е1), Audience Research (E3) and Transcriptions (E17).


PO Box 229
University of Reading
Berkshire RG6 2AG

John Fowler & Co (Leeds) Ltd papers. Papers, late nineteenth and twentieth century, of agricultural steam engineers whose Russian business was conducted through an agency in Kiev.

Nadler & Nadler Ltd papers. Agricultural engineers of Wantage. Correspondence with agents in Odessa, late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies Ltd papers. Agricultural engineers of Ipswich. Russian agency book, 1861-86, covers agencies in Khar'kov and elsewhere; volume of financial statements for the Odessa branch, 1892-1919.


Kew, Richmond
Surrey TW9 ЗАВ

North European Letters, 1845-1900 H-M (vol 136). Letter from F. Kamienski (Kamenskii) in Odessa 1889 (f. 950).

North European Letters, 1901-1914 (vol 138) Letter from F. Kamenskii in Odessa (f.254).

Banks Correspondence. Letter to Sir Joseph Banks from Anton Pantaleon Hove from Odessa, 15 Aug. 1796 (vol. 2 p. 147). See W. R. Lawson ed., The Banks Letters (1958).


North Street
St Andrews
Fife KY16 9TR

Alice Fripp papers (MS DK 508.6F8). Diary and letters written in the Ukraine, 1886-7.


Central Library
Surrey Street
Sheffield S1 1XZ

Records of Henry Fisher and Co (M. D).Steel and file manufacturers of Sheffield. Letter-books, 1904-9, comprising letters and memoranda sent to Hugo Grunert, Fisher's agent in Odessa (6675-6).

Yorkshire Engine Company Records (Y. E. C.). Records relating to locomotives and tenders supplied to Russian railways including the Lemberg and Czemowitz Railway, c. 1869.


Obridge Road
Taunton TA2 7PU

Medlycott MSS (DD/MDL). Journal by Mervyn Bradford Medlycott of service in the Black Sea in the Crimean War including action of Odessa and Alma.


Priory Park
Cape Road
Warwick CV34 4JS

Feilding of Newnham Paddox MSS (Denbigh MSS) (CR 2017). Copy of petition to the city governor of Kiev from Miss O. Golenbetskaia with request for renewal of attestation of her maiden status so that she could marry, 7 Oct., 1842, Russian (/N2).


Barnett Hill
Surrey GU5 ORF

MSS concerning the work of the Society in South Russia and Romania, 1916.

Other Publications on Related Material in British Archives

V. Burtsev, "Russian Documents in the British Museum", Slavonic Review, vol. 4, no. 12 (March 1926), pp. 669-85.

Ralph Cleminson, "The Union Catalogue of Cyrillic Manuscript Codices in the British Isles (The Pennington Catalogue)" in Janet M. Hartley, The Study of Russian History from British Archival Sources (London, 1986), pp. 1-4.

Ralph Cleminson comp, A Union Catalogue of Cyrillic Manuscripts in British and Irish Collections general editors Veronica Du Feu and W. F. Ryan (London, 1988).

N. E. Evans, "Principal Sources in the Public Record Office for the History of Russia and of Anglo-Russian Relations", Solanus, no. 16 (July 1981), pp. 1-14.

Richard Davies, "The Leeds Russian Archive" in Janet M. Hartley, The Study of Russian History from British Archival Sources (London, 1986), pp. 21-5.

Janet M. Hartley, "Discovering Russia in British Archives", Britain-USSR, no. 78 (December, 1987), pp. 5-6.

Janet M. Hartley, "Eighteenth-Century Russia in British Archives", Newsletter of the Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia (1985), pp. 8-10.

Janet M. Hartley, "My znaem drug druga davno", Mezhdunarodnaia zhizn' (1988) no. 11, pp. 105-116.

Janet M. Hartley ed., The Study of Russian History from British Archival Sources (London, 1986).

Janet M. Hartley, "Survey of Documents and Manuscripts in the United Kingdom Relating to Russia and the Soviet Union: A Progress Report", Solanus, vol. 20 (1985,) PP. 1-9.

L. Loewenson, "Russian Documents in the British Museum", Slavonic (and East European) Review, vol. 14, no. 42 (April 1936), pp. 661-9.

G. M. Phipps, "Manuscript Collections in British Archives Relating to Pre-Petrine Russia", Canadian-American Slavic Studies, vol. 6, no. 3 (Fall 1972), pp. 400-15.

G. Walker ed., Resources for Soviet, East European and Slavonic Studies in British Libraries (Birmingham, 1981).

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