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Genealogical Research

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Genealogical Research are an important part of the States Archives' activity. Each year more than 1,000 inquiries are received from those whose ancestors lived in Ukraine and want our assistance in searching their family history.

The State Archives of Ukraine, particularly the Central Historical Archives in Kyiv and Lviv, have unique genealogical sources including the Metrical Books (vital record registrations) of different religions (Russian Orthodox, Catholic, Uniats, Evangelical, Jewish) from the 18th-20th centuries, Census Documents, Military Records, lists of house owners (from 19th to early 20th century) etc. The State Archives conduct genealogical research on individual basis.

For the purpose of serving you in conducting genealogical research the Ukrainian Center for Genealogical Research was organized. The Center associated with the State Archives would assist you in searching your roots in Ukraine and coordinate all research work within the Ukrainian Archives. Please visit the Center's website for more detailed information or contact the Center directly:

The State Archives conduct genealogical research on a fee basis. The research fee depends on the time and complexity of research and is determined by the price list. In general, the average fee for an uncomplicated research does not exceed $500. Payment of fees are by bank (wire) transfer to the State Archives' account directly or via the Ukrainian Center for Genealogical Research.

Someone who wants to obtain genealogical information by mail, should consult the Contact list of Ukrainian Archives.

The inquirer should write to the appropriate regional archive or to the Ukrainian Center for Genealogical Research and provide the following information:

The precise data on historical region of Ukraine (Galizien, Bucovina, Transcarpathian, Volhynia, Podillia and so on) where the inquirer's ancestors lived is very important for a successful search.

Each inquirer should be prepared to sign an individual research agreement with the State Archive.

While preparing to visit Ukrainian archives personally one should consult the available guides (in English), for example:

Jewish Genealogy

A town-by-town inventory of archival documents is available in a searchable database (at no cost to inquirer) on the Routes to Roots, Inc. website at This website includes extensive information about our archival documents as well as several chapters written by Ukrainian archivists, maps and map resources for Ukraine and other valuable information.

The website consists of two parts: (1) a 500-page book and (2) a searchable database of archive inventories for towns in Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova and Lithuania. After you locate documents for the town that interests you, you can then click on "archive name" which will take you to a page where you can find the archive addresses and other contact information.

See the Site Map on the Home Page which will give you a detailed outline of the website. The Home Page also includes information about what versions of browsers work best with this website. Also, there are instructions about Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing PDF files on the website. If you have questions, please see the FAQ section (the button is last on the Menu). The database may be searched in three ways: by current spelling, by "soundex" system and by "begins with" - all explained on the "Archive Database".

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