Fond 252:
Odessa Office for Foreign Settlers in Southern Russia
(1806, 1807, 1814-1834, 1843, 1850)


Prepared by Lilia Belousova

Odessa - 2000

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection
North Dakota State University Libraries,
Fargo, North Dakota

Fond 252:

Odessa Office for Foreign Settlers in Southern Russia

(1806, 1807, 1814-1834, 1843, 1850)


State Archives of Odessa Region
Zukovskogo, 18
Odessa, 65026, Ukraine
Tel: 011-380-482-250-910
Fax: 011-380-482-228-025
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Photographs on cover: Historical documents at the Odessa State Archives. Photographs by Michael M. Miller.

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This publication contains an indexed guide to about 1050 files in three inventories contained within the: Collection (Fond) 252 - "South Russian Foreign Settler's Odessa Office, 1806-1850" located in the State Archives of Odessa Region (SOAR), Odessa, Ukraine. Information about each file includes: title of each file both in Russian and English, inclusive dates, description of the file's content, related geographical area or village and the language used in the file. This guide also contains separate geographical and name indexes relating to these fond files. The user should be aware that this material remains as translated from the Russian or German. The spelling of various names and places could vary somewhat from what the readers might expect.

In 1996, the Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies, Fresno Pacific University, Fresno, California entered into a contract and provided funding to Lilia Belousova at the Odessa State Archives for the initial preparation of this guide. Because this collection contained so few Mennonite documents, the Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies never seriously considered publishing it.

In May 2000, Lilia Belousova discussed with Michael M. Miller, Bibliographer, Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, North Dakota, USA, the possibility of publishing this Collection. Dr. Paul Toews, Professor of History and Director of the Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies graciously gave an official release of their rights to this translated inventory of Collection 252. We are very grateful to both the Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies and to Lilia Belousova, Head of the Department of Information, Publication and External Relations at the State Archives of the Odessa Region (SOAR) for the funding, approval and work towards making this guide available to interested researchers.

It is felt that this indexed guide to the FOND 252: ODESSA OFFICE for FOREIGN SETTLERS in SOUTHERN RUSSIA will be of value to researchers and readers alike. Not only will it help interested persons locate files of interest to them but the detailed descriptions of the each of the file's contents will give the reader a better sense of the lives and events that concerned the German settlers in South Russia.

Mary Lynn Axtman, Editor
Germans from Russia Heritage Collection
North Dakota State University Libraries
Fargo, North Dakota, USA


Address: Zhukovskogo Street, 18, Odessa, 65026, Ukraine

Tel: 011-380-482-250-910 or 228-025 or 251-219

Fax: 011-380-482-228-025

E-mail: or

Director: Vladimir Malchenko, Tel/fax: 011-380-482-228-025


The State Archives of the Odessa Region was founded in 1920 as the Odessa Historical Archives. Its main functions were the concentration of archival documents regarding the territory of Odessa and the Odessa Guberniya (Province), to control subordinate departmental archives, responsibility for the safety of valuable materials, researching and publication of documents. Many famous scientists, public leaders and officials took part in the creation of state archival system in the Odessa Region, such as: Professor of History, M. E. Slabchenko, Professor of Russian Literature, J. G. Oksman, Professor of Economics, S. J. Borovoy, an archivist, A. A. Ryabinin-Sklyarevskij and others.

SAOR was started with 22 fonds and collections taken from various organizations, agencies, and churches that stopped their activities after the revolution. Since 1920, the main offices systematically farmed out their valuable records to SAOR for future safe keeping under the protection of the State. By 1940, about forty four thousand fonds were concentrated in SAOR.

With the beginning of the World War II and German-Romanian occupation of Odessa in 1941, major portions of the records were evacuated to Stalingrad, later to the town of Uralsk in West-Kazakhstan Region. More than one million files (50 %) were lost during the war. In April 1944, SAOR renewed its work in Odessa. Before 1958, it was subordinated to the Ministry of Home Office, then to the Main Archival Board of Ukraine, and since 1999, to the State Committee of the Archives of Ukraine. In 1992, SAOR included records of the former Archives of Odessa Regional Committee of the Communist Party of USSR (fonds).

Presently, the State Archives of Odessa Region is one of the largest archives in the South of Ukraine. It has been keeping about eleven thousand fonds and collections that include about two million files. They are always of great interest for researchers.

Documents cover the period since the end of the eighteenth century until the present. These reflect the history of Odessa, the Odessa Region and Southern Ukraine. Main fonds from the pre-revolutionary period are: Administrations of Novorossia and Bessarabia Govener-General, Odessa City Chief, Odessa City Council, Odessa Police Office, Commercial Court, Kherson Orthodox Consistoria, Odessa City Rabbi, St. Paul Evangelic-Lutheran Church, Banks, Odessa Port Offices, Customs, Novorossijsky University, colleges and schools, Building organizations, Cultural societies and others. Similar records are present for periods since 1920. Also found are 145 family collections regarding: scientists, public men, artists, musicians, and other famous people.

STRUCTURE AND STAFF: 4 departments and laboratory, 85 persons

1. Department of Information, Publication and External Relations

Functions and services: fulfillment of requests from organizations and private persons, genealogical research (Germans, Men-nonites, Jews, Greeks, Swiss, French, etc.), acceptance of orders for copying of documents (photocopy, negative microfilm), compiling of guides, reference books and reviews on archival fonds and documents, research projects, preparation of radio and TV programs, articles in newspapers and magazines, publication of documents, scientific work with students (archival practice), organization of researcher's work in the Search Room (consulting on subjects of research, archival fonds), exhibits of records and excursions, lectures, meetings and International projects.

Tel: 011-380-482-250-910,
Head of Department: Lilia Belousova

2. Department of Keeping and Registration of Records

Functions: Keeping of records, registration of fonds. Responsibility for depository. Providing the archivists and researchers in the Search Room with files. Compiling of guides, reference books and reviews on archival fonds and documents, research projects.

Tel: 011-380-482-251-219
Head of Department: Veronika Alekseeva

3. Catalogue

Function: Classification of records and collections. Compiling of inventories. Additions to catalogues (personal, subject and geographical ones). Compiling of guides, reference books and reviews on archival fonds and documents, research projects. Consulting with researchers.

Head of Department: Valentina Onoprienko

4. Department of Document Integration

Functions: Control of under departmental archives, cooperation with district archives. Finding the sources of document integration. Expert evaluation of records before their reception for state keeping. Providing for the reception of fonds. Assistance to organizations regarding records management. Lectures and courses on records management.

Tel: 011-380-482-225-305
Head of Department: Tamara Ratushnaya

Laboratory: Restoration of documents. Copying of records (negative microfilm), other technical work.

Tel: 011-380-482-251-219
Head: Nataliya Filipenkova


Many readers of this publication might be interested in contacting the Odessa Archives about records that may be of interest to them. The readers should be aware of the following difficulties with trying to deal individually with the Archives in Russia:

Language: This will require the knowledge of and/or a translator of the Russian language.

Money: Transfers of money between North America and Russia can be complicated and might entail large service charges.

Postal Mail Delivery: Postal Mail delivery to and from Russia can be very unreliable.

Customs: Copies of historical records can be regarded by Russian Customs Agents as historic Russian or Ukrainian documents with possible customs charges.

Security: Payment for records orders and delivery of such records to North America is most secure through a trusted person who travels to Russia to make the proper payment and personally curriers the records copies back.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that persons interested in any records listed in this publication should contact:

The Archive Records Acquisition Committee
Germans from Russia Heritage Society
1008 East Central Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58501 USA
Telephone: 701-223-6167


Quantity of files and inclusive dates of records:

The Odessa Office was established in 1800 as governmental organ for management under foreign colonies for Odessa area (Odessa settlements). Till 1818 it was called "The Office of Foreign settlers of Odessa area" (Канцелярия Одесского водворения иностранных поселенцев). Since 1818 it had the present name.

The Odessa Office was responsible for arrangement of foreign colonists of Odessa area, their economical and juridical problems. It was subordinate to the South Russian Foreign Settlements' Guardian Committee (Попечительный комитет об иностранных поселенцах Южного края России). Since 1800 till 1871 the Guardian Committee was in charge of all foreign colonies in Novorossia and Bessarabia (the Ekaterynoslav and Bessarabian Offices were subordinate to the Committee too).

Odessa area included 4 German districts - Liebenthal, Beresan, Kutchurgan and Gluecksthal ones, separate German colony Hoffnungsthal and Ternovka, Buyalik, Parkani districts where mainly the Bulgarians and Greeks were settled, and the Montegrin colony of Zetin.

The Odessa Office was abolished in 1833. Its records were kept in the Guardian Committee till its abolition in 1871, then in the archives of the Governor - General Administration, since 1921 in the Odessa Region State Archives.

The documents of the fond 252 reflect the process of settlement and migration of foreigners in the South Russia, mainly in Odessa area, arrangement of colonies, economical and private connections with colonists of Ekaterynoslav, Bessarabia and Georgia areas including mennonites (see files concerning Mennonites* 159, 256a, 320, 367, 445, 471, 524, 539, 882, 884 (inv.1); 3, 5, 13 (inv.2). Typical kinds of documents of the Fond 252 are: correspondence of the Odessa Office with Guardian Committee and district supervisors concerning issueing of passports to colonists to go abroad or another places for earnings, information about marriages, transferring households, results of elections of elders in colonies, debtors, welfares in colonies (increase and decrease of population). There are also nominal registers, family lists of colonists, lists of newcomers-emigrants, files on getting inheritances from abroad, resolutions of colonists' meetings on various subjects, general information about development of colonies.

Some information about officials and colonies of Odessa area:

The key colonial officials

Inzov Ivan Alexandrovich - the Chief Administrator of the Guardian Committee;
Kontenius Samuel Christophorovich - the Chief Judge of the Guardian Committee;
Lanov - the senior member of the Guardian Committee;
Dizdarev - the assistant of the Chief Judge of the Guardian Committee;
Bettinger - the superintendent for Novorossian Evangelical Parishes;
von Lau Karl Karlovich, Lashkariov A.S. - Managers of the Odessa Office

Supervisors of colonial districts (Odessa area):

Liebenthal district - Karl von Leven


Kutchurgan district - Wesmann Kiershner

Beresan district - Wesmann

Gluecksthal district - Kiershner

Ternovka district - Shopov

Parkani district - Paruli

Buyalik distict - Anfimov Plotnikov




In Odessa uyezd:
  1. Alexanderhilf
  2. Franzfeld
  3. Freudenthal
  4. Gross-Liebenthal - centre
  5. Josephsthal
  6. Klein-Liebenthal
  7. Lustdorf
  8. Marienthal
  9. Neuburg
  10. Petersthal


In Odessa uyezd:
  1. Friedrichsthal
  2. Johannesthal
  3. Julienfeld
  4. Karlsruhe
  5. Katerinenthal
  6. Landau -centre
  7. Munchen (in Olviopol' uyezd)
  8. Raschtadt (in Olviopol' uyezd)
  9. Rohrbach
  10. Speyer
  11. Stuttgart
  12. Waterloo
  13. Worms
  14. Sulz


In Odessa uyezd:
  1. Baden
  2. Elsass
  3. Kandel
  4. Mannheim - centre
  5. Srtassburg
  6. Selz


In Tiraspol uyezd:
  1. Bergdorf
  2. Glucksthal - centre
  3. Kassel
  4. Neudorf


In Odessa uyezd:
  1. Buyalik Bolshoy (Bulg., Greek) - center
  2. Buyalik Maly (Bulg., Greek)
  3. Kubanka (Bulg.)
  4. Zetin (Serbian)


In Tiraspol uyezd:
  1. Katarzhino (Bulg.)
  2. Parkani (Bulg.) - center

SEPARATE COLONIES in Kherson Gubernia

In Kherson uyezd:

Ternovka (Bulg.)
Hoffnungsthal (Germ.)

4 Sweden colonies -


8 Jewish colonies -

Bobrovy Kut
Nagartav Bolschoy
Nagartav Maly
Inguletz Kamenka

In Elisavetgrad uyezd:

Danzig (Alt) (Germ.)
Danzig (Neu) (Germ.)
Israilevka (Jewish)

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