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Major Ukrainian Collections
in the National Archives of Canada

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© Momryk, Myron, 2002

Complied by Myron Momryk, National Archives of Canada

ANDRUSYSHEN, Constantine H. (1907-1983)

Accession number: MG 31 H 41
Originals, 1945-1965. 1.6 m.

Constantine H. Andrusyshen, born in Winnipeg, founded the Department of Slavic Studies at the University of Saskatchewan in 1945. He published the Ukrainian-English Dictionary in 1955 and the Complete Poetical Works of Taras Shevchenko and Ukrianian Poets with Watson Kirkconnell in 1963, and edited and translated The Stone Cross by Wasyl Stefanyk in 1972.

Correspondence, 1945-1965, 12.5 cm; manuscripts of publications, 1950-1972, 117.5 cm; galley proofs, 1955, 30 cm.

ANTONOVYCH, Kateryna (1887-1975)

Accession number: MG 31 H 50
Originals, 1945-1974. 3.75 m.

Born in Ukraine, Kateryna Antonovych studied in St. Petersburg, Kyiv and Prague and was active in many Ukrainian cultural, social and political organizations in Europe and in Canada. She contributed to many Ukrainian periodicals and newspapers and was well known as an artist and art teacher in Winnipeg, where she resided in the 1950's and 1960's.

Correspondence, including recollections about persons and events in Prague, 1910-1940; documents relating to art school and exhibitions, sketch books, scrapbook and clippings, manuscripts, publications and serials.

AVRAMENKO, Vasile (1895-1981)

Accession number: MG 31 D 87
Originals, 1925-1978, 15 m.

Vasile Avramenko began his career in 1920 as a choreographer and dance teacher in Ukraine. He immigrated to Canada in 1926 and began to teach Ukrainian dance in Canada and later in the United States. He also produced a number of Ukrainian films and toured in the United States, Argentina, Brazil and Australia. Mr. Avramenko presented most of his records to the National Archives in 1977.

Correspondence with Ukrainian community leaders in Canada and the United States, 1925-1978; correspondence and financial records concerning concerts, 1920's-1950's; artistic records, promotional materials, notes and manuscripts, legal and financial records and newspaper clippings.

Motion films are held by Visual and Sound Archives Division.

BIBEROVICH, Ladislaus (1897-1971)

Accession number: MG 30 D 158
Originals, 1915-1968, 1.72 m.

Ladislaw Biberovich, born in Ukraine, was active in the Ukrainian Canadian community and edited several Ukrainian Canadian newspapers. He was also a public servant in Toronto.

Correspondence, memoirs, articles, essays, press clippings, periodicals and publications relating to the political interests of L. Biberovich and others in Ukraine and in Canada.

BODRUG, John (Ivan) (1874-1952)

Accession number: MG 30 D 214
Originals, 1910-1982, 24 cm.

Born in Galicia, John Bodrug immigrated to Canada with his parents in 1897. In 1904 he assisted informing the Independent Greek Church and in 1913 joined the Presbyterian Church. He was active in organizing public schools for Ukrainians in Western Canada.

Reminiscences, papers, newspaper clippings and printed material relating to the career of John Bodrug.

BOSSY, Walter J. (Volodymyr) (1899-1979)

Accession number: MG 30 C 72
Originals, 1920-1973, 4m; finding aid no. 335.

Volodymyr Bossy was born in Lemkivschyna, then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He served in Austro-Hungarian and Ukrainian armed forces from 1914 to 1920. He worked and attended university until 1924 when he immigrated with his wife and two sons to Canada. After working at various occupations including labourer and teacher, he became editor of the newspaper Ukrainian Canadian in 1926 and then worked with the Department of Colonization and Immigration of the Canadian National Railways until 1929. During this period, he also organized the "Sitch" association. In 1931 he moved to Montreal and from 1933 to 1949 and 1959 to 1961 he held various positions in the Montreal Catholic School Commission as liaison official with ethnocultural groups. Bossy served in the Canadian Army from 1939 to 19541. In 1952 he became a joint editor of the newspaper Ukrainskyi Robitnyk but later left this position. In 1963 he organized the Institute of the Canadian Ethnic Mosaic Confederation. He also made a submission to the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism.

Personal papers, 1920-1972, 30 cm; correspondence, 1924-1971, 30 cm; employment and community activities, 1924-173, 1.5 m; notes and memoranda, 1938-1965, 10 cm; financial records, 1925-1971, 30 cm; newspaper clippings and scrapbooks, n.d., 30 cm; publications, n.d.,d 10 cm; cards and miscellaneous items,n.d., 10 cm.

(Soiuz Ukrainskoi Molodi Kanady)

Accession number: MG 28 V 15
Originals, 1929-1969, 5.87 m; finding aid no. 271.

The Canadian Ukrainian Youth Association (SUMK) was established to promote cultural, educational and social activities as well as Canadian citizenship among its members. The first branches were organized in Western Canada in 1930 and functioned as affiliates of the Ukrainian Self-Reliance League of Canada (SUS). In 1933 a national executive was created, and in 1935 the first branches were organized in Eastern Canada. SUMK is the official youth organization of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada.

Administration, 1934-1969, 68 cm; correspondence, 1929-1969; 2.84 m; conventions, conferences, jamborees, 1933-1959, 76 cm; special projects, 1934-1968, 6 cm; scrapbooks and clippings, 1935-1956, 10 cm; publications, 1933-1969, 81 cm; photographs, 1931-1965, 10 cm; SUMK, records of the eastern executive, 1942-1969, 33 cm; SUS, records of the national executive, 1947-1957, 4 cm; Mohyla Institute records, 1929-1968, 4 cm.

CRATH, Paul (1882-1952)

Accession number: MG 30 C 147
Originals, 1946-1951, 10 cm.

Born in Poltava, Ukraine, Paul Crath (Krat) came to Canada in 1907, attended St. Andrew=s Theological College in Saskatoon and was ordained a minister of the Presbyterian Church in 1917. In 1923, Crath returned to Western Ukraine as a missionary and was responsible in part for establishing the Ukrainian Evangelical Reformed Church in Halychyna in 1925. He returned to Canada in 1938. For many years he worked on his book Ukrainian Antiquity, but ill health prevented its competition. Crath died on December 25, 1952.

Correspondence, biography, research notes for his book Ukrainian Antiquity and notes on Ukrainian grammar and literature.

DONTSOV, Dmytro (1883-1973)

Accession number: MG 31 D 130
Originals, 1900-1976. 4 m.

Dmytro Dontsov was born in 1883 in Melitopil, Ukraine, and studied at universities in St. Petersburg and Lviv. He was active in Ukrainian political and revolutionary organizations promoting the cause of an autonomous and later independent Ukraine. He was a founding member of the Union for the Liberation of Ukraine in 194 and later head of the official news agency of the Ukrainian Hetmanite Government. During the 1920's and 1930's he edited several Ukrainian journals in Lviv and wrote on political themes promoting Ukrainian nationalism. At the end of the Second World War he sought refuge in England and in 1948 immigrated to Canada, where he taught at the Universitй de Montrйal. He retired in 1953 but continued to write articles and books until his death in Montreal in 1973.

Personal documents, autobiography, biographical notes and financial affairs, 1900-1976, 20 cm; notebooks and lecture notes, 1946-1972; n.d., 50 cm; draft articles and manuscripts, 1949-1970, n.d., 40 cm; newspaper clippings, n.d., 30 cm; newspapers, 1952-1973, n.d. 50 cm; correspondence, 1946-1972, n.d., 70 cm; periodicals and bulletins, 1947-1972, 80 cm; publications, 1920-1971, 60 cm.

FESENKO, Rev. Michael (b. 1900)

Accession number: MG 30 D 226
Originals, 1912-1976, 95 cm.

Rev. Michael Fesenko was pastor of a Ukrainian congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Toronto from 1929 to 1976.

Personal and miscellaneous papers, 1920-11962, 12 cm; church records, 1912-1935, 1942-1966, 17 cm; printed material, 1941-1976, 66 cm; other material.

FODCHUK, Dmytro (1892-1984)

Accession number: MG 30 C 86
Originals, 1872-1974, 54 cm; finding aid no. 968.

An emigrant from Ukraine, Dmytro Fodchuck lived in Western Canada for many years before moving to Toronto. He collected various material relating to the Ukrainian community in Canada and abroad.

Correspondence and postcards, 1928-1973, 3 cm; greeting cards, 1949-1973, 1.5 cm; reports and lists, 1943-1973, 1.5 cm; announcements and programmes of events, 1930-1974, 7 cm; clippings, 1941-1974, 9 cm; printed material, 1872-1974, 32 cm.

FROLICK, Stanley William (1920-1988)

Accession number: MG 31 H 32
Originals, 1889-1972, 23.5 cm; photocopies, 1971, 2 cm.

Stanley W. Frolick was born at Hillcrest, Alberta, of Ukrainian immigrant parents and was educated at the University of Toronto and Osgoode Hall. After the Second World War he served with the Allied Control Commission for Germany and he helped found the Central Ukrainian Relief Bureau to assist Ukrainian refugees. Frolick also helped found the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (1946) and the Canadian League for the Liberation of Ukraine (1948). He was national president of the Ukrainian National Youth Federation (1943) and of the Ukrainian Professional and Business Federation (1972-1973). He was also an active member of the Ukrainian Canadian Committee of Toronto.

Miscellaneous, 1889-1920, 0.5 cm; memoirs, n.d., 0.5 cm; correspondence and clippings relating to publication of The Stone Cross, 1969-1972, 2.5 cm; Ukrainian Canadian Committee, 1971, 2 cm; D. Dontsov-P. Shteppa correspondence, 1945-1972, 10 cm.

JEREMIJEW, Mychailo (1889-1975)

Accession number: MG 30 E 287
Originals, n.d., 7.5 m.

Born in Ukraine, Mychailo Jeremijew was a journalist, politician, community leader, secretary of the Central Rada, 1917-1918, and diplomat. He edited a number of Ukrainian newspapers and published the French-language bulletin Ofinor in Switzerland from 1928 to 1944. He lived in Switzerland until his death in 1975.

Correspondence, legal documents, bulletins, periodicals, newspapers and other published material.

KAYE, (KYSILEWSKY), Vladimir Julian (1896-1976)

Accession number: MG 31 D 69
Originals, 1896-1976. 13.48 m; finding aid no. 1409.

Born in Kolomyia, now part of Western Ukraine, Vladimir Kysilewsky served in Austro-Hungarian and Ukrainian armed forces from 1914 to 1920 and then attended the University of Vienna. In 1925 he immigrated to Canada where he worked as a journalist and editor of various Ukrainian newspapers. From 1931 to 1940 he was head of the Ukrainian Press Bureau in London, England. During this period he also attended the University of London. He then returned to Canada and worked as liaison officer with ethnocultural groups and press in the Nationalities Branch, Department of National War Services, in Ottawa. From 1945 to 1962 he was employed in the Citizenship Branch, Department of the Secretary of State. From 1948 to 1960 Dr. Kaye (Kysilewsky) also taught in the Slavic Department, University of Ottawa. He was active in many academic associations and was the author of several studies on Ukrainians in Canada.

Personal and family papers, 1903-1976, 1.8 m; Ukrainian Press Bureau, 1931-1940, 20 cm; Citizenship Branch, Department of the Secretary of State, 19401-960, 70 cm; academic and research activities, 1940-1976, 5.5 m; printed material, 1896-1976, 5.53 m.

KIRIAK, Illia (Elias) (1888-1955)

Accession number: MG 30 D 235
Originals, 1888-1961; 68 cm; also available on microfilm reel C-13617; finding aid no. 638.

Illia Kiriak was born in Ukraine and immigrated to Canada in 1907. He pursued various occupations, including work in the printing shop off Nova Hromada, which published his first short story. He was able to complete his education and taught school until 1936. He was active in Ukrainian organizations and contributed to Ukrainian Voice. He later wrote Syny Zemli (Sons of the Soil) published in three volumes, confirming his stature as a major Ukrainian Canadian writer.

Biographical data, 1888-1953, 0.5 cm; correspondence, 1914-1955, 14.5 cm; manuscripts, articles, speeches and reviews, n.d., 1924-1959, 49 cm; estate and miscellaneous documents, n.d., 1941, 1951-1961, 4 cm.

KIRKCONNELL, Watson (1895-1977)

Accession number: MG 30 D 216
Originals, 1961-1963, 40 cm.

A university professor and administrator, Watson Kirkconnell was a recognized expert in Slavic languages and literature on ethnocultural groups in Canada.

Three drafts of The Poetical Works of Taras Shevchenko, translated from Ukrainian by W. Kirkconnell in collaboration with C.H. Andrusyshen of the University of Saskatchewan.

KLYMASZ, Robert Bohdan (b. 1936)

Accession number: MG 55/31 no. 41
Originals, 1941-1979, 22.5 cm.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Robert Klymasz was educated in Canada and the United States. He has researched and published in the field of folklore studies and ethnography, including Ukrainian folklore. He taught at various universities in Canada and the United States.

Correspondence, diaries, personal documents, newspaper clippings, research notes, photographs and printed matter.

KOLASKY, John (1915-1997)

Accession number: MG 31 K 11
Originals, 1915-1974, 12 cm.

Born in Cobalt, Ontario, John Kolasky was a high school teacher in Manitoba and Ontario. He was also a member of the Communist Party of Canada and the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians. He was expelled from both organizations in 1968 when he published his book Education In Soviet Ukraine. He also published several other books, including The Shattered Illusion. He died in 1997 in Ukraine.

Pamphlets and other documents relating to the Communist movement in Canada, Trotskyism, Ukrainian Labour and Farmer Temple Association, Association of United Ukrainian Canadians and the Workers Benevolent Association of Canada.

KOSSAR, Volodymyr (Wladimir) (1890-1970)

Accession number: MG 30 D 277
Originals, 1914-1968, 5.02 m.

An officer of the Ukrainian National Army and a veteran of the War of Independence (1918-1921), Volodymyr Kossar immigrated to Canada and became active in the Ukrainian National Federation of Canada, Inc. (UNF). He became president of the UNF and a founding member of the Ukrainian Canadian Committee.

Correspondence, memoranda, biographical notes, press clippings, reports, statistics, photographs, periodicals, publications and related material.

KOVALEVITCH (Kovalevich), John Robert (1896-1978)

Accession number: MG 30 D 218
Originals, 1910-1976, 5 m.

John Kovalevitch was born in Ukraine and immigrated to Canada in 1914. In Toronto he became an active member of the Ukrainian Evangelical Movement and in 1929 he was ordained a minister. He served as pastor in various Ukrainian communities in Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. From 1947 to 1958 he was editor of Kanadaiskyi Ranok. He also contributed numerous articles to other Ukrainian newspapers. He was a member of the executives of the Ukrainian Evangelical Reform Movement in North America and the Ukrainian Canadian Committee.

Correspondence, manuscripts, notes and sermons, articles, announcements and programs of events, newspaper clippings, publications and Ukrainian evangelical periodicals.

KOZIAK, Brother Methodius (1904-1981)

Accession number: MG 31 H 89
Originals, n.d., 1929, 1936-1980, 78 cm.

Born in Leeshore, Alberta, Brother Methodius Koziak was a member of the Order of Christian Brothers from 1923 till his death. He held various teaching and administrative positions in Catholic schools, contributed to educational and religious periodicals and was active in Ukrainian and Roman Catholic organizations in Canada.

Correspondence, minutes of meetings, draft articles, newspaper clippings, commemorative books, brochures, teaching aids, and other published material relating to the teaching career of Brother Methodius Koziak.

KUCHARYSZYN, Mykola (1898-1976)

Accession number: MG 30 C 211
Originals, 1934-1976, 35 cm.

Medical doctor and community leader.

Records relating to the activities of the United Hetman Organizations of Canada; includes private correspondence.

KYSILEWSKA, Olena (1869-1956)

Accession number: MG 31 H 42
Originals, 1885-1976, 7 m.

Born in Halychyna, Olena Kysilewska was a community leader, editor, author, feminist and politician. She was elected and served as senator in the Polish Senate in 1928-1935. After the Second World War, she immigrated to Canada. Olena Kysilewska was first head of the World Federation of Ukrainian Women=s Organizations (SVUZHO).

Personal and family papers, memoirs and diaries, general correspondence, records of SVUZHO and other organizations, speeches and writings, miscellaneous notes and publications.

LI-RA-MA (Russian Consular Records)

Accession number: MG 30 E 406
Microfilm, 1898-1922, 84 reels

Papers of Sergei Likhachev, Konstantin Ragozin and Harry Mathers, who were members of the Imperial Russian Consular Corps in Canada at the beginning of the century, and who continued to offer consular services after the 1917 revolution, at the request of the Canadian government.

Nominal files on over 10,000 immigrants, including many Ukrainians, who came to Canada from the Russian Empire; correspondence, official documents, reports, questionnaires, photographs and other material accumulated in the course of their activities as Russian consuls in Canada.

LUCZKIW, John (1923-1974)

Accession number: MG 31 D 145
Originals, 1945-1974, 3.6 m.

Born in Ukraine, John Luczkiw immigrated to Germany and then to Canada, where he pursued a career as a mechanical and nuclear engineer. He was a bibliographer and specialist in Ukrainian publications and periodicals.

Publications, periodicals, programmes of Ukrainian cultural activities in North America; newsletters, brochures and other material relating to the cultural and educational activities and interests of John Luczkiw.

MANDRYKA, Mykyta (1886-1979)

Accession number: MG 30 D 238
Originals, 1920-1970, 6.19 m.

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Mykyta Mandryka studied in Kyiv and Sofia, Bulgaria, and immigrated to Canada in 1928. He lived in Winnipeg and was active in many Ukrainian cultural, political and educational organizations. Author of several books on Ukrainian literature, he was also known as a poet.

Correspondence, memoirs, manuscripts, poetry, records of Ukrainian Canadian Relief Fund and other Ukrainian organizations in Winnipeg, photographs, publications and periodicals.

MINENKO, Rev. Timofiy (b. 1929)

Accession number: MG 31 H 44
Originals, 1958-1974, 27.1 cm; photocopies, 1942-1974, 20.4 cm.

A clergyman in the Ukrainian Autocephalic Orthodox Church in Exile and later of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, the Rev. Minenko has served parishes in Toronto and Grimsby, Ontario, and in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Correspondence, 1956-1974, 6 cm; papers relating to the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada, 1963-1974, 6 cm; World Congress of Free Ukrainians, 1970-1974, 6 cm; miscellaneous papers, 1949-1974, 4 cm; St. Demetrius= Parish (Toronto) 1961-1967, 4 cm; St. George=s Parish (Grimsby), 1943-1974, 10 cm; Bishops= correspondence, 1942-1961, 5 cm; Ukrainian Autocephalic Orthodox Church in Exile, 1952-1972, 6.5 cm.

PANCHUK, Gordon Richard Bohdan (1915-1987)

Accession number: MG 31 D 118
Originals, 1946-1970, n.d., 5.8 m; microfilm, n.d., 1947-1948, reel H-991.

Born in Meacham, Saskatchewan, G.R.B. Panchuk joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1940 and served in Europe. He founded the Ukrainian Canadian Servicemen=s Association in 1942 in England. As Director of the Ukrainian Canadian Relief Bureau, he assisted Ukrainian displaced persons, refugees and prisoners of war in Western Europe. He returned to Canada in 1952 and continued his career as an educator in Montreal. He was active in numerous Ukrainian Canadian national organizations, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, veteran=s and educator=s associations. He also contributed to the Ukrainian press.

Records of the activities of the Ukrainian Canadian Relief Bureau in Europe, private correspondence, radio scripts for Radio Free Europe broadcasts in Russian and Ukrainian.

PEREPELUK, Wasyl (William) John, (1900-1977)

Accession number: MG 30 C 101
Originals, n.d., 1912-1977, 63 cm; finding aid no. 13.

Born near Sifton, Manitoba, Wasyl Perepeluk farmed in the area until 1935. Then he opened grocery stores in Rocketon, Flin Flon, Thompson and Lynn Lake. Throughout his life he was active in the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada, the Ukrainian Self-Reliance League of Canada (SUS) and the larger Ukrainian community.

Miscellaneous, biographical and family records, n.d., 1912-1977, 6 cm; community interests and activities, n.d., 1925-1977, 5 cm; Ukrainian Canadian community, n.d., 1927-1977, 11 cm; Ukrainian organizations, n.d., 1932-1937, 7 cm; SUS, n.d., 1931-1977, 10 cm; Ukrainian Orthodox churches, n.d., 1952-1977; 1.5 cm; Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church of Canada, n.d., 1928-1977, 12.5 cm; serials and books, 1943-1976, 10 cm.

PETRUSHEVICH, Ivan (1875-1950)

Accession number: MG 30 C 151
Microfilm, n.d., 1910-1914, 5 reels, M-5227 to M-5231; finding aid no. 1062.

Ivan Petrushevich arrived in Canada in 1913 to organize Ukrainian cooperatives. In Winnipeg he edited the Ukrainian newspaper Kanadyiskyi Rusyn (Canadian Ruthenian). In 1914-1915 he was Commissioner to the Ruthenians for the Canadian government. He organized the Ukrainian community to obtain the release of war internees and to prevent the abolition of Ukrainian bilingual schools in Manitoba. In 1919 Petrushevich was a member of the delegation to the Paris Peace Conference to provide diplomatic aid to the Ukrainian National Republic and in 1920-1923 he was Secretary of the London Mission of the Western Ukrainian National Republic. Microfilm copy of originals held by the Hoover Institute for the Study of War, Peace and Revolution, Stanford, California.

Correspondence, diplomatic notes, reports, newspaper clippings, documentation on the cooperative movement, brochures, booklets and other printed matter.

PHILLIPS, Tracy (1890-1959)

Accession number: MG 30 E 350
Originals, 1939-1967, 42 cm; finding aid no. 1125.

Tracy Phillips served for many years as an advisor to the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs because of his extensive travels and his knowledge of various languages. In 1940 he came to Canada and served as an advisor on European affairs to the RCMP, the Department of External Affairs and the Department of National War Services.

Documents and correspondence between Dr. V.J. Kaye and Tracy Phillips, reports on ethnocultural groups, the Committee on Co-operation in Canadian Citizenship, Department of National War Services.


Accession number: MG 28 V 107
Original, 1948-1977, 17 m.

Plast in Canada was founded in the years immediately after the Second World War by recent Ukrainian immigrants. The organization is modelled on the Boy Scout and Girl Guide movement.

Correspondence, minutes of meetings, reports, financial statements, speeches, periodicals and other publications relating to the Plast movement in Canada.

PRESUNKA, Peter (d. 1972)

Accession number: MG 31 H 83
Originals, 1949-19972, 3.2 m.

An engineer and public servant, Peter Presunka was also a publicist and promoter of multiculturalism who published a small magazine with the title My Canada.

Correspondence, manuscripts, personal documents, newspaper clippings, plans and other documents.

ROUSSOW, Dr. Georges and Natalie

Accession number: MG 31 D 128
Originals, n.d., 1929-1967, 2.8 m; published material, 1871-1967, 80 cm.

George Roussow was born in 1898 in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and attended school in France, St. Petersburg and Kyiv. He graduated from the University of Vienna in 1923. He taught in Czechoslovakia until 1930 and worked at the National Zootechnical Institute in Romania. He was deported to Germany in 1941 and after the Second World War emigrated to the United States. In 1947 he worked at the Universitй de Montrйal and in 1951 was employed in the Department of Game and Fisheries of the Province of Quebec. He also taught Ukrainian literature and language in the Department of Slavic Studies, Universitй de Montrйal. He died near Montreal in 1961.

Natalie Roussow was born in Kyiv and was educated in Kyiv, Prague and Paris. She worked as a decorator, fashion designer and commercial artist in France, Germany and Romania. She immigrated with her husband to Montreal where she attended the Universitй de Montrйal until 1953. She has written many articles, plays and movie scripts and lived in Rawdon, Quebec.

Biographical notes, personal and family papers, 1944-1961, 20 cm; correspondence, 1929-1962, 20 cm; academic and community organizations and activities, notes, newsletters, bulletins, 1951-1960, n.d., 20 cm; Universitй de Montrйal, 1949-1960, n.d., 50 cm; translations, n.d., 10 cm; literary notes, articles and manuscripts, 1950-1960, n.d., 90 cm; scientific notes, articles and related documentation, 1950-1960, nd., 60 cm; miscellaneous notes, articles and correspondence, n.d., 10 cm; newspapers and newspaper clippings, 1871-1959, n.d., 20 cm; published material, 1938-1967, 40 cm.

RUDNYCKYJ, Jaroslav B. (1910-1995)

Accession number: MG 31 D 58
Originals, 1885-1974, 18.9 m.

J.B. Rudnyckyj, born in Galicia, received his Ph.D. from the University of Lwow (Lviv) in 1937. From 1940 to 1945 the taught at the Ukrainian Free University and Charles University, Prague, and from 1945 to 1948 at the University of Heidelberg. In 1949 he organized and became head of the Department of Slavic Studies, University of Manitoba, where he taught until his retirement in 1976. He has also taught at various universities in many countries and has been active in numerous learned societies and institutions, particularly in Slavic studies and onomastics. He was a member of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism from 1964 to 1969 and submitted a ASeparate Statement@ on multiculturalism in Canada.

Personal, biographical and family papers, 1917-1974, 90 cm; Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism, 1963-1974, 90 cm; academic material, 1915-1974, 5.1 m; community organizations, 1947-1974, 2 m; general correspondence, 1936-1974, 3 m; printed material, 1918-1970, 70 cm; cards, 1 file cabinet: The Etymological Dictionary of the Ukrainian Language, material also in Visual and Sound Archives Division.

SALSKY, George (1915-1996)

Accession number: MG 31 D 119
Originals, 1918-1980, 20 cm; published material and photographs, 60 cm.

George Salsky was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1915. Commissioned in the Polish Air Force in 1936, he escaped to England in 1939-1940 and served as a pilot instructor. Discharged in 1948, he was active in organizing the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain. He immigrated to Canada in 1951 and worked with CBC International Service. In 1952 he joined the Department of National Defence and served there until his retirement. He was active in Ukrainian community organizations and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Ottawa.

Family papers, personal documents and certificates, correspondence, Ukrainian community activities in Great Britain, military photographs, newspaper articles and clippings, papers, reports and published material.

SELESHKO, Mykhailo (1901-1981)

Accession number: MG 31 H 27
Originals, 1951-1974, 19.5 cm.

A veteran of the Ukrainian National Army, he worked as a journalist and was an active member of Ukrainian nationalist organizations in the 1930's and 1940's. After the Second World War he immigrated to Canada and continued his active role in the Ukrainian community.

Autobiography and memoirs of Matthew Kvasniowskyj; 1959-1960, 1 cm; statistics on Ukrainian Canadians, 1961, 5 cm; publications, 1965-1974, 2.5 cm; community announcements, 1973, 3 pages; miscellaneous, 1951-1974, 11 cm.

SHAYAN, Wolhodymyr (Volodymyr) (1908-1978)

Accession number: MG 31 H 100
Originals, n.d., 1945-1974, 3.2 m.

Born in Ukraine, Wolhodymyr Shayan studied philosophy and later became a professor at the University of Lwow (Lviv). He wrote numerous articles on religious, philosophic and mystical subjects. After the Second World War he emigrated to England where he continued his teaching career.

Correspondence, manuscripts, research notes, financial records, serials and other documents.

SHTEPPA, Paul (1897-1980)

Accession number: MG 31 H 117
Originals, 1927-1937, 1944-1979, 20 cm.

Paul Shteppa was an engineer, author and community leader.

Correspondence with various Ukrainian organizations and individuals concerning community and political matters in Canada and abroad.

STARR, Hon. Michael (b. 1911)

Accession number: MG 32 B 15
Transcript, 1973, 18 pages.

Born in Copper Cliff, Ontario, Michael Starr was elected mayor of Oshawa in 1949. He was elected to Parliament in 1952 and was Minister of Labour in the Diefenbaker Government from 1957 to 1963. In 1973 he was appointed Chairman, Workmen=s Compensation Board of Ontario, and in 1982 he was appointed to the Liquor Licence Board of Ontario.

Transcript of an interview with the Hon. M. Starr regarding his political career and relations with the Ukrainian community.

STECHISHIN, Julian (1895-1971)

Accession number: MG 30 D 307
Originals, nd.., 1895-1971, 15.5 m.

Born in Hleshchavy, Ukraine, Julian Stechishin came to Canada in 1910. A lawyer by profession, he was active in numerous Ukrainian political, religious and community organizations at the local and national levels. He was rector of the P.Mohyla Institute in Saskatoon for many years, one of the founders of the Soiuz Ukrainstsiv Samostiinykiv and a member of the Consistory of the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox, Church in Canada. He is the author of Ukrainian Grammar (1951), A History of Ukrainian Settlement in Canada (1975) and many other publications and articles.

Correspondence, organizational records, draft manuscripts and articles, newspapers and clippings, journals and other publications, maps, photographs, recordings, tapes, miscellaneous notes and other material.

TARNOPOLSKY, Walter Surma (1932-1993)

Accession number: MG 31 E 55
Originals, n.d. 5.7 m.

Born in Gronlid, Saskatchewan, Walter Tarnopolsky was a lawyer, educator and university official. He was active in various Canadian and Ukrainian human rights organizations and contributed to numerous periodicals on legal and civil liberties issues. He was appointed to the bench in 1983.

Correspondence, notes, subject files, legal decisions and committee proceedings relating to Walter Tarnopolsky=s career as a professor of law at Windsor, York and Ottawa Universities and his activities in the area of civil liberties; material relating to his university education and the Ukrainian Canadian community.


Accession number: MG 28 V 9
Originals, 1940-1974, 13.74 m; portions also available on microfilm, 1940-1971, 5 reels, M-2778, M-2781, M-3204; finding aid no. 781.

The Ukrainian Canadian Committee (UCC) was established in 1940 as an umbrella organization to coordinate the activities of Ukrainian organizations in promoting the Canadian war effort during the Second World War. Towards the end of the war the UCC became involved in assisting Ukrainian refugees and displaced persons. The aims of the UCC are to coordinate efforts of its member organizations, to further the interests of the Ukrainian Canadian community at large and to preserve and disseminate Ukrainian Canadian culture. The UCC acts as the main spokesman for the Ukrainian Canadian community.

Minutes of meetings and sub-committees, 1940-1974, 4.55 m; Ukrainian Canadian Committee Headquarters, 1940-1961, 1.32 m; Ukrainian Canadian Relief Fund/Ukrainian Canadian Social Welfare Service, 1945-1971, 1.46 m; Ukrainian Canadian Servicemen=s Association, 1943-1945, 21 cm; Central Ukrainian Relief Bureau, 1945-1961, 1.20 m; records of the Montreal Branch, UCC, 3.2 m; and the Ottawa Branch, UCC, 1.8 m.


Accession number: MG 28 V 35
Originals, 1955-1980, 1.06 m; photocopies, 1972, 1 cm.

The Federation of Ukrainian Professional and Business Men=s Clubs of Canada was founded in 1962. The name was later changed to the Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Federation. The aims of the UCPBF are to unite professional and business people of Ukrainian ancestry regardless of political or religious affiliations, to provide initiative and leadership in the Ukrainian community and to encourage interest in the professions and business.

Records of the Ukrainian Professional and Business Men=s Club of Ottawa, 1955-1980, 1.01 m; national executive, 1970-1972, 5 cm; photocopies, 1 cm.


Accession number: MG 28 V 103
Originals, 1955-1976. 7.83 m.

The Ukrainian Canadian Students Union (SUSK) was formed in 1953 from several university and college students clubs and organizations. SUSK is a member of the national Ukrainian Canadian Committee and continues to represent the view OF Ukrainian university students at the national level. The newspaper STUDENT is published by SUSK members and contributors.

Correspondence, minutes or meetings, financial statements of the SUSK national executive, including material from some local student clubs and organizations, material relating to various conferences, briefs and other submissions to government, scrapbooks and newspaper clippings, periodicals and publications.


Accession number: MG 28 V 119
Originals, n.d., 1942, 1974, 10 m.

Accession number: The Ukrainian Canadian Veteran=s Association (UCVA) was founded in Winnipeg in 1945 by veterans of the Canadian armed forces. The UCVA printed its own bulletin and later the journal Opinion. The organization supported various community activities, including the publication of studies on Ukrainian pioneers in Canada. The UCVA has branches in various cities across Canada.

Correspondence files, circular letters and publications, reports, newsletters, registers, minutes of meetings, newspaper clippings and other material relating to the activities of Ukrainian members of the Canadian armed forces and the UCVA.


Accession number: MG 28 V 129 (Windsor Branch)
Originals, 1923-1979, 80 cm; finding aid no. 1428.

The Ukrainian Fraternal Society of Canada was founded in 1921 as a fraternal life insurance society to serve the Ukrainian community in Canada. This collection contains the records of the Windsor Branch of the Ukrainian Fraternal Society, including correspondence with their headquarters in Winnipeg and reports of the Society=s national conventions.

Constitution and by-laws, 1930-1947; membership applications and registers, 19223-1955; minutes of meetings, 1934-1978; correspondence, 1937-1976; headquarters circulars, bulletins, and other publications, 1934-1979; financial reports and ledgers, 1929-1967.


Accession number: MG 28 V 123
Microfilm, 1918-1980.

The Ukrainian National Government in Exile (UNGE) was established at the end of 1920 and re-constituted in 1947-1948 in Munich, Germany. The UNGE had representatives in all countries with emigrй Ukrainian communities, including Canada.

Correspondence, reports, minutes of meetings, newsletters, periodicals, financial documents and other material relating to the activities of the Ukrainian National Government in Exile and auxiliary associations in Canada.


Accession number: MG 28 V 8 OF CANADA
Originals, 1923-1973, 8.85 m; finding aid no. 938.

The Ukrainian National Youth Federation of Canada (UNYF), established in 1934, is affiliated with the Ukrainian National Federation of Canada, Inc., and has branches across the country. In 1961 the Ukrainian name was amended from Molod Ukrainski Natsionalisty (Young Ukrainian Nationalists) to Molod Ukrainskoho Natsionalnoho Obiednannia (Ukrainian National Youth Federation)

Records of the national executive, 1923-1972, 7.10 m; eastern provincial executive, 1948-1956, 40 cm; Sudbury Branch, 1936-1973, 80 cm; West Toronto Branch, 1953-1955, 10 cm; Ukrainian National Federation of Canada, Inc., Dominion executive, 1945-1946, 3 cm; Ukrainian National Federation of Canada, Inc., provincial executives, 1940-1942, 5 cm.


Accession number: MG 28 V 117
Originals, nd.., 1925-1979, 1.46 m.

The Ukrainian Prosvita Association was founded in 1932 as a cultural and educational centre for the Ukrainian community in the Windsor, Ontario area. Prosvita initiated numerous cultural and educational programs and activities to maintain and develop Ukrainian culture in Canada.

Correspondence, minutes, reports, financial records, newsletters, membership forms, lists and other documents.

(Montreal Branch)

Accession number: MG 28 V 139
Originals, 1936-19982, 20 cm.

The Ukrainian War Veteran=s League (Montreal Branch) was founded in 1936 by veterans of the Ukrainian National Army. The branch was dissolved in 1983.

Minute books, correspondence, periodicals, photographs, newspaper clippings, a scrap book and other related material.

VYTANOVYCH, Illia (1899-1973)

Accession number: MG 30 C 159
Originals, 1928-1970, 5.04 m.

Born in Ukraine, Illia Vvytanovych was educated in Lviv and worked in the Ukrainian cooperative movement. He was also active in cultural, economic and scientific organizations in Ukraine. He emigrated to Germany and then to the United States, where he worked as a librarian. Throughout his career in Europe and in North America he wrote numerous articles and published several books.

Correspondence, reports on the cooperative movement, biographies, newspaper clippings, periodicials and related published material.

WETYPOROCH, Eugene (1898-1973)

Accession number: MG 31 D 131
Originals, 1945-1973, n.d., 17.85 m.

Born in Galicia in 1898, Eugene Wertyporoch received a scientific education. He immigrated to Canada in 1949 and was active in Ukrainian community and academic organizations. He authored over thirty studies on scientific subjects.

Records relating to Eugene Wertyporoch=s career as a chemist and community leader in Ukraine, Germany and Canada.


Accession number: MG 28 V 109
Originals, 1925-1975, 10.5 cm.

The Workers Benevolent Association was founded in 1922 to provide insurance for members of the Ukrainian Labour and Farmer Temple Association. The WBA obtained a Dominion charter in 1944 and in 1963 joined with the Independent Mutual Benefit Federation. The WBA is an independent insurance association with an open membership.

Reports of the various conventions of the Workers Benevolent Association.

(Svitova Federatsiia Ukrainskykh Zinochykh Orhanizatsii)

Accession number: MG 28 V 96
Originals, 1950-1977, 4.2 m.

Founded in 1948 in Philadelphia, the World Federation of Ukrainian Women=s Organizations (SFUZHO) included ten women=s organizations. This umbrella organization initiated many educational and cultural projects, established contacts with international women=s organizations and presented briefs and petitions regarding political and religious persecution in Ukraine. SFUZHO has published numerous periodicals and other material on Ukrainian women and their activities. The first head of SFUZHO was O. Kysilewska.

Correspondence, financial records, newspaper clippings, periodicals and publications.

WOYCENKO, Olha (1909-1996)

Accession number: MG 30 D 212
Originals, n.d., 1893-1976, 14.8 m.

Born in Winnipeg, Olha Woycenko was on staff at Ukrainskyi Holos and Trident Press Ltd. from 1927 to 1972 and was active in numerous Ukrainian and other community organizations. She was the author of Ukrainians in Canada, Litopys Ukrainskoho Zhyttia v Kanadi and many other articles and publications. This collection also includes the papers of Reverend Wasyl Krudryk (1880-1963), Myroslav Stechishin (1883-1947) and Leonid Biletsky (1882-1955), which were acquired by Olha Woycenko and her husband Peter H. Woycenko (1882-1956).

Manuscripts and correspondence of the Reverend Wasyl Kudryk, 1893-1941, 40 cm; correspondence and articles on Myroslav Stechishin, 1915-1950, 40 cm; correspondence and manuscripts of Leonid Biletsky, 1944-1972, 80 cm; documents including personal, biographical and family papers, correspondence and organizational records of Peter H. Woycenko, 1906-1957, 1.8 m; and correspondence, notes and other papers of Olha Woycenko, 1908-1975, 11.4 m.

ZHUK, Andriy (1880-1968)

Accession number: MG 30 C 167
Originals, n.d., 1900-1968, 23.06 m.

Andriy Zhuk was born in Vovchok, a village in Poltava Province, Ukraine. He became involved in illegal Ukrainian political activities in 1899 when he worked in the District Zemstvo Office. He then worked in Poltava and was drafted into the Russian Army in 1901. He became a member of the Revolutionary Ukrainian Party (RUP), which later became the Ukrainian Social-Democratic Workers Party (USDRP). He was elected the USDRP central committee and contributed to the Party press. He was imprisoned in 1906 and the next year he fled to Austria-Hungary. In Galicia he continued his work in the USDRP. He was a founding member in 1912 of the Ukrainian Information Committee, which in 1914 was transformed into the Soiuz Vyzvolennia Ukrainy (SVU) to work in partnership with the Central Powers in the war against the Russian Empire. Zhuk was active in the SVU in Vienna until 1918, when he became a member of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He then worked with the exile centre of the Western Ukrainian National Republic (ZUNR) as editor and journalist. In 1930 he returned to Lviv to work in the Ukrainian cooperative movement. In 1939 he fled with his family to Vienna, where he lived in retirement until his death in 1968.

Personal, biographical and family papers, 1901-1968, 40 cm; political and national movements and parties in Ukraine, Central and Eastern Europe before 1918, 1900-1968, 30 cm; cooperative movement, 1911-1968, 30 cm; Ukrainian organizations, social and political movement in Lviv, 1906-1929, 10 cm; Soiuz Vyzvolennia Ukrainy, 1911-1968, 1.9 m; post-World War I period, 1919-1966, 50 cm; Ukrainian community in Vienna, 1916-1969, 20 cm; correspondence, 1907-1968, 1.4 m; research notes, documentation, draft articles, manuscripts and other related material, 1903-1968, 80 cm; newspaper clippings, 60 cm; newspapers, 2.16 m; periodicals and publications, 14.4 m.


Canadian Ukrainian Youth Association


Plast-Ukrainian Youth Association

Ukrainian Canadian Committee

Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Federation

Ukrainian Canadian Students Union

Ukrainian Canadian Veteran's Association

Ukrainian Fraternal Society of Canada

Ukrainian National Government in Exile

Ukrainian National Youth Federation

Ukrainian Prosvita Association

Ukrainian War Veteran's League

Workers Benevolent Association of Canada

World Federation of Ukrainian Women's Organizations

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