"Архіви України"
№ 1 (289) / 2014

О. G. Olyinik


One of the most astute and most sensitive writers of the XXth century Grigor Tyutyunnik formulated the nature of talent as ‘There is no mystery of talent, but there is an eternal mystery of love’. And we would fail to find more proper words to characterize the director of the Central State CinePhotoPhono Archives of Ukraine named after H. Pshenychnyi, the talented archivist Nina Oleksandrivna Topishko, to point her main feature of character. For it is her talent and love for life, love for people, love for the profession and the Motherland which lights up and warms everybody in the orbit of her extraordinary personality.

Nina Oleksandrivna Topishko, nee Nina Sergienko, was born in 1954 in Vodotyi village of Korostyshiv district in the beautiful and industrious Zhytomyr land. In her native village she graduated from high school then she worked as a senior pioneer teacher. She entered the historical faculty of the Kyiv State University named after Taras Shevchenko for the archival affairs section. The life became full of lectures, seminars, anxious and tense session, cheerful vacations, archaeological excavations at Olbia, tours and archival practice in Moscow and Leningrad, and, of course, the first love – the classmate Anatoly Topishko, a faithful friend, ally and reliable support for the rest of her life.

Nina Topishko started her career at the Central State CinePhotoPhono Archives of the UkrSSR in 1977 as a junior scientific researcher, and became the director of the archives in 2003.

Being a director is an enormously hard work which requires a lot of energy, knowledge, tenacity, dedication and real sacrifice every day. For being a director means to be not only a manager, a high level specialist, a captain deliberately keeping her boat in the sea of life, but also a psychologist, counselor, advocate, support and hope for each team member.

Director of the Central State CinePhotoPhono Archives of Ukraine named after H. Pshenychnyi has much to be proud of: introduction of the state service in the archives, one-third increase of the staff amount and creation of three new departments, increase of staff income, effective work on the digitization of audiovisual documents and e-database fulfillment.

The acquisition of the National Archival Fund of Ukraine by audiovisual documents, their preservation and use of documentary information are a significant contribution of Nina Topishko in the implementation of state policy in the field of archival affairs.

Under her leadership the diversity of ways of popularization of documents from the archival fonds had been conducted. They were: documentary exhibitions, information of concerned institutions and organizations about the structure and content of documents, television and radio programs, cycles of the city public cine lectures, excursions around the archives, trainings and workshops for students, lessons of History to students with usage of documentaries. Nina Topishko paid much attention to the scientific methodological and organizational management of archival documentary information usage. She was an author of methodical recommendations on the usage of audiovisual documents, manuals and instructions regarding the practice of reading rooms operation in the archives and the producing of archival copies of documents according to the customers’ demands.

Nina Topishko was also an author of a range of compilations and documents selections dedicated to the major events and the jubilees of outstanding figures in Ukrainian history published in ‘Archives of Ukraine’, ‘Memorials of Ukraine’, ‘Geneza’, ‘Culture and Life’ magazines, ‘Government Currier’ newspaper etc. as well as a co-author and an author of introductions to the scientific editions ‘War of 1914–1917. From the personal photo album of Gen. Count F. A. Keller’ (Кyiv, 2012), ‘Ukrainian governments in the ХХ century’ (Кyiv, 2001), a chapter ‘Occupation: Imprinted Moments’ in the documentary edition ‘Archives about Occupation. 1941–1944” (Кyiv, 2006). Nina Topishko was among the first people who studied and attributed archival photographs of the collection of the Prague Museum of Ukrainian liberation struggle. The work resulted in the archival description of photo albums, published in the directory "Prague Archives: Consolidated Catalogue of Ukrainian Emigration Archives in the Interwar Period".

Nina Topishko highlighted a history of the CinePhotoPhono Archives in such articles as: "Memoty of past times" (in an almanac "Science and Culture", 2002), "Central State CinePhotoPhono Archives of Ukraine named after H. Pshenychnyi" (in a directory "Archival Institutions of Ukraine", Vol 1, 2005). She was a co-author of the archives booklets as well.

Under her guidance there were published annotated catalogs of cine documents "Film Chronicle. June 1945 – 1955" (Kyiv, 2002), ‘Film Chronicle. 1956-1965’ (Kyiv, 2003)," Ukraine and World War II: Film Chronicle 1939-1945, (Kyiv, 2006) and their e-versions, ‘Film Chronicle. 1896-1975 years’ and ‘Film Chronicle. 1966-1975’ (prepared for publication), ‘Film Chronicle. 1976-1985’, ‘Film Chronicle. 1986-1995’ (forthcoming).

Her colleagues in Ukraine and from abroad highly evaluate her professional competency and enormous practical experience in archival work. Not only once had she been presenting the archives on both Ukrainian and international scientific conferences and workshops: in Poland (2005), Hungary (2006), Latvia (2008), International Conference of the Round Table of Archives (СITRA) in Oslo, Norway (2010), participated in the 13th Annual Conference of Eurasian Regional Branch (EURASICA) of the International Council on Archives in Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan (2012), an opening ceremony of documentary exhibition ‘Kyiv the Capital of Ukraine in Archival Documents and Materials’ held in Ukrainian Cultural and Informational Center at the Embassy of Ukraine in France (Paris, France) (2013). Nina Topishko is a constant member and a speaker during meetings of the directors of archival services and archival institutions of Russia, Bilorus and Ukraine where there are discussed issues of law and organizational management of the Ukrainian audiovisual heritage preservation, popularization of new types of archival sources, creation of security documentation fond and implementation of information technologies in the archival sphere.

Nina Oleksandrivna Topishko is a member of a collegiums, scientific-editorial council, normative-methodical commission of the Ukrderzarkhiv, the Main editorial council of the ‘Archival Collection of Ukraine’.

Fruitful creative work of Nina Oleksandrivna Topishko was appreciated by numerous state awards. They were: the honorary title ‘Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine’; honorary diplomas of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine, Main Agency of Ukraine on Civil Service, State Committee on Archives of Ukraine.

On February 23 Nina Oleksandrivna Topishko celebrated her birth anniversary. We congratulate her with this date and wish a good health, realization of all the boldest ideas and dreams, everlasting love for life, enthusiasm and success, inspiration, happiness, warmth, joy and love for many-many years.

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