Famine-Genocide in Ukraine

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Масові захоронення під Харковом. 1933 рік

Mass graves near Kharkiv. 1933
(Published: FAMINE IN THE SOVIET UKRAINE 1932-1933. A Memorial Exhibition /
Prepared by Oxana Procyk, Leonid Heretz, James E. Mace. -
Cambridge, MA: Widener Library, Harvard University, 1986 - P. 61)

Cover page of
"Kolgospnytsia Ukraiiny"
("Collective Farmer of Ukraine") magazine #12, (1932)

The Context of the Tragedy
From the fonds of the Central State CinePhotoPhono Archives
after H. Pshenychny
(TsDKFFA of Ukraine)

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Ukraine 1932 - 1934.
Poster, 1934
"We, the Bolshevics, will do our best for each collective farmer to have a cow"
J. Stalin
Published: "GULAG - With a Camera along the Camps"

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