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  • “Ukrainian martyrologist of the twentieth century” has been supplemented with new data on 960 repressed persons
    Рosted 30 March 2021 12:00

       Database   «Ukrainian martyrology of XX centuries» continues to fill up, as of today, cards have been added for another 960 victims of political repression in Ukraine.

        The database of the above-mentioned resource was enriched on the basis of information provided by the State Archive of Poltava region.

        As of 30.03.2021 information about 63936 repressed persons is available in the database «Ukrainian martyrology of XX centuries».


       Let us remind, that: Ukrainian martyrology of XX centuries» is an Internet information and research project, which is posted on the official web portal of the State Archive Service of Ukraine and contains brief information about victims of political repression of the 1920-1950’s: a photo portrait or several photos (if available) the victim’s name and a brief description of the occupation, the date of life, the details of the rehabilitation, the references to the archive where the files are kept and other related materials are stored..