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    News of digitization of documents by state archives: March digest
    Рosted 1 April 2021 16:00

    We congratulate the numerous audience of the Web portal of the State Archive Service of Ukraine with the traditional collection of digitized documents of archive institutions available online in March 2021, as following:

    1.  First register. 
    2. Second register. 
    3. Third register.  
    1. a selection of lyrical poems by Ukrainian poets.
    2. documents of Ukrainian historian, archivist, paleographer and archaeologist Ivan Kamanin.
    3. photo of Ukrainian pianist, music teacher and public figure Lyudmyla Parashchenko.
    4. documents of Ukrainian filmmaker and theatrical actor, People’s Artist of the USSR Borys Romanytsky.
    5. documents of Ukrainian composer Alexander Bilash.
    6. documents of the Ukrainian poet, painter and thinker Taras Shevchenko.
    7. documents of Ukrainian historian, translator, journalist, public figure Nadezhda Surovtsova.
    1. New digitized cases of the fund.
    2. Internal description of case documents.
    1. Metric books.
    2. Annotated register.
    3. Account cards.
    1. Case register.
    2. Digitized cases. 
    1. Cases.
    2. Registar. 
    • State Archives of Ternopil region:
    1. Registar.
    2. Imprint.


    To be continued…