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    New issue of the magazine «Archives of Ukraine»
    Рosted 9 April 2021 09:57

    On the website of the scientific-practical journal «Archives of Ukraine» an electronic version of the new edition of the professional publication of Ukrainian archivists was published.

    The first issue of this year’s journal is filled with interesting articles and reports, reviews of sources and publications of valuable archival documents, as well as reviews and information on various measures.

    In particular, the Public Report of the Head of the State Archive Service of Ukraine Anatolii Khromov on the work of the State Archive Service of Ukraine, archive institutions and special institutions of the insurance fund of documentation in 2020 and of the State Archive Service of Ukraine priorities for 2021 are placed in the «Event» section.

    Readers will be attracted by articles about archiving audio-visual heritage in the UK, the image of the Ukrainian Free University through the prism of archival discourse, the experience of Ukrainian archives in the sphere of use and access to documents, containing personal data.

    The item «Source Reviews and Documentaries» will acquaint a large readership with materials about correspondence of employees of the Bernardino Archive in Lviv Helena Polechkovna and Oswald Balzer for 1911-1933. In the same section of the magazine – publications about outposts on the imperial fronteer of Southern Ukraine from the middle to the end of the 18th century, about the imperial constraction of the judicial system for the citizens of Right-Bank Ukraine (1797-1801), as well as projects of the coat of arms of Kiev in the creative heritage of the artist-artist-.schedule of Anton Sereda.

    A number of articles in the new issue of the magazine dedicated to iconic figures. Judge only from the titles of the publications: «Genesis of representations of the image of Lesya Ukrainka in film documents of 1940-1990s», «Ukrainian Stefan Terletsky (1927-2006) is a well-known British politician and public figure (according to documents of the Central State Archives)», «Ivan Mikhailovich Kamanin ( 1850-1921): A life dedicated to the favorite work ».

    The new issue of the magazine complements the premiere of the item «Memories of the archivist». Former Chairman of the State Archives Ruslan Pirig tells about the complex events surrounding the collection of works of outstanding Western European composers, which was stored in the Central State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art of Ukraine, and then returned to Germany.

    Expressing gratitude to all authors of articles that skillfully and deeply uncover archival problems, the editorial board of «Archives of Ukraine» magazine strives to expand the circle of scientists, historians, researchers of local historians. So, dear friends and colleagues, we invite you to cooperate.

    We would like to draw the attention of scientists, employees of archival institutions, doctoral students, postgraduate students, scientific-practical journal «Archives of Ukraine» is included in the list of scientific-professional publications of Ukraine category «B» in two specialities 029 «Social communication» and 032 «Historical sciences ».

    The requirements for articles can be found on the magazine’s website at: http://au.archives.gov.ua/index.php/au/requirements

    We are waiting for original articles that have scientific and practical value!