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    The International Council of Archives terminates relations with the state archival institutions of russia and belarus
    Рosted 11 March 2022 10:12

    On March 10, 2022, the Executive Board of the International Council on Archives voted for the termination of relations with state archival institutions of russia and belarus. The decision comes into force immediately.

    ICA suspends relations with the Federal Archival Agency of the russian federation, the Committee on Archives under the Government of the Udmurt Republic, the State Committee of Archives of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Department of Archives and Records Management of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus.

    It means that all official contacts between those institutions and ICA employees, its organizations (expert groups, departments, branches) and authorities are terminated. 

    International Council on Archives also calls on to the russian government, along with the government of belarus to immediately cease an  “armed aggression, urging them to respect and protect the professional communities and institutions that maintain information, records and archives and that not only care for the memory of Ukraine, but also for documentation and archives that testify to the identification, rights and responsibilities of its people and its legitimate and a democratically elected government”.

    The text of the ICA Executive Board’s “RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF UKRAINE” in English: https://cutt.ly/cAJhGMT