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    “Work of archives in the war conditions”. Head of the State Archival Service of Ukraine Anatolii Khromov gave an interview to the TV-channel “Rada”
    Рosted 25 March 2022 11:53

    On March 25, 2022, during the marathon of unity, which is held by Ukrainian channels on the joint broadcast #UAtotal, the Head of the State Archival Service of Ukraine Anatolii Khromov gave an interview to the TV-channel “Rada”. He informed the wide public about the work of the State Archival Service of Ukraine, archives conditions during the war of russia against Ukraine and international support of the Ukrainian archivists. 

    Anatolii Khromov noted that archives are in a bad conditions. Currently, we have information on the destruction of one of the Chernihiv archives, which was burned down.  There were stored the documents of the State Security Service of Ukraine archival sub-department, which contained the information on the Soviet regime repressions against Ukrainians. Several archival buildings in Kharkiv were damaged, although the documents are safe. We do not have any information about the archives located on the temporarily occupied territories. Hopefully, when the connection is going to be restored, it will be possible to get more details.

    When Ukrainian armed forces regain control over those territories, the revision of archival documents will be done, in particular, their availability and conditions will be checked.

    Anatolii Khromov stressed that “there are always a risk”, because it is an old beloved russian practice to illegally replace or just steal Ukrainian archives. In times of russian empire, Soviet period and also in 2014, when against all rules and norms of International Law, Ukrainian documents stored in the archives of Crimea and Sevastopol were declared to be a part of the russian archival fond.   

    This is a part of the aggressor country propaganda. Thus, the Head of russian archive, demonstrating separate archival documents, certifies the “historical justice” of aggressive russian war against Ukraine and denies Ukraine’s existence. 

    Special attention Anatolii Khromov paid to the support of the international colleagues. From the first days of a full-scale war, State Archival Service of Ukraine received a lot of letters of support and suggestions to provide any help needed. In addition, on March 10, 2022, the Executive Board of the International Council on Archives voted for the termination of relations with state archival institutions of russia and belarus. It means that all international contacts, joint projects and other activities for archival institutions of russia and belarus with ICA institutions and organizations from now on are impossible.