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    All agreements in the archival field with the aggressor-country is cancelled
    Рosted 19 April 2022 13:32

    On February 24, 2022, the following international agreements of Ukraine of an interdepartmental nature became invalid, due to the unprecedented, open full-scale russian aggression against Ukraine, which lead to the risk of losing the documents of National Archival Fond of Ukraine: 

    • Cooperation agreement with Federal archival service of russia of December 24, 1998; 
    • Protocol on joint projects of March 21, 2007; 
    • Plan of joint events for 2014-2016, signed on September 3, 2013, was terminated on January 1, 2017.

    There are no prospects for establishing any cooperation within the framework of the implementation of bilateral agreements of the russian side with archival institutions of Ukraine. State Archival Service of Ukraine informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on April 18, 2022 on annulment of such agreements. 

    Such a decision was made as a result of work conducted by the State Archival Service of Ukraine, on the initiative of  the Head of the State Archival Service of Ukraine Anatolii Khromov by the appeal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine of July, 7, 2021. Appeal was made regarding the illegal displacement of documents from Crimea to russian federation. Ukraine had lost 2 million of files of National Archival Fond’s documents back then. 

    State Archival Service of Ukraine now calls on to foreign partners to support the initiative of Ukrainian archivists and terminate bilateral international interdepartmental agreements with russian archives and archival institutions of the aggressor-country.