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    Anatolii Khromov: “After the victory Ukraine will raise an issue of returning archival documents exported by russia in imperial and Soviet times”
    Рosted 18 May 2022 15:12

    On May 18, 2022, Anatolii Khromov gave an exclusive interview to the correspondent of the “Interfax Ukraine” Ehor Shumikhin. 

    “Archival field, just as the whole country depends on the result of the war. There will be victory, there will be reparations and problematic issues will be resolved.”, said Anatolii Khromov. According to him, after the victory, it will be possible to raise the issue of the return of those illegally exported to russia archival documents, which were originally ours.

    Speaking of evacuation of archival documents to the safe regions, Anatolii Khromov mentioned that every region is currently experiencing  shelling and bombing, also the archival infrastructure is not appropriate and archival storages are full already and evacuation is not always a panacea. The adoption of a new sectoral law, which regulates the creation of a single sectoral vertical of all state archives, would help to solve many organizational issues that arise today, during the evacuation. At the same time, in the first days of war, archivists worked very effectively, so the losses are insignificant.  

    At the final stage is the decision on introduction of sanctions against 15 individuals and 7 legal entities of russia for actual acts or attempts to steal or illegally use archival documents of Crimea and certain districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. 

    Still, the creation of a digital fond can  help to prevent losses. As for now, only 5% of documents is digitized. The plan is to digitize together with Ukrainian and foreign partners the key documents of people’s interest in 7-10 years. Despite the war, we are still signing new agreements on the realization of digitization projects.

    Full text of the interview is available in Ukrainian via the link: https://interfax.com.ua/news/interview/833040.html.