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    News of digitization of documents by state archives: a digest for May 2022
    Рosted 3 June 2022 11:47

    The State Archival Service of Ukraine is welcoming the broad audience of our web portal and informs that despite the full-scale russian aggression against Ukraine, Ukrainian archivist are continuing to work and digitize the National Archival Fond’s documents to preserve them and provide an access to them for the users of archival information. 

    Here is the traditional compilation of digitized documents in May, 2022. 

    • Central State Archives of Supreme Bodies of Power and Government of Ukraine at the end of May published to the E-resource of archive 61161 scan-copies of documents pages from 429 archival files – fond 505 and other documents: https://cutt.ly/MJvSStk 
    • The Central State Archives of Public Organizations of Ukraine added new documents to the online-project “Administrative decisions of the highest political leadership of Ukraine 1919-1991”. 13 files of the total volume of 2320 pages were added and also other documents: https://cutt.ly/SJvSKHF
    • Central State CinePhotoPhono Archives of Ukraine named after H. Pshenychnyi in May added 10 788 new accounts of phonodocuments (gramophone records, compact discs, magnetic sound recordings) and 1500 new accounts of photodocuments: https://cutt.ly/MJvS196
    • Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Kyiv added new documents to the sections “Reference apparatus”: https://cutt.ly/bJvS6zq, and “E-Directory”: https://cutt.ly/HJvDrIL
    • Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv posted 55 new inventories of the fonds from 1783 year and other documents: https://cutt.ly/yJvDuN2
    • Central State Archives Museum of Literature and Art of Ukraine continues to replenish its electronic resource. In May 1765 archival files become available online: https://cutt.ly/8JvDdFN
    • State Archives of Volyn Region posted 191 archival criminal files of non-judicial bodies for 1939-1992. In total, 1108 archival criminal files are already available online: https://cutt.ly/FH8oGVH
    • State Archives of Zhytomyr Region presents 20 new digitized copies of files from pre-Soviet period: https://cutt.ly/AJja3Bp
    • State Archives of Ivano-Frankivsk Region made public 15 inventories of the fonds 172-187: https://cutt.ly/CGCB4Ke
    • State Archives of Kirovohrad Region added more than 3 thousand of digitized filtering files on citizens of Kirovohrad region, taken to forced labor in Germany and other countries of the Hitler coalition during the Second World War: https://cutt.ly/RJvDQDZ
    • State Archive of Lviv Region digitized and posted 4 books of Mykolaiv District Department of State Registration of Civil Status Acts for 1940-1941 period: https://bit.ly/3MMCnqT
    • State Archives of Rivne Region posted 30 metric books of fond P-740: https://cutt.ly/lJvDUyg
    • State Archives of Sumy Region DURING mAY 2022 DIGITIZED 139 files of National Archival Fond’s documents: https://cutt.ly/oJvDFbb, https://cutt.ly/tJvDZsc
    • State Archives of Ternopil Region provided an online access to the 28 digitized inventories of the fonds after September 1939 period: https://cutt.ly/zJjs368
    • State Archives of Khmelnytskyi Region added to its website 55 new digitized archival files: https://cutt.ly/fJvFp2H
    • State Archives of Cherkasy Region filled in its electronic base with 63 new digitized fonds’ inventories of the period after 1917:https://cutt.ly/JH0mNHC
    • State Archives of Chernivtsi Region in May 2022 added new inventories of the pre-Soviet period: https://cutt.ly/8JvFLBd

    Reminder — the Digest is a monthly online-compilation of digitized documents by all state archival institutions published on the official website of the State Archival Service of Ukraine and contains brief information on newly published National Archival Fond’s documents, reference apparatus, inventories, etc.