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    News of digitization of documents by state archives: a digest for June 2022
    Рosted 1 July 2022 09:00

    We are happy to present to the large audience of the web-portal of the State Archival Service of Ukraine our monthly online-compilation of archival digitized documents. 

    • The Central State Archives of Supreme Bodies of Power and Government of Ukraine successfully finished the work on digitization of fond No. 1 “Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine” (1015 files, 206620 scan-copies of pages).

    In addition to digital copies of documents from fond No. 1, 536 files (54,916 scanned copies of document pages) from fond No. 3676 “Headquarter of the imperial leader (Reichsleiter) Rosenberg for the occupied eastern regions, Berlin, Kyiv” and digital copies of documents from other fonds were digitized in June. Link: https://err.tsdavo.gov.ua/

    From now on, a total number of downloaded files to the E-resource of the Central State Archives of Supreme Bodies of Power and Government of Ukraine is 14 577 (1 432 115 scan-copies). 

    • The Central State Archives of Public Organizations of Ukraine downloaded to the archive E-resource 17 digitized files (2552 pages), fond No. 1 “Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine (1918-1991)”: https://cdago.org.ua/

    And other documents: https://cutt.ly/QKKHxb1

    The Central State Archives of Public Organizations of Ukraine presented 107 documents (301 pages) on the online-exhibitions “Ukrainians in the forced labor of the Third Reich”, “…For the benefit of the Ukrainian people and the whole of humanity” (to the anniversary of the creation of the Ukrainian Academy of Economics in Czechoslovakia): https://cutt.ly/zKKHOFt and other documents on its Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cdago.gov.ua

    • The Central State CinePhotoPhono Archives of Ukraine named after H. Pshenychnyi posted 11235 new accounts: 196 for film documents with attached editing sheets, 1500 for photos and 9539 for photo documents: https://avd-tsdkffa.archives.gov.ua/

    22 documents were also made public (11 photo and 3 phono documents for the selection “Sunny Soprano” for the 120th anniversary of the Ukrainian opera singer Zoya Haydai and 8 photo documents for the 26th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of Ukraine: https://tsdkffa.archives.gov.ua/

    21 inventories of fonds 368-388: http://surl.li/cgxry

    In June, the archive also provided online access to 200 digital copies of Roman Catholic metrical books: http://surl.li/cgxqo, https://tsdial.archives.gov.ua/index16.html

    and other documents: https://tsdial.archives.gov.ua/index18.html

    • The Central State Archives Museum of Literature and Art of Ukraine digitized and added to E-resource fond about the writer Konstantin Dumitrashko: https://ksi-csamm.archives.gov.ua/fonds/262/
    • State Archives of Volyn Region published on its website 50 archival criminal files (3630 pages) of non-judicial bodies for 1937-1992 years from fond 4666. In total, 1158  archival criminal files of non-judicial bodies on repressed individuals by the Soviet regime, which were rehabilitated: https://cutt.ly/EGgFlrw
    • State Archives of Dnipropetrovsk Region added 8 scan copies of the metric books to the section “Electronic archive”:  http://surl.li/cgyau

    In addition, 30 inventories were added to the section “Inventories to the archival fonds of the Soviet period”.: http://surl.li/cgyji

    Reminder — the Digest is a monthly online-compilation of digitized documents by all state archival institutions published on the official website of the State Archival Service of Ukraine and contains brief information on newly published National Archival Fond’s documents, reference apparatus, inventories, etc.