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  • News of digitization of documents by state archives: a digest for July 2022
    Рosted 29 July 2022 13:11

    • Central State Archives of Supreme Bodies of Power and Government of Ukraine, 

    during July, uploaded to the E-resource of the archive 57,552 scanned copies of documents from 403 files of 17 archival fonds. Therefore, the volume of this resource has already crossed the limit of 1.5 million scanned copies of document pages: https://e-resource.tsdavo.gov.ua/

    To the section “PDF inventories” of the official website of the archive were uploaded 500 archival inventories of 403 archival fonds. In general, this section already contains 1771 inventories in PDF format: https://tsdavo.gov.ua/fond-1509/opysy-pdf/

    In July, the Central State Archives of Supreme Bodies of Power and Government of Ukraine also focused its efforts on the fulfillment of the contract with the international corporation FamilySearch International on digitization of archival files of the archival fond No. 5235 “The government of the Ukrainian People’s Republic in exile”. In general, 733 out of 2,198 archival files and 64,954 scanned copies of archival documents are already available in the E-resource for this fond: http://surl.li/cnpny

    • Central State Archives of Public Organizations of Ukraine in July in July added 28 digitized files (4334 pages) to the E-resource of the archive: https://cdago.org.ua/

    And other documents: http://surl.li/cnpuv

    Last month, 17 documents were presented on the archive’s Facebook page (27 pages) on the occasion of the anniversaries of the births of famous political figures Oleh Olzhych and Ivan Zayats: https://www.facebook.com/cdago.gov.ua

    • Central State CinePhotoPhono Archives of Ukraine named after H. Pshenychnyi added to its informational resource “Electronic catalogue of audiovisual documents” 12 594 new accounts, 891 — for photo documents, 117 003 — for phono documents. Uploaded 3,602 preview copies for “0” and “3” size photo documents. Added 75 edit sheets to existing film document accounts: https://avd-tsdkffa.archives.gov.ua/

    97 documents that became the basis of a number of exhibition projects for the Day of Ukrainian Statehood, the 75th anniversary of the birth of Anatoly Kocherga, and other documents were posted on the web resources of the archive: https://tsdkffa.archives.gov.ua/

    And other documnets:  https://cdiak.archives.gov.ua/spysok_fondiv/0057/, https://cdiak.archives.gov.ua/spysok_fondiv/0127/1012/

    • Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv has provided online access to 200 digital copies of Roman Catholic metric books (F.618. inventory 2, files 1701-1900): https://tsdial.archives.gov.ua/index16.html

    And other documents: https://tsdial.archives.gov.ua/index18.html

    Also the archive digitized and posted the documents from the fonds of the following Ukrainian artists: writer Vasyl Chumak, artist, architect, art critic and ethnographer Opanas Slastion, playwright and theater actor Mykola Kulish, as well as documents of the family fond of Ukrainian theater actors Yaroshenki: https://ksi-csamm.archives.gov.ua

    And other not least important and fascinating documents: https://cutt.ly/CZaNNvK, https://csamm.archives.gov.ua/

    • Central State Scientific and Technical Archives of Ukraine digitized and placed on its own web-resources 2110 documents and 2185 cards of the systematic catalog (reports on research works of the research and production association “Avtomathirmash”): https://elfa.archives.gov.ua, https://elfa.archives.gov.ua/uk/da/scat
    • State Archives of Vinnytsia Region posted in the section “Electronic archive” of its official website 26 new archival files (20080 pages) of the fond 477: https://davio.gov.ua/page/elektronniy_arhiv
    • State Archives of Volyn Region published on its official information resources 120 criminal files of non-judicial bodies for 1938-1992 on repressed individuals by the Soviet regime, which were rehabilitated in a prescribed manner: https://cutt.ly/EGgFlrw  

    14 inventories of the Soviet period and the period of Ukraine’s independence fonds: https://cutt.ly/uGgKwtJ 

    29 inventories of the former party archive fonds: https://cutt.ly/NL81oUJ

    • State Archives of Dnipropetrovsk Region added to the section “Electronic archive” 8 scanned copies of the metric books (1914-1920): https://bit.ly/3Dyytyc

    Also, 28 inventories were added to the previously published ones in the section “Inventories of archival fonds of the Soviet period”: https://bit.ly/3vH2eb2

    In addition, 181 files (130 980 scanned pages) were digitized: “Auditory Tales” of different tax statuses of settlements of a number of counties of the Kyiv province. The represented documents cover the results of the main and additional revisions for the period 1795–1873: https://cutt.ly/XZyxMfO 

    • State Archives of Kirovohrad Region made public 2098 inventories of the files from the Soviet period fonds: http://surl.li/cntxd

    In total, since the beginning of 2022, 296 files and 9 inventories (20 files) of documents of the National Archive Fond of Ukraine have been uploaded to the archive’s website.

    • State Archives of Chernivtsi Region made public 25 inventories of the pre-Soviet period fonds (fonds of lyceums, gymnasiums, schools, prisons and the road inspectorate): https://cv.archives.gov.ua/opusu/opusu4.html
    • State Archives of Chernihiv Region posted 3 inventories and 46 files of the pre-Soviet and Soviet periods:
    • State Archives of Kyiv replenished its electronic fond with 8 712 copies of 37 fonds of the Soviet period and the period of Ukraine’s independence: http://surl.li/cnvvm