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  • News of digitization of documents by state archives: a digest for August 2022
    Рosted 2 September 2022 10:40

    State Archival Service of Ukraine informs that despite the large-scale russian aggression on the territory of our country, Ukrainian archivists continue to work and digitize documents of the National Archival Fond for their preservation and accessibility for users of archival information. We are happy to present to the large audience of the web-portal of the State Archival Service of Ukraine our monthly online-compilation of archival digitized documents.

    • The Central State Archives of Supreme Bodies of Power and Government of Ukraine uploaded to the E-resource of the archive 232 new files of different fonds. In total, 22 304 scan-copies of documents were created and posted: https://e-resource.tsdavo.gov.ua/fonds/
    • The Central State Archives of Public Organizations of Ukraine added to the E-resource of the archive 914 files, regarding underground partisan movement during the German-Soviet war 1941-1945: https://cdago.org.ua/inventories/130/ 

    On the Central State Archives of Public Organizations of Ukraine website was also published digitized copy of the archival investigative file regarding Oleksandr Hrushevskyi (270 pages): https://cdago.gov.ua/images/263/263-1-64688-1.pdf, https://cdago.gov.ua/images/263/263-1-64688-2.pdf

    And other documents: https://cdago.gov.ua/index.php?option=com_content…

    In August 2022, the archive also provided online access to 200 files of digital copies of Roman Catholic metrical books: https://tsdial.archives.gov.ua/index16.html

    And other documents: https://tsdial.archives.gov.ua/index20.html

    • Work on creating electronic copies of important documents did not stop in the Central State CinePhotoPhono Archives of Ukraine named after H. Pshenychnyi. From the beginning of August 2022, on the official website were added 3961 new accounts for phonodocuments (gramophone records, compact discs, magnetic tape sound recordings) and 35 montage foils for already existing accounts of  film documents. 
    • The Central State Archives Museum of Literature and Art of Ukraine continues to fill the new electronic resource. 

    Personal fond No.194 of the iconic Ukrainian artist, architect, ethnographer Opanas Slastion (1855–1933): https://ksi-csamm.archives.gov.ua/fonds/375/

    Personal fond No.941 of Ukrainian writer, director, playwright, representative of The Executed Renaissance Mykola Kulish (1892–1937): https://ksi-csamm.archives.gov.ua/fonds/1001/

    • State Archives of Vinnytsia Region added to the its website section “Electronic archive” 10 new files (9314 pages) of fond No.177: https://davio.gov.ua/page/elektronniy_arhiv
    • State Archives of Volyn Region published on its website 55 archival criminal files of non-judicial bodies for 1938-1992 years from fond 4666. In total, archive have already made public 1336 archival criminal files: https://cutt.ly/EGgFlrw

    In August, the archive also published 32 inventories of fonds of the former party archive: https://cutt.ly/NL81oUJ

    In addition, 30 inventories were added to the section “Inventories to the archival fonds of the Soviet period”: https://bit.ly/3vH2eb2

    State Archives of Kyiv Region also made public more than 1300 new digitized copies of filtration files of repatriates from Kyiv region. To date, more than 6 700 digital copies of files have been added to the search database: https://opisi.dako.gov.ua/camps/filtr

    Under the terms of the agreement with the FamilySearch corporation, 50,491 files from the fonds of the State Archives of Poltava Region were digitized and exhibited: http://poltava.archives.gov.ua/arkhivni-dokumenty

    Reminder — the Digest is a monthly online-compilation of digitized documents by all state archival institutions published on the official website of the State Archival Service of Ukraine and contains brief information on newly published National Archival Fond’s documents, reference apparatus, inventories, etc.