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    News of digitization of documents by state archives: a digest for September 2022
    Рosted 30 September 2022 11:51

    We are happy to present to the large audience of the web-portal of the State Archival Service of Ukraine our monthly online-compilation of archival digitized documents.

    • The Central State Archives of Supreme Bodies of Power and Government of Ukraine  posted on its official website 2142 volumes of inventories of 806 archival fonds: https://tsdavo.gov.ua/

    And also the archive produced full copies of 62 files on its own – which is 6567 scan-copies: https://e-resource.tsdavo.gov.ua/fonds/

    • The Central State Archives of Public Organizations of Ukraine in September 2022 uploaded to the “E-resource” 40 volumes (3666 pages) of archival criminal files of the Fond 263 “Collection of extrajudicial cases of rehabilitated individuals (1918–1950)”: https://cdago.org.ua/tags-type/4/

    And other documents: https://cdago.org.ua/fonds/43/, https://cdago.gov.ua/index.php?option=com_content… 

    • The Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Kyiv added 290 inventories and 60 files to the sections “Reference apparatus” and “E-Directory” on its official website:https://cdiak.archives.gov.ua/full_files/, https://cdiak.archives.gov.ua/e-directory.php 
    • The Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv continues to post new electronic copies of archival fonds. The list is replenished with 50 inventories of the fonds: 271, 282, 290, 294, 295, 301, 305, 313-315, 343, 345, 422, 542, 546, 559, 566, 635, 636, 638-641, 643, 644, 653, 654, 656, 350-352, 354, 658-660, 663-665, 667-669, 673, 676, 711, 850, Р-14, Р-18: https://tsdial.archives.gov.ua/index5.html

    The Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv also made public digital copies of metric books of the Roman Catholic faith (178 files): https://tsdial.archives.gov.ua/index16.html 

    And other documents: https://tsdial.archives.gov.ua/index20.html 

    • The Central State CinePhotoPhono Archives of Ukraine named after H. Pshenychnyi posted 6916 new accounts for phonodocuments, 2290 accounts for photo documents and 745 viewing copies to existing film document accounts.   
    • Central State Scientific and Technical Archives of Ukraine digitized and posted on its webresources 1819 documents from 275 files of the fond P-47, inventory 1, Beketov Oleksii and 700 cards of the systematic catalog: https://elfa.archives.gov.ua/uk/da/scat, https://elfa.archives.gov.ua 
    • Central State Archives Museum of Literature and Art of Ukraine uploaded the personal fond No. 123 of the outstanding Ukrainian singer, musical and public figure, teacher Mykhailo Donets (1883-1941): https://csamm.archives.gov.ua/…/01/uvaha-novyi-fond-u-ksi/ 
    • State Archives of Vinnytsia Region on its official website posted 112 more files (7800 scan-copies) of the fond 172 “Vinnytsia District Court 1909-1920”. From now on on the website of the archive 165 files of this fond are available: https://davio.gov.ua/page/elektronniy_arhiv 
    • State Archives of Volyn Region in section “Electronic archive” posted 4 more archival criminal files of non-judicial bodies for 1920-1992: https://cutt.ly/PVmNbH9 

    In September archive also made public 28 inventories of fonds of the former party archive: https://cutt.ly/pVmNU6Z 

    • State Archives of Dnipropetrovsk Region continues to post copies of metric books on its official website: https://bit.ly/3Ki8XQU

    In addition, 30 inventories of the archival fonds of the Soviet period were added to the website: https://bit.ly/3vH2eb2 

    • State Archives of Zhytomyr Region presented 87 new digitized files. 
    • State Archives of Zaporizhzhya Region digitized 44 fonds’ inventories of the period after 1917: http://www.archivzp.gov.ua/index.php/uk/… 
    • State Archives of Ivano-Frankivsk Region made public in section “E-archive” 30 fonds’ inventories: https://if.archives.gov.ua/e-arhiv 
    • State Archives of Kyiv Region added 58 digitized copies of inventories of the 37 fonds from the period after 1917 (№ Р-4434 – Р-4448, Р-4467 – Р-4479, Р-4481 – Р-4485, Р-4497, Р-4499, Р-4500).

    23 inventories of the files Fond № Р-1082: https://opisi.dako.gov.ua 

    New digital copies of 6,000 files of repatriates – residents of Kyiv region who returned to the Motherland after the Second World War – were added to the database “Filtering files of repatriates of Kyiv region”.

    The creation of digital copies of the filtering files takes place in cooperation with the FamilySearch International corporation (USA). As a result of this cooperation, more than 12,500 files of repatriates have already been published on the website of the archive. Users can quickly find information by the name of the returnee or by the number of the filtering file: https://cutt.ly/5Vh2CPx 

    • State Archives of Kirovohrad Region made public 650 files’ inventories of the Soviet period fonds.  

    And other documents: https://dakiro.kr-admin.gov.ua/e-arhiv.php 

    • State Archive of Lviv Region digitized and published on the official website 10 books of the Department of State Registration of Civil Status Acts of the State Registration Office of the Main Territorial Administration of Justice for 1940–1941: https://bit.ly/3DtYoJf

    40 files of Fond 266 “Union of Defenders of Lviv” and 200 inventories of the Fonds of the former Party Archive: https://bit.ly/3eVIUmY, https://bit.ly/3xCjNvj 

    Reminder — the Digest is a monthly online-compilation of digitized documents by all state archival institutions published on the official website of the State Archival Service of Ukraine and contains brief information on newly published National Archival Fond’s documents, reference apparatus, inventories, etc.