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  • The book of the Branch State Archives of the Security Service of Ukraine on the echo of the Hungarian Revolution in the documents of the KGB was presented
    Рosted 9 December 2022 16:15

    On December 9, 2022, the Head of the State Archival Service of Ukraine, Anatolii Khromov, took part in the official presentation of the book “Echo: The Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and Ukrainian Society in the Documents of the KGB”, which was prepared by the author’s team of the Branch State Archives of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Historical Archives of the Hungarian State Security Services. 

    During his speech, Anatolii Khromov expressed his gratitude to the authors of the book: “It is great to see that despite the enormous number of tasks facing the archival system in wartime, our archivists are completing the voluminous projects that they began before the full-scale invasion, namely such thorough work on the publication of declassified documents. 

    This is another confirmation that Ukraine is a leader in openness and accessibility to documents of the Soviet special services, and every such event, presentation of a collection of documents only emphasizes this”.

    The book includes 67 archival documents: special reports, operational summaries, denunciations, memorandums, letters, and intelligence reports about the impact of the Hungarian Revolution on Ukrainian society in 1956-1957 with an echo until mid-1959. The book also contains illustrations of those who were repressed for supporting the Hungarian Revolution, in particular for distributing leaflets. Photos of prominent KGB officials mentioned in the documents are also shown.

    Photo: Security Service of Ukraine.