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  • Support and assistance of international partners
    Рosted 13 December 2022 15:33

    Since the beginning of russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, the international archival community has supported the State Archival Service of Ukraine and, realizing how important it is for Ukrainian archivists, almost immediately started providing specific assistance in preserving the documents of the National Archival Fond of Ukraine in wartime conditions.

    We express our deep gratitude to all our foreign partners. We always inform about their contribution to the preservation of the documentary history of the Ukrainian people straight away on the official web-portal and pages of the State Archival Service of Ukraine in social networks. The corresponding information is also distributed by Ukrainian archives. Thanks to the support of international partners, they were able to resume their activities in de-occupied territories, carry out large-scale digitization of archival documents, store existing electronic resources in remote cloud storage, continue restoration work and much more.

    Today we would like to thank three organizations for their financial support: Friends of the Galt Museum & Archives, International Council for Archives, Association of Canadian Archivists. From the day the State Archival Service of Ukraine announced the opening of a charity account to support Ukrainian archives during the war, they organized the collection of donations, financial administration and support in social media. A special online auction organized by the Association of Canadian Archivists collected almost the largest donation among those received on the official charity account. Thanks to the information support of the International Council for Archives, information about the charity account is constantly available on the website of the international organization of archivists and is distributed on other information resources.

    Recently, the archival town in Kyiv received financial support (a contribution of 10,000 Canadian dollars) from our colleagues from Canada. The funds received will be used to pay for energy carriers and will provide an opportunity to survive the extremely difficult winter period of 2022-2023, because due to the constant attacks of the enemy on the Ukrainian energy system, most of the archives are not provided with light and heating, which has a negative effect on the physical condition of archival documents.

    Reminder: On August 1, 2022, the State Archival Service of Ukraine informed the international archival community about the opening of a charity account for the support of archival institutions in the conditions of russian military aggression against Ukraine, as well as, for the purpose of preserving the documentary heritage of Ukraine.