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  • Anatolii Khromov’s publication in the periodical “Forum” from the Federal Archives of Germany
    Рosted 21 December 2022 18:09

    This issue contains contributions to the extraordinary EAG/EBNA conference in Berlin in August 2022, where the Head of the State Archival Service of Ukraine presented Ukrainian archives for the first time.

    This year, the issue published the abstracts of Anatolii Khromov’s report “Ukrainian archives during Wartime”, in which the he outlined the general state of archival affairs during the full-scale aggression of russia against Ukraine, demonstrated the consequences of the occupiers crimes, highlighted the devoted work of Ukrainian archivists, thanked international partners for support and called for the termination of any existing agreements with the aggressor country.

    Full text via the link (pages 62-65).

    Reference : EBNA conferences are held, as a rule, twice a year in the country that holds the presidency of the EU Council. On the agenda are issues of strategic importance in the archival field and records management, such as digitization, electronic document repository, document theft, loss prevention and archival standards.
    The EAG usually meets during EBNA conferences. This is an official expert group of the European Commission, which ensures cooperation and coordination of issues related to the activities and development of archives.

    On August 24-26, 2022, Berlin is hosting an extraordinary EBNA conference and AEG meeting, which were previously canceled in 2020 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.