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  • Anatolii Khromov’s comment on the theft of cultural heritage by the russian occupiers to the daily newspaper DerStandard (Austria)
    Рosted 23 January 2023 09:16

    The Head of the State Archival Service of Ukraine, Anatolii Khromov, commented on the article about the looting of the russian occupiers and the preservation of the cultural heritage of Ukraine in the conditions of war by the journalist Gerwig H. Heller, published on January 20, 2023 in the column “Culture. Fine Arts” of the Austrian daily newspaper DerStandard.

    He noted that a few days after the robbery of the Kherson Regional Museum, it was the turn of the State Archives of Kherson Region. “According to my data, russian looters stole from 30 to 50 percent of all documents stored in the archive’s fonds,” Anatolii Khromov commented. It is not known where the archives are now. In mid-November letters, the russian archives agency, which reports to putin, confirmed its involvement. The russian bureaucrats did not want to disclose more details.

    The article compares the looting of the russian occupiers of the cultural heritage of Ukraine, which was kept in the Kherson regional local history and art museum, as well as archives, with the large-scale theft of cultural treasures by the Nazis in Kherson during the Second World War.

    It remains unclear who organized the current russian “operation”, although all signs indicate that the decision was made at the highest level, and it has an ideological motive, since there has not been a single similar evacuation from other regions of Ukraine temporarily occupied by russia.

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