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  • Interview of Anatolii Khromov – Italian newspaper La Repubblica
    Рosted 24 January 2023 17:36

    On January 22, 2023, the interview of the Head of the State Archival Service of Ukraine, Anatolii Khromov, “Archivists who are racing against time to preserve Ukrainian archives” was published in the popular Italian newspaper “La Repubblica”. The article was prepared by journalist Livia Ermini.

    Since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine, archivists have been fighting to save the vast heritage stored in state archives and libraries from destruction. A team of employees and volunteers selects, packages and transports files, manuscripts and historical documents to safe places.

    “This is cultural genocide,” says Anatolii Khromov, “russia is once again trying to destroy or steal archives in order to deprive the Ukrainian people of their history and justify their aggressive policy.”

    The issue of the State Archives of Kherson Region is urgent. It is impossible to conduct a full revision of documents because Kherson and other de-occupied settlements of the region are under regular enemy fire from artillery, reactive volley fire system, mortars, tanks and unmanned aerial vehicles. “A constant threat to the lives and health of residents, including archives workers, a lot of them have been forced to move to safer regions or resign. Occupiers stole a large part of the files from the archive, up to 50% of paper and audiovisual documents. However, dozens of the most valuable and oldest files were hidden and saved by extremely brave archivists».

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