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  • The project “Archive of Ukrainian silent cinema” is gaining new momentum
    Рosted 6 April 2023 13:30

    The online resource “Ukrainian silent cinema”, launched by the State Archival Service of Ukraine, has been replenished with new films, namely:

    Film “Chronicle of Events” of 1917, archive number 1696.

    Collection of films for 1917-1918, archive number 1968.

    Film “Peace Negotiations” from 1917, archive number 2458.

    Film “Catastrophe in Kyiv” of 1918, archive number 1975.

    The presented film documents relate to the period of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921: the times of the Central Rada, the Ukrainian State and the Directorate of the Ukrainian People’s Republic. Small in volume compared to the film heritage of the All-Ukrainian Photocinema Administration published on the platform, this collection from the fonds of the Central State Audiovisual and Electronic Archives is no less valuable and at the same time the most unknown both to historians and film experts, as well as to the general public. 

    The use of these fragments of the “age of visuality that explodes without stopping” will only enrich the public history and emotional experience of cultural and personal memory, and deepen the current research of the screen construction of the past.

    Reference: On September 14, 2021, during a press conference at Ukrinform, the Head of the State Archival Service of Ukraine, Anatolii Khromov, presented the online project “Archive of Ukrainian silent cinema”, aimed at researchers in various fields, as well as a wide audience. The first part of this project was uploaded in 2022 and contained 189 film documents, the uploading of the second part begun in 2023. The project is presented on the YouTube page of the State Archival Service of Ukraine.