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  • About 172,000 scan copies of documents have been added to the online-archive “Babyn Yar”
    Рosted 2 June 2023 12:51

    During May 2023, the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center, in cooperation with the State Archival Service of Ukraine, actively digitized archival documents relating to the Ukrainian and Jewish population of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

    Work is underway to identify and expand the list of documents from the state archives of Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, and Mykolaiv regions. Also, during May 2023, the work on the digitization of letters, metrical and household books, card files from the occupation period and other materials from the following fonds was carried out:

    • State Archives of Kyiv Region, F. Р-5634 (State registration Department of civil status acts of the registration service of the Main Department of Justice in the Kyiv region (1919-1943);
    • State Archives of Chernihiv Region F. Р-8980 (Registration Department of Civil Status Acts of the Korop District Department of Justice of the Chernihiv Region (1922-1942) and German trophy card file;
    • State Archives of Sumy Region, F. Р-2191 (The Regional Extraordinary State Commission for establishing and investigating the crimes of German-Fascist invaders and their accomplices. Damage they caused to citizens, collective farms, public organizations, enterprises and institutions of Sumy region)

    During the last month of cooperation, the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center in cooperation with the State Archives of Mykolaiv Region created copies of documents of the following fonds:

    • Auditory tales (from the fonds 14, 218, 280, 324);
    • F. Р-1002 (Archive Department of the Executive Committee of the Mykolaiv Regional Council of People’s Deputies, Mykolaiv (1932-1988);
    • F. Р-1647 (Mayoralty of the Anatolivka village, Alexanderfeld District, Ochakiv County (1941-1944);
    • F. Р-2699 (State farm of the prefecture of Domaniv district, village Oleksandrodar (1941-1943);
    • F. Р-2847 (The collection of housing records (1913-1944).
    • F. Р-2871 (Collection of letters of Soviet citizens from Nazi captivity (1941-1945).

    These are more than 172 thousand documents. In total, more than 3 million unique documents have been added to the resource of the online archive “Babyn Yar”, which can be viewed via the link.