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    Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Kyiv

    1. Ruthenian starosta Otto of Pilica diploma about the granting to Johann Howsteter and his heirs solectwo Neidorf. від 16 August 1369
    2. Prince of Mazowia and Ruthaenia Boleslaw IV diploma about the granting to stableman Nicholaum of Szymanow and his heirs advocatia Czarnoczyno in Warsaw County від May 3 1451 р
    3. Praepositus and brethren of St. Christopher monastery diploma about the giving a house and courtyard for annual rent for 6 groszes to Julius from Penno and Mark from Sueranalle від March 20 1453
    4. General judge Petrus and sub-judge Nicholaus of Sandomierz land confirm that Paulus of Swinew and Ziemaky sold his land to Jan of Swinew від March 8 1463
    5. Arbitrators dapifer Jatsko from Bybel, tribunus Petrus from Wapowcze, venator of Przemysl Adam from Orzek, Jacobus Biereczsky from Bialoboky and others diploma about solving the dispute between Przemysl bishop Iwan and Przemysl castellanus Dobeslaw, awarding two yards in the village Byszkowicze to Dobeslaw від July 6 1469
    6. Prince of Mazowia and Ruthaenia Kasimirus diploma confirming that he had sold to the burgher from Łomża Martino Massutha a voivodship in the Pianthnicza of the від August 5 1471
    7. Arbitrators Jacobus from Koczyn, Jacobus from Pawczycze, Johannes from Przybysławycze and Pakoffis from Sikorzyce diploma about the solving the dispute between Stanislaw Ligenza from Gorzycze and brothers Jacobus, Johannes and Wuszek from Otwynow about the pasture від October 18, 1475
    8. The judge of the Podolia land Sigismund from Jagielnycza and the sub-judge Sigismund from Byszkowce with confirmation that tenant of Kolubajowece Elizabeth gifted to the capitulum of the cathedral church in Kamianka 50 hrywnas від May 5, 1486