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    Результатів пошуку: 30 Документи XVI століття

      Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv

    1. Confirmation Charter of main Rus’ starosta Petro Myshkovsky proving the sale of the mill near Galych Gate in Lviv to Martin and Margarita Tlusti for 300 hryvnias by the heirs of Martyn Wazhny від 22 July 1500
    2. Charter of King Jan Olbracht proving the right to collect Lviv duty in the amount of 350 hryvnias for a period of one year by Lviv Community від 12 November 1500
    3. Bull of Pope Julius II on becoming Wilczek Bernard Lviv Archbishop від 28 April 1505
    4. Charter of King Sigismund I allowing prelates, canons and all members of Lviv Chapter of Lviv Metropolitan Cathedral to get church rents received from the estates based on any secular law, for the sum up to 400 hryvnias від 13 November 1509
    5. Confirmation Charter of King Sigismund I of the decision of King Wladyslaw II on the payment of a fixed tax of the "archbishopric" by peasants, columns and other inhabitants due to German law in Lviv diocese від 15 February 1512
    6. Pope Leo X's bull on taking measures and giving the instructions to the clergy how to deal with the spread of heresy and demoralization among the population in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and other boarding provinces від 4 August 1515
    7. Legal Code of Lviv Armenian Community confirmed by King Sigismund I. від 5 March 1519
    8. Charter of King Sigismund I giving the right to Lviv City Council and community to use the coat of arms with the image of a lion, and seal documents with red wax від 26 January 1526
    9. Bull of Pope Paul III to Lviv burghers and Lviv Eparchy on becoming Peter Stazhekhovsky Lviv Archbishop від 31 May 1540
    10. Confirmation Charter of King Sigismund I of the privileges to regulate the law by the City Court and Magdeburg law. від 28 January 1545
    11. Confirmation Charter of King Sigismund I on the abolition of the privileges of Kings Kazimierz III and IV on the payment of rent from the Franconian land plots by Lviv community and the right of Armenians, Ukrainians, Jews and people of other nationalities visiting Lviv to use their legal norms від 28 March 1547
    12. Confirmation Charter of King Sigismund II of the privileges granted to Lviv shoemakers by Kings Kazimierz IV and Sigismund I від 15 December 1558
    13. Bull of Pope Pius IV of the Chapter of Lviv Metropolitan on Pawlo Tarl becoming Lviv Archbishop від 15 January 1560
    14. Pope Sixtus V's bull on adding elements from his archbishop's coat of arms to the coat of arms of Lviv від 15 верес-ня 1586
    15. Charter of Archbishop Kyiv, Galicia and All Rus’ Metropolitan Myhajlo Rogoza, Polotsk Archbishop Gregorij Herman , Kyiv Exarch and Lutsk and Ostroh Bishop Cyrylo Terletsky , Volodymyr and Brest Bishop Potij Ipatij , Holm and Belz Bishop Dionisij Zbyruisk and other clergy on making church union in Brest від 18 (8) October 1596
    16. Decree of Sigismund I, issued at the request of Kyiv Metropolitan Macarius, banning secular authorities from interfering in the church affairs of the Orthodox clergy від 23 August 1538
    17. Confirmation by Henry III of Valois to the Lviv Ukrainian community of the privilege given by Sigismund II in May 20, 1572 to equalize their rights with the Catholic population of the city від 15 Aprol 1574
    18. Letter of Lviv and Kamianets-Podilskyi bishop Gideon (Balaban) to Lviv orthodox burghers about the reply of King Stefan Batory in the matter of adopting a new calendar in the Commonwealth від 30 January 1584
    19. The privilege of the Patriarch of Antioch Joachim to establish a fraternity at the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin in Lviv with confirmation of the statute of this fraternity від 1 January 1586
    20. Resolution of the Council of Ukrainian-Belarusian Orthodox Bishops in Brest on convening annual councils of Orthodox hierarchs and restoring the old order and church discipline in Kyiv metropolitanate від 20 June 1590
    21. Letter of Constantinople Patriarch Jeremiah to the clergy of Kyiv Metropolia explaining the reasons for his rejection of Pope Gregory VIII proposal to introduce a new calendar in the Orthodox Church від 4 May 1591
    22. Debt receipt of priests mansionaries of St. Catherine Cathedral at Lviv Low Castle proving the payment to Lviv councilors a tax of 8 Polish marks for the quarter of St. Christ від 1500
    23. Letter of the Moldavian master Bohdan III Odnooky to Lviv magistrate with a request to prove the payment of Lviv burgher Bartosz, son of Martin, the debt of the councilor Jan Kosnar від 15 January [1505-1517]
    24. Debt receipt from priest Pavlo, vice-regent of the parish chapel in Yarychiv, stating that he had received 1 kopa from Lviv councilors від 14 July1500
    25. Map of estates in Bronovychi Velyki Krakow land bordering the neighboring villages від [1545]
    26. Judicial acts of Mykola Lyantskoronsky in the case of Mykola Bal and Petro Odnovsky від 22 May 1511
    27. Decision of Lviv Armenian Religious court about implementing premarital agreement between Kosta’s daughter Hanukha and Avedik Domazhyrski від 12 February 1583
    28. Parts of records of the City court book від 27 October 1458 – 24 October 1526

    29. State Archives of Zhytomyr Region

    30. The letter of the King of Poland and the Grand Duke of Lithuania Sigismund-Augustus on releasing boyars Vyhovskykh from all duties except the zemstvo economic service. від June 11, 1561
    31. The letter of the King Stephen Bathory on returning the patrimonial estate to the surrounding noblemen Gusarevych від November 14, 1582