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    Результатів пошуку: 17 Документи XVII століття

      Central State Historical Archives of Ukraine in Lviv

    1. Charter of the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III granting Mueller John the right to get the coat of arms від [not earlier than 18 December 1651]
    2. The privilege of the Polish King Jan Kazimierz giving the same rights to Lviv burhgers as well as to residents in Krakow and Vilno від 30 May 1661
    3. Confirmation Charter of Polish King Jan III Sobieski of the privilege of Sigismund II on equality in the rights of Ukrainian and Catholic communities in Lviv від 28 February 1676
    4. Bohdan Khmelnytsky's letter from the camp near Lviv City Council and community with a message about the siege of Krakow by the Swedish king's troops and the union of Zaporozhian Army with Russia and Sweden від [19 October 1655]
    5. Privilege of Wladislaw IV to the printer of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Lviv Stanisław Grochowski to Mykhailo Slozka for the right to print books in Polish, Latin and Ukrainian in Lviv від 30 December 1638
    6. The will of Councilor Martyn Kampian and protest acts of this will by Elizabeth, the widow від 1629
    7. The inventory of «one hundred»land plots від 1608

    8. State Archives of Zhytomyr Region

    9. The privilege of the governance Novogrodok castellan given to Molodechno elder Samiilo Volovych by the King Sigismund III. від March 6, 1608

    10. State Archives of Transcarpathian Region

    11. Decree of King Ferdinand III of Hungary on the conclusion of a peace treaty between Hungary and the Prince of Transylvania George Rakoczi. від February 23, 1644
    12. Notification of King Leopold of Hungary on the assistance of Christian states to Hungary in the war against Turkey. від October 10, 1663
    13. Notification of King Leopold of Hungary on the convening of the Hungarian National Assembly in Pozsony. від December 18, 1664
    14. Diploma of the King of Hungary Matthias II on confirmation of the privileges granted to the city of Mukachevo, by Ioann Hunyadi, Matthias Corvinus, Ferdinand I, Maximilian II and Queens Anna and Maria confirmation of privilege given by kings від February 15, 1613
    15. Decree of the Austrian Emperor Leopold on securing ecclesiastical rights for priests of the Mukachevo diocese. від August 23, 1692

    16. State Archives of Kyiv Region

    17. Universal of Herman Ivan Samoilovich to the Volunteer Regiment of Yakiv Pavlovsky to take an oath of allegiance to Tsar Peter Alekseevich від May 21, 1682

    18. State Archives of Khmelnytskyi Region

    19. Private letter of Polish King Jan Casimir II Vaz to the nobles of Lubelskie від August 6, 1648 

    20. State Archives of Chernihiv Region

    21. Universal of Hetman Demyan Mnohohrishny confirming the rights of Starodubsky Colonel Petro Roslavets to the built mill and besieged Colonel’s Sloboda від April 19,  1670 
    22. Universal of Hetman Yakym Somko to Stefan Sylych on confirmation of rights to the villages of Syadrychi and Vykhvostiv від February 28, 1663