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    Title of the document Universal given by Hetman Kirill Razumovski to Ivan Kuliabka, colonel of Lubny Regiment, for possession of Berezniaky village, Lukimska Sotnia, and villages of Zasullia, Vyshchyi Bulatets and Hubske, Lubny Sotnia
    Date ot the document(inclusive dates) March 3, 1752
    Status and method of document production Original, manuscript
    Language Old Ukrainian
    Storage location State Archives of Poltava Region
    Fond № Fond 222 inventory 1 file unit 1124
    Title of the fondKateryna Skarzhynska née von Reiser (1852–1932), local historian, member of ethnographic, archaeological and anthropological societies, Kruglik, Lubensky Uyezd, Poltava Governorate