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    New issue of the journal “Archives of Ukraine”
    Рosted 7 July 2021 12:23

    On the website of the scientific-practical journal «Archives of Ukraine» the second issue the professional edition of Ukrainian archivists was published http://au.archives.gov.ua/index.php/au/issue/view/346

    To the attention of the readers, articles and reports on the theoretical foundations and prospects of archival brand management, improving the procedure for consideration by state archives of requests for access to documents, containing personal data.

    In the next block – reviews of sources of activity of the Ukrainian research establishments of a building profile, biographical researches on history of domestic sports.

    The item “Publication of archival documents” contains the unpublished journalistic legacy of Borys Hrinchenko, documents on the financial support of the UPR embassy in the Ottoman Empire in 1920-1921, correspondence between Lubny colonel Maksym Ilyashenko and colonel Ilya Novytsky (1676-1689).

    Readers of our journal will also find interesting and touching documentary essays about such figures as Vasyl Stefanyk, Ivan Mykolaychuk, about well-known historians-archivists Ruslan Piroh and Iryna Matyash.

    The editorial board of the journal expresses its sincere gratitude to all the authors of the articles and invites the esteemed archival society to cooperate.

    We would like to draw the attention of scientists, employees of archival institutions, doctoral students, postgraduate students, degree seekers, the scientific-practical journal “Archives of Ukraine” is included in the list of scientific-professional publications of Ukraine category “B” in two specialties 029 “Social Communication” and 032 “Historical Sciences”.

    The requirements for articles can be found on the journal’s website at: http://au.archives.gov.ua/index.php/au/requirements

    So, we are waiting for the original articles that have scientific and practical value.