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    Strategy of the development of archival affairs until 2025
    Рosted 21 September 2020 14:00

    For the first time, the State Archival Service of Ukraine has presented a draft Strategy for the development of archival affair until 2025, prepared taking into account the Recommendations of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe to member states on European access to archives № R (2000) 13. approved in Tromsø (Norway) on 18 June 2009 and the Principles of Access to Archives, approved by the International Council on Archives on 24 August 2012.

    The presentation of the draft Strategy is the first step in the process of discussing the main proposals, comments, remarks of all stakeholders in the reform of the archival field, which will be taken into account in preparing a roadmap for the State Archival Service of Ukraine and archival institutions own Mission, Vision and Values.

    The proposed Strategy is a framework document that defines a comprehensive system of strategic and operational objectives, which will be aimed at implementing the state policy in the field of archives in the next five years.

    The strategy consists of four vectors of movement: providing archives with equal access to information, knowledge and services, development of institutional capacity of archives, updating the legal framework of the archival sphere, formation and development of communication policy.

    The primary goals of the Strategy are to reform the archive management system, develop a new archival law, improve the quality and accessibility of archival services, intensify the digitization of archival documents, and form a positive image of archival institutions in society.